In this section I will describe events related to the problems described in the pages of this site. I hope that these events will be interesting not only for me.


Consec. numbers Summary Links Date, time
1 I turned to the English Wikipedia Link 01 03/02/2011 11:35
2 Got my article on the portal "Form" Link 02 03/09/2011 10:42
3 6 designs - at Wikimedia Commons Link 03 03/10/2011 10:32
4 Third removal of my designs Link 04 03/10/2011 18:30
5 In Sochi - 2014 Olympics. " So what? Link 05 03/11/2011 15:00
6 Wikimedia Commons has surrendered! Link 06 03/11/2011 15:05
7 Wikimedia Commons again, "riots"! Link 07 03/11/2011 19:20
8 Long live Portugal! Link 08 03/12/2011 16:20
9 Descriptions of my designs at Wikimedia Commons Link 09 03/13/2011 01:20
10 Got my article on the portal "Art to Build" Link 10 03/13/2011 22:00
11 Six designs based on "Makarov's networks" Link 11 03/14/2011 01:15
12 "Architecture of Russia" Link 12 03/14/2011 15:00
13 "Tensegrity - it's potency" Link 13 03/18/2011 18:00
14 Wikimedia Commons has surrendered again! Link 14 03/21/2011 08:10
15 How Makarov helped Japan Link 15 03/24/2011 04:43
16 FIFTEEN describes of my designs at Wikimedia Commons Link 16 03/28/2011 08:50
17 Makarov against Wanga Link 17 03/30/2011 09:00
18 Modern comedy: "Happy guys from Wikimedia Commons" Link 18 04/02/2011 02:50
19 Sixteen Makarov's designs - at Wikimedia Commons Link 19 05/06/2011 16:15
20 The results of the international architectural competition "Changing the face" Link 20 06/10/2011 12:15
21 Twenty-four Makarov's designs - at Wikimedia Commons Link 21 06/13/2011 16:15

News ¹1 03/02/2011 11:35

Today I went to the site of the English Wikipedia and was surprised to find: designs, which I had previously invented, all belong to the category of "Tensegrity".
After this "discovery" I immediately placed in a Wikimedia Commons warehouse 6 photos of my designs. Then I opened the section "Tensegrity" in Wikipedia and called from a warehouse Wikimedia Commons (this is prescribed tehnology) my designs to accommodate them in a group of "standards". Then I introduced changes to the page and add the URL to my patent(SU ¹1270256 Ą1).

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News ¹2 03/09/2011 10:42

Due to the operational work of Natalia Shustrova of architectural Internet portal "Form" (St. Petersburg) during one day we made a good article on my designs (article is on this website in the "Architecture of Space"). In this article, I criticized a little English Wikipedia, because they do not understand the true meaning of "Tensegrity", which was invented by American architect Buckminster Fuller. As a result of this misunderstanding, they stubbornly protesting against my designs.

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News ¹3 03/10/2011 10:32

Literally this morning after yesterday's publishing my article at architectural portal "Form" about "the glorious series of my designs", all six my designs registered by me earlier in the English encyclopedia «Wikimedia Commons», were included in the section «Tensegrity» this encyclopedia. The reader can look at them on the above link and ponder...

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News ¹4 03/10/2011 18:30

Funny people are working in the English Wikipedia (Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons): tonight they are again (already in third time!) removed from Wikipedia articles all the data on my designs. Personally I put them into Wikipedia just once on Mar. 2, 2011 (see news ¹ 1). After this, experts are already three times to remove them and twice restored (sorry that is not equal).
I remember the case about how the man "stumbled a third time..." (see top of article "ABOUT THE SPACE STRATEGY").
Especially for the English Wikipedia editors quote from the Bible: «But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is of the Evil One». (The New Testament, Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 37) What do you experts, if you do not believe yourselves? Not good to mock so a man (ie me), how they do it. If someone does not know it, I report:
my "News" surf the Internet simultaneously in Russian and English, because I am their writer, editor, corrector and translator.

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News ¹5 03/11/2011 15:00

Today, I thought that three years will be opened the "Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Every country in the Olympics wants to show the world "something that no one has ever seen".
For three years much can be done. I would not be surprised, if one of the Olympic venues will be very similar to my design, which is shown above. Thus I, as a Russian citizen, perhaps, will know about it as the last.

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News ¹6 03/11/2011 15:05

Hooray! When checking my hyperlink to «Wikimedia Commons» (see the news number 3) I suddenly found that all 6 of my designs again included in the "standard" designs "Tensegrity". Is it already seriously? Maybe it's just a joke?

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News ¹7 03/11/2011 19:20

In his last assumption I was right. Apparently, the English sense of humor I do not understand. I think that I now had got the record for the Guinness Book! The fact is, that namely just in this moment «Wikimedia Commons» again deleted all of my designs and all mentions of them (I registered three removals and four returns in 9 days)
The question arises: Can as the experts work people, who "have dirty hands"? Why this question arised? Yes, simply because, that TWICE POSTED MY DESIGNES ON THE PAGE AND TWO TIMES REMOVED THEM, «Wikimedia Commons» experts DID NOT MAKE ANY RECORDS IN THE HISTORY FOR THIS PAGE. Look at the page
«Tensegrity» encyclopedia «Wikimedia Commons». It is written: "This page was last modified was June 1, 2009 at 10:34 am. With such sharpers you can seriously solve the problems? History will not forgive them! They probably just decided to "move me to the grave." We'll see who wins! I was completely honest with them. Too bad they did not understand it.
I authoritatively declare: the principle of the "strained unity" of Buckminster Fuller I understand far better than those people who speak the same language as the Fuller (of course, I was referring only the experts of the English "Encyclopedias").
I hope that after this story completing of someone from the "experts" will be asked to leave the job. If you call yourself as "expert", you should, at least, understand something in the modern life before to you will be entrusted to dispose of the lives of other people.

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News ¹8 03/12/2011 16:20

Today, I thought: if the experts of English «Wikimedia Commons» so nervous and so rude work, then maybe somewhere they made a mistake. It turned out that I was right! While carrying out their "military actions" against me, they forgot to remove my designs from the Portuguese version of «Wikimedia Commons».
Now anyone can visit the Portuguese version «Wikimedia Commons», where clicking on any design you are interested you can go directly to the description of this construction from the main repository of Wikipedia. Good luck!

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News ¹9 03/13/2011 01:20

Descriptions of my designs are available again in the English version of the encyclopedia «Wikimedia Commons». Enjoy, folks!

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News ¹10 03/13/2011 22:00

Got my article on the portal "Art to Build". Link to the article you'll found on the "Publications" chapter. Enjoy your reading, portal lovers.

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News ¹11 03/14/2011 01:15

For the very curious readers I inform: March 3, 2011 I posted in the english edition of the encyclopedia «Wikimedia Commons» (in the section "Tensegriity") six new designs at one time. These structures represent a completely new direction in this art form, which is called: "structures based on Makarov's networks". I inform now the personal information for them (hyperlinks) in the encyclopedia:

Plat 8x1 N.jpg
Plat 16x2 1.jpg
Quartet 1.jpg
Sphere 1 1.jpg
Sphere 4x3.jpg
Zvezda 6x1.jpg

Because I opened for the world INFINITE SERIES DESIGNS, I hope, you understand, that I can not to present them all. If you need to include into some projects something connected with Makarov's networks, you should contact the author with a direct request to provide the required information.

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News ¹12 03/14/2011 15:00

Today Architectural News Agency "Architecture of Russia" has recognized the need to include in a News Release announcement of my article "Tensegrity - a new direction in architecture". Shortly after lunch this announcement was published (Look: "Publications").
In the announcement is given a direct link to the article posted by me earlier in St. Petersburg architectural portal "Form". In the announcement pointed out that I have created a "new type of closed, continuous tensional systems", that reflect "tensional integrity", invented earlier by famous Buckminster Fuller.

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News ¹13 03/22/2011 18:00

Today, on this website in chapter "World Harmony Law" was published my new article "Tensegrity - it's potency". In this article, I present my deep extended interpretation of the meaning of "tensed integrity", invented by Buckminster Fuller. Now, this principle has become possible to apply without modification in any field of science, technology or art.

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News ¹14 03/21/2011 08:10)

This morning (03/21/2011) when checking my hyperlink to «Wikimedia Commons» (see the news number 3) I suddenly found that all 6 of my designs again included in the "standard" designs "Tensegrity". I'm tired of hoping. Let's wait - we'll see how serious it is.

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News ¹15 03/24/2011 04:43

Today, the Japanese government restrained thanked the Russian engineer Makarov for the recipe, which he gave to the Government in combating the threat of an atomic explosion. Details of this story, see "World Harmony Law" chapter, the article "Engineer Makarov against nuclear explosion".

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News ¹16 03/28/2011 08:50)

In stock «Wikimedia Commons» was 6 my designs. For 26 and 27 March, I added to them 9 more designs. Someone apparently got such a shock that he decided to "slow down" my latest series of nine designs. However, in a series of debates with «Wikimedia Commons» I have proved my innocence.
Descriptions of all 15 of my sample designs from 1986 are now available to everyone in the English version «Wikimedia Commons».
Why "model 1986"? Just because I like the "old Newton", not chasing fame and kept these designs in the Makarov's chest 25 years. Now, in the Makarov's chest nothing more. However, he Makarov is still alive and he is still "something that can ...". Wait!

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News ¹17 03/30/2011 09:00)

Don't understand me wrong: I have great respect for Wanga and her predictions too. The only thing against which I disagree, it is against her specific prediction: "After an accident at a nuclear power plant in Japan will be a nuclear explosion with a large release of radiation, from which will die almost the entire population of the northern hemisphere." I did not like it and I decided to intervene (see details above).
It is known that even the most powerful predictors has about 20% of false predictions. I feel that this prediction will not be fulfilled. Some may ask: if your recommendations approved by the Japanese government, then why do not they run? The answer is: the owner of the station, "Fukushima-1" is a private company. The Government has already decided to urgently buy a controlling stake of a private campaign to get the legal right to dispose of her property. It was then up and will be accepted.
The proof that the Japanese government listens to me, is the fact that this morning I received another email from them, in which the Government of Japan has agreed with the proposed by me measures to improve the safety of other stations. On the measures proposed by me, I already wrote in the article "Engineer Makarov against nuclear explosion"

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News ¹18 04/02/2011 02:50

Usually on the "Tensegrity" British Wikimedia Commons were Showing 26 samples of this art forms. Yesterday morning there were represented 35 samples, because were added also 9 new models, which I registered at Wikimedia Commons shortly before. In this case, my 15-I structure (which is similar to large electric ray) was with honor placed to the FIRST row, even though I registered it last.
In the evening I decided to show my wife, what gift did me Wikimedia Commons experts for a holiday (April 1). April Fool's joke of Wikimedia Commons experts was successful: "Tensegrity" page in the evening of April 1 was not the same, that it was in the morning of April 1: on this page were presented old 26 designs as one day before. Wife considered me a deceiver.
Tell me, respected experts who have taught you to cheat? After all, you again not wrote even a single line into the history of page. Are you still the "little kids": you no even know how to learn from your own mistakes. History does not teach you anything...
A meticulous reader can verify that I am right, if he will visit the similar pages in those countries where cheating is not practiced so hard and so widely as in the medium of English experts Wikimedia Commons, where experts do not believe even to themselves:


It is time, I think, for the Wikimedia Commons experts need little to grow up and, finally, to stop to mock me (see news 04, 07). Read the Bible: «But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is of the Evil One». (The New Testament, Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 37).

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News ¹19 05/06/2011 16:15)

In the "Makarov's chest" all 1986 year designes already ended. However, the creative mind does not sleep. Recently I registered on the Wikimedia Commons stock a new design of 2011 sample. This tensegrity structure is based on Makarov's quartet, whose contour consists of 4 flat arches. Now the whole tensegrity constructions exposition begins with a color photo of my new design.
Why strained arches remain flat? Why they do not fall into the center of design, although no one of them do not have external anchor ropes? Answers to these questions no one knows except me. The fact that experts in the rope structures has long been declared such constructions impossible. I have refuted opinion of specialists and I can create a countless number of such structures...

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News ¹20 06/10/2011 12:15

Agency "RIANOVOSTI" reported about the debriefing of the international architectural competition in 2011 "Changing the face". (Source [Russian]:

The task of the competition - to offer a project of reconstruction of the well-known cinema "Pushkinsky" in Moscow. The cinema after reconstruction should be a "gem" area, which will be well integrated into the existing schema of old buildings. The new theater does not have to confront against the historical architecture of the area, and must serve as an "aesthetic center" of the square. To learn how architects have coped with this task, you will know after your will see the following photos.
Before the reconstruction the cinema and the square around the cinema had the following view.

Popularity of the competition exceeded all expectations: the competition got more than 1,000 projects, of which the authoritative jury allowed to participate in the competition only 512 projects from 62 countries. And then, finally, the results of the competition were summed up...

Clicking on the picture of any of the following winning projects, you can get more information about this project.

The biggest winner of the contest and the 10 thousand euros winner became a Colombian architect Juan Andres Diaz Pare with the project "Frozen in Time":

Second place with 5000 euro won by a group of German architects with the project "Moving Light Palace". Authors of the idea of the project - the architects Adriaan Reinbrot, Franziska Boettcher and Jenny Grossman:

Third place and the 3000 euro prize got South Korean architect Joseph Sung with the project "The Pushkinsky Jewel":

A reader will ask: "And how all this deal to the site "HAMMER" news?" The answer is: to the site "HAMMER" news it has a direct relationship only because I, Makarov Sergey, took a personal part in this international architectural competition. Whether my project is good or bad - judge for yourself. Its official name is "Blue Bird":

The last two photographs clearly visible blue support contour and stretched on the contour blue cable-stayed network, that was the motivation to call the project "Blue Bird".This project - my first attempt to implement my invention, which was not usefull for the Russia during 25 years.
Of course I am very sorry that this my first attempt was so unsuccessful...

I have my own personal opinion about the work of the winners, but I'll leave it to yourself not to "put pressure" on the reader and to give him to understand all himself... I note only one fact: the "white wool" in the winning project - jets of water, which, on author opinion, will be the liquid in summer and be frozen during the winter. Will the water create comfort for visitors to the cinema, judge for yourself...
After the announcement of the results, the jury reported that the contest was only "theoretical", ie not necessarily the reconstruction will be carried out on the base one of the projects-winners. Excuse me, but FOR WHAT then were given the prizes and prize money if later it is "to someone ashamed" to implement these winner-projects in the real life? Assume: the reconstruction will be done on the base of project, which is not in the top three winners. What does it mean? What is the best (WHAT IS HIGHER) the theoretical fabrications that are priced at 10,000 euros, or a project, that actually carried out, although ITS SCORE IS ZERO? The organizers of the competition, so you at least FOR YOURSELF consider this matter, please. Or you have a "forked tongue"?

Otherwise, TO the author of the project, which will be REALLY IMPLEMENTED should pay a premium EXCEEDING the first-place money prize in this competition. Otherwise, all this in general will not have ANY COMMON SENSE.

If anyone doubts that MY project was involved in this competition, you can use this link to the architectural magazine "Architizer", which contains information on the projects that participated in this competition.:
project "Blue Bird" of Sergey Makarov.
Let's look a personal profile of Sergey Makarov, author of the project "Blue Bird".

If you are interested in the projects of other participants of competition for reconstruction the cinema "Pushkinsky", then you can use this hyperlink: "Short-list of the seventy of the best projects of the competition..." As for my "blank shot" in this contest, I hope that I yet have all to come! I wish you all the best! Watch for my news.

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News ¹21 06/13/2011 16:15

In the British encyclopedia "Wikimedia Commons" in "Tensegrity" chapter in the last 100 years were registered 45 structures. I would like to draw your attention to this fact: 24 of the 45 registered designs are owned by engineer Sergey Makarov. I think this is a good result in the contest between one person and all of humanity.

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