«As a "virus", HIV does not exist.
Under "HIV" I mean only the parasitic program, that causes AIDS.
AIDS is real, but it falls out of the scope of activity of infectious diseases and Microbiology.
The full theory of AIDS and the solution of AIDS problem were described by me in 1989».

Sergey Makarov.


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3 PUBLICATION IN THE "PRAVDA.RU" NEWSPAPER Hog-wash: The Russian scientist discovered a cure for AIDS 10 years ago. He was found insane ("PRAVDA.RU" newspaper willfully reprinted my article from the internet-portal "") Link 03 12/11/2010
4 ARTICLE ONE (second translation): Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer"? This my first article, published in "", tells the story of the issue and describes my method of treatment of AIDS Link 04 01/20/2011
5 ARTICLE TWO (second translation): Thirteen and a half years laterS02... 2003 The article explains the effectiveness of hyperthermia for the treatment of several diseases Link 05 01/21/2011
6 ARTICLE THREE (second translation): Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type" The article gives a detailed rationale and description of the program schemes of immune protection and HIV programs Link 06 01/24/2011
7 ARTICLE FOUR (second translation): On the theory of AIDS Rationale for the use of hyperthermia in medicine from the viewpoint of solid state physics. Reply to journalist Leitner. Link 07 01/27/2011
8 DENIS Vdovenko's article Perm journalist wrote a nice article about my method of treatment of AIDS and about my world priority in full hyperthermia Link 08 12/11/2010
9 ON MY FOLLOWERS Here was talked about how many I got followers in the application of full hyperthermia against cancer and AIDS, and that none of them referred to me... Link 09 11/07/2011
10 FEEDBACK Here is a my correspondence with experts from around the world on AIDS treatment.
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11 RESULTS On my expectations "war" with the professionals and about the end of the debates.
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17 BETWEEN SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS On the possibility of defeat AIDS without the help of hyperthermia Link 17 08/28/2013

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      In May 1989 I notarize my method of treating AIDS and cancer diseases. I then informed about this method 4 Academy of Sciences. There was no reaction.
      In July 1990, I wrote to the newspaper "Vecherny Leningrad" in the hope to tell other people about their achievements through this newspaper. In edition to me talked editor G.D. Kolesnikova. After some time she has published in a newspaper the article entitled "He wanted to fight AIDS..." My first reaction to this publication was enthusiastic: "Still, I get through to people with my suggestions..." However, the second reaction was a little different: why she published the article as an interview, even though the text of our conversation was not actually recorded, edited and published article variant wasn't agreed with me and the article containes even several errors?
      For example, I did not say the words: "Hurt when you know what not you are ahead." In fact it was I who was ahead. Phrases "...a sharp rise in temperature of the patient" I did not say. In my method of treatment I, on the contrary, everywhere emphasis on the smooth changes and smooth effects on the patient. Title of the article also brings some sadness, as if we are talking about "a retired athlete." After reading the name of article anybody will want to say: "Do not shoot the pianist - he is trying to..."
      Since the publication of this article's been 20 years. In this regard, I wish to note that the words of my esteemed professors A.G. Rakhmanova that "HIV - it is a viral agent" historically has not been confirmed. Themselves "discoverers" of HIV has recently admitted that distinguish this virus failed. If you are interested in more details, look out the article-an interview with a doctor Irina Sazonova, given by me in the 13-th part of this chapter...

      However, the publication in the newspaper "Vecherny Leningrad" has already occurred and it was the first publication of my achievements in the mentioned area. I can only give the full text of this article without any distortion...


("Vecherny Leningrad" newspaper №172 /19162/ July 27, 1990)

From foreign sources: «American from Atlanta, Carl Crawford, 33 years old is convinced that he was cured of AIDS through difficult medical procedures related to the heat of blood. Doctors who carried out this operation, evaluate the results more cautiously. However, they confirm that in the numerous subsequent analysis AIDS virus in a patient's blood can not be detected within three months».

      - You read it? - Do not asked but outraged me my unexpected visitor. He without a call came to me from Gatchina in full confidence that my overloading will not prevent him to present his idea. Exactly this happened. As soon as I found out about what he told me, quickly postponed my business and began to listen to Sergey Makarov.
      - I'm not a biologist or a chemist, - said Sergey, - I do not have any relation to medicine too. By profession I'm an engineer. And yet, I will say without false modesty: I managed to solve the problem of treatment of AIDS and some cancers. The main my arguments were my logic and common sense.
      - But for the opening, you see, this is not enough, you must have a knowledge too.
      - Certainly. Before I began, I reviewed the works of specialists, who gave me a basis for reflection and for the construction of the problem.
      - Sorry, but you are a genius or...
      - ... or crazy? Neither one nor the other. But back to the point. Into the problem of AIDS I went in 1987. Already after the first stage of the logical processing of available to me information I've come to the conclusion that the first person contracting AIDS through sexual contact with monkey.
      - But let me, just now, scientists have put forward such a hypothesis, and even then with reservations.
      - Moreover, I am quite sure that AIDS has no material carrier, it is the program. The work of the human immune defense system consists not in the destruction of stranger viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc., but in the binding them by means of the specific program with the lymphocytes, which were specially made in the human body. For example...
      - Oh, we do not need examples, I'm afraid that with your scientific terms we will confuse ourselves and confuse our readers. Better tell me what good will bring us your's discoveries?
      - I have answers to some questions that have not comment the scientists yet. I know why some carriers of the AIDS virus can live for decades, while others die quickly, why from the 100 per cent of illness human, only 10 percent are women, why AIDS can be contracted through poorly sterilized syringes, but it is not transmitted by the blood-sucking insects. Finally, while analysing the first outward manifestations of AIDS in infected people, I have concluded that the most effective way to cure - a sharp increase the temperature in a patient's body.
      - That is the same method of which we are now have read in a foreign magazine?
      - That's what led me to the editor of your newspaper. Hurt when you know what not you are ahead. The main thing is not the prestige, I would like to see this method has long been tested experimentally in our country.
      - Did you go somewhere already showed your scientific notes?
      - A year ago, I sent all the materials to the journal "Zdorovje" ("Health") asking if they will not print them, forward the materials to experts. But no answer greeting. In the past year, exactly, in May 1989, I included my findings into the schemes, and assured this document at the notary's office in Gatchina.
      - But, sorry, you're an engineer, and you need to know how to deal with such cases. Why, for example, you don't appealed to the State Committee of Inventions, a specialized research institute or into the Centre for AIDS in Leningrad?
      - And who would be there listen to me? If they only had know that I am not a doctor, then immediately people would turn away from me.
      And yet I managed to persuade Sergey Makarov to show his work to the specialist. At the request of our editorial the main chief of infectious diseases in Leningrad, the head of Research and a training association of "AIDS and AIDS-related infections", Secretary of the Commission on AIDS Prevention executive committee of the Leningrad City Council, Professor A.G. Rakhmanova gave the comments to the Makarov's work.

      - I had read the Makarov's article and his proposed scheme - said Asa Gasanovna - so I can draw the following conclusions. First of all, pay attention to the fact that that the author has a number of statements that are contrary to well-known scientific positions. In particular, he sees HIV as a program, not as a material carrier. Now it is proved that HIV - the same infectious agent, such as the agent of viral hepatitis, herpes, etc. HIV-infected patients and infectious. The infection is transmitted through blood, sexual transmission and from mother to fetus. It is not transmitted through the air, with shaking hands and other household contacts.
      As for the treatment of AIDS patients blood by heating to 42 degrees and at the same time cooling the brain, it really has caused great interest among the population, and among the specialists. But there is no single answer to the question of how this method will be effective. The famous scientist R. Gallo said that even if in a patient's blood will die temperature-sensitive viral particles, it does not mean anything for other cells where is the virus is situated in their genetic apparatus. It is impossible to kill these cells, since it is tantamount to the destruction of the whole organism.
      Yet recognition of this method as palliative rather than a radical is perspective, because the effect on viral particles circulating in the blood, it is helpful to the patient. And another important point: for the introduction of this treatment method will need a highly reliable equipment, special training of medical personnel, etc.
      Let me remind you also that the Sergey Makarov offers a method for treating cancer patients. Trying to treat so cancer was made in the Leningrad Sanitary-Hygienic Medical Institute. In this case, we used "hypertherm" apparatus made by LenGIDUV's (Leningrad State Institute for Postgraduate Medical) scientists. I hope that the work of Makarov will be interesting for scientists of these institutes. Especially because Makarov says he can offer a simple but reliable device for the practical application of the method of warming blood. Well, the author - an engineer, let's wish him luck.
      And instead of the conclusion I will say that if all men showed such a reason and interest, as Sergey Makarov, defeating AIDS would be much easier. In present time we have to spend all the forces on the getting funds for the purchase of medicines, medical diagnostic equipment, test kits, etc. Earlier there was a time when we got a very good help from the Baltic Shipping Company, but when we appealed to them again, we got a rejection. Now we have gone for help to the LOMO (Leningrad Optomechanical Association) General Director D.V. Sergeyev, who has repeatedly given us considerable assistance. Meanwhile, the forecast is unfavorable: the epidemic is coming and we must be prepared to protect people from the trouble.


      In early 2003, I wrote the article about my method and placed it in the U.S. internet-portal "" in Arlington ( in Russian and English languages.
      Also in 2003, I sent out to specialists in biology and medicine in different countries over 500 emails (bilingual) with a description of my method and with references to my articles at the "" (by the time the website "" was published four of my articles on these subjects in English and Russian languages).
      Among my destinations were two Nobel laureates in medicine (Kary Mullis and Walter Gilbert from USA). My letters were received by the addressees as "a voice crying in the wilderness."
My conclusions from this situation, I have formulated as follows:
AIDS is called the "plague of the twentieth century." Tens of thousands of scientists around the world are seeking the means to cure. Why is it every year it turns out that "things are there"? As a reason of this, in my opinion, there are three ones.
      The first reason is that many moneyed interest, who moves money to the drug development, it is advantageous to a cure for AIDS has not been found as long as possible - this allows them to monitor the situation and to receive profits on the principle of "divide and conquer."
      The second reason is that due to prevailing practices in medicine, the cause of any internal disease, the usual doctors are looking for at a chemical or biological level.
      The third reason - many young and respectable doctors "create a fog" to do his personal career and good money.
      I dare say that the cause of AIDS - a "software error of the organism", which can be transmitted from person to person by means of "path of living blood". Back in 1989 I presented my revolutionary point of view on this issue in letters sent in 4 Academy of Science - the result was zero. In 2003, I sent the relevant e-mails and articles about 500 addresses of medical professionals and scientists around the world (in English and Russian languages) - the result was almost the same. Why? Because "questions of the clan is above all..."
      Those who wish to get acquainted with my thoughts on this subject (English-language article "Physiotherapy treatment for AIDS and cancer diseases) may follow this link:
Sergey Makarov (Posted: 05/15/2006 to the site "Unknown", the forum "AIDS and Humanity").
      Perhaps you thought that many "moneyed men" and "medical scientists" have decided to deny my recommendations and to "wipe me to powder" as amateurism, as an unheard of insolence and insult against them? No way!
      On my "arrogant remark", which I have cited above, the forum "AIDS and Humanity" for 4 years got no responses ...

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      February 21, 2003 in the American website "" was published my article "Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type". It was the third article of mine on the topic of AIDS, published in this journal.
      I was very surprised when I learned that even on March 25, 2003 my article from the website "", reprinted electronic edition "Pravda.RU". In this case nobody addressed to me from "Pravda.RU" and nobody asked my permission to this reprint.
      I leave to the conscience of the publisher mentioned faux pas, as well as fiction that "the author was found insane" (it's a simple typical "journalistic bluff").
      The original article used to be at: However, the audit showed that now the original of this article is not available to the reader of any "Pravda.RU, nor at the website "".

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Title of article:

The Russian scientist discovered a cure for AIDS 10 years ago. He was found insane

      From an article in "PRAVDA.RU" I have brought here only the headline and accompanying picture. I will not repeat the main text of this article, because any interested reader can find the full text of this article below - it will be ARTICLE THREE: Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type".

      Given that the originals of my articles at the website "" is no longer accessible to the reader, I decided to give here four articles in a row in the form in which they were published in 2003. These articles in 2003 amounted to a connected series of my articles on this topic, so interested parties I would highly recommend reading their "one pass" one after another.

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ARTICLE ONE (second translation)

Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer"?

Sergey Makarov, engineer (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Thirteen and a half years ago...

Weekly «Sovershenno Sekretno» («Top Secret»), № 2, 1989, p. 16

«We must remember: when we hide something from others we hide it also from ourselves», — wrote Academician P.L. Kapitsa, thinking back in the 30-ies about the "exorbitant and harmful secretness" in science.
These scientist's arguments, published in the journal "Chemistry and Life, are still valid today.

We offer a few Kapitsa remarks on the same subject made by him on slips of handbook of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1954.
— A scientific truth and achievement if they are not widely utilized, can not be recognized as achievement in science. This - as hidden in the earth minerals, which then become worth things when they are retrieved, and when they are used.
— Secret scientific achievement is equivalent to its absence. Secret condition of any thing is similar to the muscles that atrophy for lack of activity.
1) Making secrets leads to inhibition of science, as retards the development of those issues where interbreed different areas. These problems and are most advanced.
2) Making secrets excludes public scrutiny and debate, and promotes pseudoscience, idleness, bureaucratic regime.
3) Making secrets reduces the level of scientific work, as people have reduced incentive to carry it out. (Rafael, which would have hide all of his works in the roll and not felt the people's impression about his creations, perhaps couldn't grow and develop.)
4) Making secrets not lead to anything as it is essentially impossible in full. … By making secrets we harm ourselves more than our enemies.
5) Making secrets creates a monopoly in the scientific work and destroys healthy competition.
When our science will be really advanced, it will not need to make secrets.

P.L. Kapitsa,
Nobel Prize in Physics.

* * *

Physiotherapy method of cancer diseases treatment

(The method was registered at the notary May 22, 1989)

      I'm not a biologist or a chemist. I do not have and medical education. Each person adherent dogmatism after such entry will throw this article away, but for those who has a more broader approach to analyzing problems that threaten humanity, I will continue.
      Reinforced concrete material was invented by a French gardener. The man, who had no degree in botany, had created a black tulip. Another person, not being a professional chemist, doubted that the inert gases are not able to form chemical compounds (about it knew every chemist), so it made an experiment and got the connection, which includes neon...
      Now the essence. Possesing by a fairly clear and sensible thinking, I decided to look into the problem of AIDS, believing that in solving any problems of mankind logic should be the main instrument. In the Soviet journal «Zdorovje» («Health») № 5 in 1987, I found an article about AIDS of Academician AMN SSSR V.M. Zhdanov and I began to analyze it. In this analysis, I was guided by the famous dictum: "If you'll find the beginning of all things, then you will understand much".
      From an article I wrote out 23 elementary messages (in the logical sense of the word) concerning the internal manifestations of AIDS and 33 elementary messages concerning exterior manifestations of AIDS.
      After the first stage of the logical processing of information (exception of tautologies, repetitions, making the generalizations) I got in residue 29 elementary messages. After the second phase of data processing I got in residue only 9 facts. By means of the eliminating the contradictions and applying one the law, which I know, I received the following conclusions.

1. The first person was infected with AIDS by sexual contact with a monkey.
2. In the semen HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is not present.
3. HIV is usually transmitted with the help of friction due to mixing of live blood of two people (in the vagina or in rectum).
4. HIV does not have a material carrier, it is the program.
5. Work system of immune defense consists not in the destruction of foreign viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. (As it is officially adopted), but in binding them by a special program with specifically produced in the body lymphocytes, such as T-helper cells, with subsequent release of the product that connection from the body (such as diarrhea).
6. HIV "enjoys" the ability of T-helper cells to forming stable bonds, so it substitutes for the PID (program of immune defense of human) and connects the pairs of T-helper cells among themselves and sends them into the waste.
      HIV does not need any of input infections for its working in the body. HIV works on the principle of chain reaction, moving from the periphery closer to the center, which produces lymphocytes (in particular, to the thymus).
      After decoding by so manner the scheme of HIV work, I was able to answer some questions which had no answers earlier, for example:

1. Why do some people die quickly from AIDS, while others may live for decades?
Response. HIV by annihilating the lymphocytes, is forcing the body to reproduction them more intensively. If the rate of lymphocytes reproduction is greater than the rate of their HIV "devouring", provided that an excess of lymphocytes is enough to fight against infections (which, incidentally, enter into our bodies with every breath and every portion of food), then the person can live a very long time. HIV, except for "devouring" lymphocytes, not applies itself to anything. If the body is weak, the whole mass of lymphocytes is used for HIV's consuming, without any their remainders for the fighting against external infections, so then the external infections quickly move a man to the grave.

2. Why among 100% of AIDS patients, only 10% are women?
Response. The sexual contact a male with a male is perversion. In this case, and the genitals and rectum obtain microtrauma, entailing mixing of blood and, as a consequence, the transmission of AIDS contagion from one organism to another. Sexual intercourse a man and a woman is usually more natural. Nature at the same time takes care of vaginas lubrication to avoid abrasions of genitals. Therefore, when the man has sex with a woman (and with a good lubricant!) AIDS is not transmitted because there are absence of mutual contacts of live blood.

3. Why AIDS is transmitted through a syringe and is not transmitted through blood-sucking insects?
Response. Blood as it is known is able to be living tissue for some time, even outside the body (remember the blood transfusion), so that HIV in such blood for some time (up to the ending of lymphocytes) continues to "work". If such blood enters into another person (accidentally or intentionally), HIV continues its "work" in the new body. Unlike syringe blood-sucking insects are not just simple vessels: after the blood sucking, they immediately begin its recycling. During the time that passes from one bite, for example, a mosquito, till the moment, when the mosquito will bite another man, human blood inside the mosquito will not be a normal live blood, so HIV is not stored in it.
If only HIV could have a material carrier, this carrier from one bite till another one could, in principle, keep a viable form inside a mosquito.

      I think this list of questions and answers every logically thinking person is able to continue now without any difficulty...
      So what follows from all this? To answer this question, we present the list of only first external manifestation of AIDS.

1. Diarrhea (associated with each other T-helpers are rapidly eliminated from the body).
2. Human weight loss (due to frequent diarrheas and dehydration of body).
3. Swollen lymph nodes (are rapidly activated the endocrine glands for the producing protective antibodies to replace those killed by HIV).
4. The sharp body temperature rising.
      On this, the 4-th paragraph I should tell more detailed. The idea that by means of the increasing the body temperature the organism counteracts the illness is not new. I have this statement too, no doubt. The question, however, must be retarded at the three points:
— Temperature is rising in which parts of human's body, does the temperature rises uniformly;
— The temperature rises by means of what resource of energy (whether it is sufficient);
— To what level we must increase the temperature for fight with this particular disease.
      If the body is fighting against HIV by means of the raising body temperature, it is logical to assume that there is a specific value of the temperature at which a chain reaction of HIV stops. If HIV does not have any material carrier (HIV is only the ideal program), then after it stopping once, this program will not be able to continue its action (remember the chain reaction of falling dominoes, which were arranged closely each other). It is imperative to warm up all the blood in man's body, because only after that the program wouldn't continue its action after lowering body temperature.
      Lenin, as is known, died after the moment, when his temperature rose to 43.5 degrees Celsius. This, apparently, is the limit of the possibility of a natural increasing of body temperature for a normal person. I believe that to stop the chain reaction of AIDS will be enough 44 degrees Celsius, but on the condition that the man's whole blood quantity will be heated.
      The human's body usually raises its temperature by a range of chemical transformations, and food - is the usual feedstock for this. The abilities of different people to digest the food are quite different. The same can be said about the ability of different people endure high temperatures. However, anyone who has been in the sauna, knows that even stay in the atmosphere, which was heated to 100 degrees Celsius and above, does not lead to negative consequences for the organism.
      I am talking about the increase in body temperature to 44 degrees Celsius for up to 1 minute, but this temperature increase should take place inside the whole body simultaneously. To make so, that this temperature increasing could withstand any organism, it is necessary, apparently, add one condition: for such temperature achieving, human's body should not expend his own energy. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. Anyone who enjoyed the local UHF-therapy, knows that in this method living tissues are heated without expenditure of human's own energy. If you'll recall the modern high-frequency electric furnace, in which by means of high-frequency field is prepared food (eg chicken meat) by creating a field in a certain volume, then my proposed method of treatment becomes apparent, namely:
1. Build a chamber with a volume for the entire body of human, which creates microwave field in entire its volume (frequency, probably is not essential, for the beginning we must use the same frequency as in the devices of UHF-therapy: 800-1000 kHz).
2. Place the whole person into this chamber.
3. By means of slowly increasing the intensity of the field to bring the temperature of the human body till 44 degrees Celsius and to sustain it at this temperature for about 1 minute (it is better if the person in the camera will move a little).
4. Then gently decrease the intensity of the field and release a healthy person.
      If the method will be very rewarding, then in the future, apparently, should be built the camera not in the form of a box, but as a big tube with the diameter for a man's height (similar to a magnetic ring in the airport). The length of the pipe-chamber we choose experimentally. The idea is that a person enters one end of the continuously operating UHF-pipe-chamber, but exits the other end. More feeble (painful) people will pass the pipe slower, healthier - faster. Thus, in the continuously operating camera each person will spend on the processing of his body by microwave field as much time as required at a specific level of health of a particular organism.
      I should add the following. Analyzing the origins of leukemia, multiple myeloma, diabetes, etc., I came to the conclusion that the beginnings of these and many other diseases lie in the fact that the immune defense system of a person or deteriorates work, or do not works absolutely. It is logical to suggest that the in each of these cases some kind of parasitic programs interferes the work of the body. Such a program can not be seen through a microscope, it is useless "to drip to a program from pipette". Perennial futile attempts of mankind to cope with AIDS, diabetes and cancers increasingly more convinces me that the essence of their organization is the same: into the work of the body interferes some parasitic program that has no material carrier, but has a considerable aptitude in the realization of the parasitic chain reaction. If I am right, then against all these diseases treatment should be the same.
      I have no doubt that named above diseases can be treated by biofield too, including with the help of the man's own biofield.
      The method of approach to solving the problems, which I demonstrated, cybernetics consider as "method of black drawer".

Sergey Makarov, engineer
September 27, 1989

* * *

According to the scientist...

Leningrad GIDUV (Medical Institute)
RAKHMANOVA, Aza Gasanovna
The Head of communicable diseases department
with a course AIDS, professor,
the main infectionist of
central medical board of the Leningrad
executive committee

      In connection with the reference of the newspaper’s "Vecherny Leningrad" editor G.D. Kolesnikovoj concerning a review on a method of a AIDS-infection’s treatment "by sterile forced circulation of a blood with a heating it on a going into of the person (approximately till 42-44 of Celsius degrees)", registered by Makarov for the notary of May 22, 1989 and having acquainted with as the article of the same writer Makarov Sergey Grigorjevich, I consider possible to answer following below.
      The article contains a number of the expressions contradicting to well-known scientific positions, so, in particular, the writer esteems AIDS as not the material carrier, but as a program. It is now demonstrated, that AIDS is the same zymotic agent as, for example, exciter of a virus hepatitis, herpes atc. The AIDS-carrier and AIDS-ill man in stage of AIDS is infectious. (Makarov's note: recent data show the opposite: AIDS is even contrary to the laws of infectious disease) The infection contamination is transmitted through a blood, sexual way and from the mother to a fetus. The virus is not transmitted through air, at handshakings, in a household activities.
      The article on treatment of AIDS in USA by a heating of a blood up to 42 Celsius degrees with cooling of a brain ("Izvestija" from 06/16/1990) has called large concern for the population and specialists. In this connection I want to mark the priority of the Makarov’s proposal on a way of treatment by a hyperthermia. At the same time, I agree with an estimation R. Gallo of this method of treatment ("Leningradskaja Pravda" from 06/19/1990). So, in particular, R. Gallo considers, that even if in a blood ill the virus sensing to temperature fragments will perish, it nothing means in relation of other cages, the virus has taken root into the genetical vehicle which one. To kill these cages it is impossible, it is equivalent to destruction of an organism. However, usage of this method as non radical, instead of radical is perspectiv, wherefore effect on virus fragments circulating in a blood, is useful for ill. Are essential thus proper maintenance of this method of treatment - high-reliable instrumentation, good trained personnel etc.
      I figure, that the activity in this direction is justified. I can remind, that in Leningrad GIDUV (medical institute) the “hyperterm-apparatus” is built and the attempts to treat swellings already was conducted in the Leningrad sanitary-hygienic medical institute.

A.G. Rakhmanova
The Main infectionist of Leningrad,
the leader of scientific-educational-practical
affiliation “AIDS and AIDS-associated infections”,
the head of communicable diseases department
with a course AIDS in Leningrad GIDUV (medical institute), professor,
the secretary of commission on AIDS preventive maintenance
of the “Lensovet’s executive committee”
June 25, 1990

* * *


      1. To heat the man through all the body’s volume with the help of UHF vibrator (desirelably by means of 800 – 1000 kHz frequency). During this process body’s temperature should be slowly and uniformly raised and reduced in all the body’s depth without it’s raising higher than 42 – 44 Celsius degrees, related to the patient’s age, physical development and to the sadness of his illness. Duration of body’s treatment under the maximal temperature shouldn’t be more than one minute.
      2. Some days later (about 10 – 15 days) it’s necessary to repeat the procedure described at the first item again.
February 8, 1991.

Sergey Makarov,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
(Published on website on January 10, 2003)

(Makarov"s note: The article "Physiotherapy method of cancer diseases treatment", in which, inter alia, was suggested to treat AIDS by the full hyperthermia method, was written by me 09/27/89)
* * *

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ARTICLE TWO (second translation)

Thirteen and a half years later... 2003

(The letter sent by Sergey Makarov, engineer (St.-Petersburg, Russia) to the website

      May 22, 1989, I informed people about my conclusions on the reasons and methods of treating AIDS and cancer diseases. However, there was no any reaction. Of course, it is difficult to fit into ordinary consciousness of the fact that simple engineer can know about the causes and cures for such insidious diseases more than the world renowned professors. I made the pause at thirteen and a half years. During this time, many experts were able to mull over the situation and get a bunch of new experimental data. But I am a follower of the "method of Einstein", who once said that "already existence of one electron is enough to put the end to the entire continuum electrodynamics".
      Some still believe that with the help of "process of dripping the chemicals from pipette", you can get rid of AIDS and cancer diseases. So why this is still not done? But precisely because, that these diseases are beyond the scope of concepts, which operates in a modern immunology. Furthermore: immunologists are trying to to blow up all objects, which are not desirable to them, however, the work of the immune defense system of man consists not in the destruction of foreign particles, and in their localization with the help of a special program, which is followed by withdrawal the waste from the body.
      Mankind has discovered and investigated such phenomena as, for example, the memory of water, which shows: simple pure water may receive and store the information. It turned out that water can even pass the information through the walls of the glass vessel. Information, as it turned out, may be recorded not only on conventional magnetic media, but also, for example, on the surface of an old mirror in a medieval castle...
      R. Gallo from the United States in June 1990 told the world about his experiments on the hyperthermia of human body in combination with cooling of the brain. He argued that in such procedure "temperature-sensitive viral particles are dieing". Tell me, can we assert that the caterpillar was killed, if it turned into a butterfly? In the case of AIDS takes place something like that. I'm not going to "kill faulted cells", I approve that with the help of hyperthermia two T-helper who were "glued together" under the influence of the AIDS-program, will be isolated one from other and will continue to perform their basic functions: to guard the body, protecting it from the input of infections. While heating the body, you don't must refrigerate the brain, because must be heated all the blood in the body, otherwise the "chain reaction" will not be stopped. The ability of a person to endure high temperature are sufficiently large. Many examples testify to this.
      The chief infectionist of Leningrad, the leader of scientific-educational-practical association “AIDS and AIDS-associated infections” A.G. Rakhmanova in her review of my treatment method (6/26/1990) noted that in the issue of AIDS treatment with the help of hyperthermia I have the obvious priority (by date) compared with R. Gallo. Already 30 May 1989 journal "Zdorovje" ("Health") has received from me a description of this method of treatment (previously certified by a notary). Why that so far nobody has noticed? Because nobody wanted to notice this! CLAN'S QUESTIONS ARE ABOVE OF ALL ELSE. They are higher than even global problems, including health and lives of millions.
      Good and decent infectionist, Aza Gasanovna, of course, can not know "all things in the World", therefore she says (with regret) that "some points of my method, are in contradiction with accepted earlier”. Now tell me, do many people got the international recognition for their solving global problems, after they made the conclusions of "coinciding with the generally accepted"? The question, as they say, is rhetorical. So does my pause in 13.5 years is not enough for people to understand: the solving problem of AIDS lies beyond the scope of infectionists activity sphere.
      And not from infectionists should be the "last word". The question arises: from whom should it be? As in all other cases - from the experiment and its results. If someone is willing to allocate money, I am ready to become personally involved in conducting large-scale experiments in any country in the world.
      Many years ago in the newspaper Izvestia was described the meeting of Soviet civil aircraft with a UFO near Leningrad (the name of the article: "Exactly at 4.10). It is interesting that the crew commander then later died of multiple myeloma. But how he got this multiple myeloma? It turns out that it started with a "beam of green light", which gashed him at his chest. Does not this remind you of transfer of information through the glass? Exactly this is the crux of the matter!
      If this is not enough, I can continue. The famous writer and traveler Gilyarovsky in his book "Moscow and Muscovites" describes such a case.
While he was in one village during the trip, he had somehow caught the infection of black smallpox. At that time was an epidemic of this disease and nothing strange in the fact of he became diseased was not. I wonder what followed after that. Gilyarovsky asked the inhabitants where to find a good healer. He got the answer. When he came to the witch doctor, he asked: "Old man, can you help me get rid of black smallpox?" The old man looked at Gilyarovsky by long, appraising look and said: «If you have enough money, you must buy a burqa and a horse, in a burga must sit at a horse and by gallop move at any direction without stopping. When a horse will fall because of fatigue, buy the second one and gallop on, when the second horse will fall, buy the third one and gallop on. When will fall the third horse, you will be healthy».
      Gilyarovsky complied with all that said the old man. When dropped the third horse, rider, who over the road lost 16 kilograms, was completely cured of black smallpox.
      Tell me, by what method was cured Gilyarovsky? Correct: with the help of hyperthermia. He managed to make a full body hyperthermia at the expense of its domestic energy resources. However, it is not given to everyone, because in the described method of treatment the physical loading of body is enormous. If for treatment you have not enough internal resources, you can die from lack of energy.
      Tell me how people in the Ural's village treat a child, who caught a cold? It's very simple: the whole child body must be wrapped up in the "Orenburg shawl" and the next day the baby will be healthy.
      From time immemorial came to us the following method of fraternization. Two men incise their blood vessels on the wrist, and open wounds tightly cuddle up each to other for some time. What is the rationale for this method? Of course, firstly, so the blood represents self as an agent of bio-field (bio-field carrier), then it give a "kinship of souls and bodies". Secondly, all the "chain reactions" (diseases such as AIDS) instantly move from one organism to another along the road of live blood (this process is similar to burning a track from the gunpowder). In this way, people show each other the full confidence and willingness to die for each other.
      Examples such as the above I can give you a lot, but for reasonable man enough of this. Unfortunately, in modern medical practice, people often use antipyretics, not realizing that by doing so they only interfere with the body to cope with illness and by their own hands they transfer the disease into a chronic stage...
      Just In case, I inform: I do not recognize privacy in matters of humanity's scale. I never did give any obligations about the not disclosure of information. I believe that I have every right to share MY OWN THOUGHTS with anyone. I agree for the publishing without distortion any materials, which I submitted, even all at once - maybe this will move a problem off the ground.
      Now I know more gentle method of hyperthermia - without simultaneous heating of whole man's blood. Details of this technique while are not subject to disclosure.

Sergey Makarov,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
(English Version was published on website on February 3, 2003)

* * *

From the website
      By publishing these materials, we are given the opportunity, Mr. Makarov tell the world via the Internet about his method in the fight against the worst diseases of mankind. We hope and believe that there are doctors, scientists, technicians, businessmen, sponsors, civic organizations and ordinary people who are interested in organizing and conducting appropriate pilot and research and development works leading to practical and effective results in the near future.
      Also we would like to get from readers of our website their opinions and feedback on these materials. We are ready to provide all interested persons an opportunity to speak. (Our website publishes material in the author's wording and spelling).
      All the information send by E-mail:
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ARTICLE THREE (second translation)

Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"

Sergey Makarov, engineer (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

      In 1931 the English physicist Paul Dirac "on the tip of the pen" has opened (or more precisely: predicted the existence) the positively charged counterpart of the electron. In 1932, an American physicist, K.D. Anderson in cosmic rays physically found the particle, opened earlier by Dirac, and called it as "positron".
      When I became interested in the problem of AIDS, I firstly began to study "the work scheme" of this disease. On this way, I firstly decoded the scheme of the program of immune system defence of the human (PID), and then I decoded the working scheme of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to data, which I have, NOBODY IN THE WORLD DID THIS BEFORE ME.
      Only after that I suggested to apply hyperthermia to 42-44 degrees Celsius for the effective treatment of AIDS and cancers, and then I suggested the practical method for its implementation. All my results were presented on paper in the form of specific schemes and texts with notarized fixed date of their presentation.
      Upon learning of the experimental studies carried out recently Novosibirsk scientists at the International Centre for Health in the direction of AIDS treatment and cancer, I am once again convinced that my schema of work of the program of immune system defence of the human (PID) and schema of work of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which I depicted in 1989, are true.
      Believe me, strange to see in the XXI century the articles about AIDS in which people are seriously concerned with issues, which were resolved by me in 1989. In 1989 I immediately informed the four Academies of Sciences and several publishing houses about my results. Under the mentioned styatyami I mean, for example: “Why Some With HIV Are Healthier” by Kristen Philipkoski at the site or “Scientists may be near to solving immunity to AIDS mystery” by Anthony Fauci. In these articles, people aspire to get closer to answering the question: why some people die quickly from AIDS and other HIV-infected people live for 20 years or more.
      Kozma Prutkov once said: "Find the beginning of all things and you will understand much!" It turned out that many people are not think about this approach in high esteem, unfortunately!
      What we have today? Doctors are testing the many options the effects of different chemicals on these or other disease (in our time to do this even attracts hundreds of computers from the Internet!). It happens that in this long way people meet some small, and sometimes, and major successes. However, mentioned above Kozma Prutkov's advice allows us to achieve the goal of the shortest path.
      A man can be heated in hot water, in the glow of sun, in the glow of an infrared source or in a marathon (to all AIDS patients, I highly recommend to jog in summer at 15 kilometers in a warm ski suit!).
      You can do the human body heating in thermal UHF camera, you can - over a fire (if you can limit the temperature!), Etc. etc. The most important thing in this case - to know what you want to achieve, to imagine the chemical and physical processes from your actions, their impact on the patient's body.
      Maybe someone will embolden the news that in the archipelago of "the Lesser Antilles" on the island of Anguilla is living Mack Jones Deer, which from time to time are bathing in water with a temperature of 98-99°C, holding himself in such water for 2-3 minutes (newspaper "Soviet Russia" on August 17, 1991, article "Heat-resistant man from an island"). For many AIDS patients will be very nice message that the body temperature of a running man reaches namely 42-44°C at the end of the marathon (Russian newspaper "On the Verge of Impossible" № 9 (15), 1992, article "Phenomenon of the V. Harin").
      And now - about the chain reactions. Chain reactions occupy rather significant place in human life. Let us recall the fires! This is the most familiar example of a chain reaction for people. Explosions of dynamite, nitroglycerine, etc. The explosion of the atomic bomb! If a man had not built in his head scheme fission of uranium, could be born an atomic bomb? Probably not. Some people will consider me overly cautious and will want to say - "of course not". Let me, let me... You read the Bible about the tragedy of Sodom and Gomorrah? This book describes the namely real nuclear explosions!
      Some tribes in Africa still live on working under them in the land of nuclear reactors... But that's a theme of an entirely different article. We return to AIDS.
      Even those physicians who have advanced far enough in addressing the AIDS problem, from time to time say phrases such as:
«… peripheral vasodilatation in process of total body hyperthermia originates from the interaction of nitric oxide with some hypothetical neurotransmitter that occurs in conditions of total body hyperthermia. This statement needs to be checked …»
«Mechanisms leading to hemodynamic instability, are not completely clear».
      Naturally, all the mechanisms to clarify before the end is probably impossible. However, a pity if the person moves forward only to the touch, not having "even a compass" in his hands. Such motion may continue for decades and centuries. Namely this, based on his previous experience, and predicts to humanity Robert Siliciano, a professor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He believes that an effective means of AIDS not be found in the next 70 years ("Deutsche Welle", July 16, 2002, article "Modern fighting methods against AIDS").
      Unfortunately, the continued progress in settling the problem of AIDS is very often happened "to the touch."
      If I theoretically did not disclose the mechanism of the immune system, if I theoretically do not deciphered the scheme of human immunodeficiency virus, is it possible, that I could, being sat at my desk to offer an effective method of treatment of AIDS? Of course not! Now I'm talking about effective methods without any quotes, because only recently learned that the successful application for AIDS and cancer hyperthermia of the human body up to 42-44 degrees Celsius already tested and is actively used in Novosibirsk at the International Health Center.
      Interestingly, in Novosibirsk namely surgeon manages the experimental work on the application of hyperthermia to treat AIDS, cancer and drug addiction. I think that namely the surgeon's decisiveness is needed to implement such "extreme method".
      Doctors in Novosibirsk, apparently, still do not realize until the end of all causes of effectiveness of their method of cure. After R. Gallo they repeat that at high temperatures killed, destroyed, receive a "chilling effect" the tumor cells, physiological organisms "are destroyed in the mutant cells" etc.
      In order to understand the influence of hyperthermia on the disease (eg AIDS), it is necessary, I think, to feel deeply the very idea of a chain reaction. I do not know the best examples for this than observation posed vertically on a table near each other dominoes that are falling one after another, if to jerk extreme of them, or fire track from the gunpowder (better - smokeless).
      If you could have feel deeply this chain process in which "moves this, don't know what" (joke), then you will become quite clear why, after a procedure of hyperthermia man simply "got up and went ', ie he became completely healthy after a procedure, not after some kind of "rehabilitation period", as is common in surgery, general therapy, etc. Of course, the general health improvement of the person not will be needless, but the process of treatment of the disease can be considered completed immediately after a procedure of hyperthermia.
      R. Gallo, and many of his followers are talking about "doom" of tumors and other cells for some reason do not consider the possibility that the "corpses" of tumor cells or debris from the destruction of "something bad" might be more dangerous than the whole initial unit. Examples of this in the world is enough. Manipulation of humanity with the molecules led to the gunpowder explosions, manipulation of atoms led to the atomic explosions. Can you imagine, if manipulate the particles that make up atoms, the mankind will be moved to what? Quite right: it leads to the death of the Universe.
      However, let us "return to our sheeps". "Bad fragments" or dead cells, besides, still in need of some inference procedures by means of the extracting them from the body (in recovery time), which takes time. However, experiments have shown that hyperthermia after the person just "gets up and goes to work", ie He is not burdened with some kind of a "debris".
      My circuits functioning PID and HIV are fairly simple. To understand them, consider, for example, a casino. At the casino near the enter doors there are two guardian of order - "bouncers". These "bouncers" allow to went at the casino only known people, and they do not let unknown people to enter. Suddenly someone sprayed to the faces of bouncers some poison gas psychotropic action, as a result they began to consider "everyone man in livery" as "hostile". After that, just been looked at each other, each one of them grabs colleague "for breast" and noisily moves him to the street for the forwarding to the police station. What then happens at the entrance to the casino? Door wide open, no security guards - the entrance have no barriers to all who wants to enter!
      Absolutely the same pattern is happening in the body of an AIDS patient, when the T-helper cells are busy fighting each other rather than with input infections. But "psychotropic gas" in the example above, this is the exterior impetus of the parasitic chain reaction, which in the body gives start to the entire process of orderly removing of T-helper cells. If the conversion of single T-helper cells in the paired T-helper cells still can be considered as "murder", but hyperthermia, in my version, does not kill anyone. It simply dismembers paired T-helper cells and "returns the mind to them". I hope that this phrase, applied to bio particles, not shocked you. Of course, we can to back to work only those of T-helper cells that yet have not moved to waste. In the case of cancer, as some kind of waste should perhaps be considered and lush growths, called in medicine "metastases".
      To some extent the theoretical rationale for the effectiveness of hyperthermia against AIDS and cancers may be considered the opening of Academician V. Alexandrov. He found that at the temperature increasing the strength of structures unity of protein molecules is reduced and with cooling - increases (the newspaper "Socialist Industry" dated 04/28/1989, an article "Difficulties in life"). It should be noted, however, that the same temperature dependence of the firmness and coherence of matter known in the inanimate world for thousands of years. This is the basis, inter alia, and blacksmithing and glass blowing.
      In 1976 two scientists from the University of California - Bishop and Vormas - published an article that cancers arise due to "IRRITATION of usual cellular genes - oncogenes, and not due to a virus". For this discovery in 1989 they were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In this case, a member of the Nobel Committee Professor Gosta Gahrton said that
the prize was awarded to them for "genius scientific idea!". "Imagine this: it turns out that the cause of cancer, obviously, is in ourselves, and the role of external factors boils down to this, that only to press a button" - said Professor Garton ("Izvestia" newspaper of 11.10.1989, article "Controversy around the opening of the winners ").
      Is not that a brilliant illustration of work of the starting mechanism for diseases such as "Chain Reaction"!
      Back in 1988 at the Congress on AIDS in San Marino, leading AIDS researchers have expressed doubts that AIDS is an infectious disease (the Russian newspaper "24 Hours" on March 27, 1992, article "A lie for the sake of billions?"). Now, in view of experiments in Novosibirsk, the idea that AIDS is "noninfections" seems to me obvious.

      In connection with the foregoing, I propose: all diseases of the "chain reaction type" to classify as "CRI" - chain reaction illness and to exclude them from the infectious diseases. Because, why are they infectious, if not transmitted through shaking hands, sneezing, kissing, etc? Why are they infectious, if they can be cured by the physiotherapeutic methods simply by means of stopping the chain process in the body?
      Moreover, we can now talk about a new direction in medicine: "CRI-therapy". I think that the reasons for this have accumulated quite a few.

Sergey Makarov,
February 16, 2003

* * *

My conclusions (cancerous illnesses treatment)

(The description of a method registered by me for the notary by May 22, 1989)

1. HIV is a program, but not material carrier.

2. All cancerous illnesses are been caused by the wrong programs.

3. Treatment: sterile forced blood circulation with a heating it before the entering into the human body (approximately till 42-44 Celsius degrees). As a result, HIV “dies” and other “cancer” die too.

Sergey Makarov
May 23, 1989

* * *

Physiotherapeutic method for AIDS and other oncologic illnesses treatment

(The description of a method registered by me for the notary by February 8, 1991)

1. To warm up the person on all body capacity with the help of UHF-radiators (it is desirable - with a 800 – 1000KHz frequency radiated). Thus temperature should be smoothly and uniformly increased and lowered on all depth of a body not exceeding 42 - 44 Celsius degrees, depending on ill man age, physical development and his disease gravity. Soak period at maximum temperature willn’t be more than one minute.

2. After some (10 - 15) days it is necessary to repeat the procedure till item 1.

Sergey Makarov
February 8, 1991

* * *

From the website
      We would like to get opinions and feedback on the material from the readers of our website. We will provide an opportunity to speak to everyone. (Our website publishes material in the author's wording and spelling).
      All the information send by E-mail:

(Published on website on February 21, 2003)

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ARTICLE FOUR (second translation)

On the theory of AIDS

Sergey Makarov, engineer (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

“Nobody ever explained to me about how HIV can cause AIDS”.
Kari Myullis, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1993

“The influence of the media, the pressure of special groups of people, the interests of individual pharmaceutical companies, the efforts of the establishment to implement the control of AIDS has led to a complete loss of contacts of official science with other analytical and open-minded medical scientists. This happened after the unproven HIV/AIDS hypothesis received 100% of research funds, while all other hypotheses were ignored".
Etienne de Harvey, professor of pathology at the University of Toronto
“…becoming more and more apparent that no HIV, but some other factors must be brought to the theory of AIDS…”
Richard Strohman, University of California, Berkeley

      I recently received a response to the articles «Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer"» and «Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"» from a German journalist Michael Leitner, and had with him short "e-mail debates". From correspondence with Leitner it became clear to me that he can not adequately perceive the ideas incorporated by me into the scheme how works the program of immune defense and the scheme how works HIV (Read my article «Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"»). Leitner is a member of a known group «Rethinkers», which united many professionals around the world to rethink the cause of AIDS. This group opposes the officially accepted AIDS version, an author and an ardent supporter of which is Robert Gallo.
      My debates with Leitner give me every reason to think that I was not clear not only for him, but also for many other members of the «Rethinkers» group. I will say straight out: namely among «Rethinkers» I expected to find the most support, because I considered that our positions are close enough. However, so far nothing of the sort happened. All said above led me to thought that my schemes require further clarifications.
      Fourteen years ago I wrote: "HIV does not have a material carrier, this is a program". I'm not a microbiologist, so when I used the word "HIV", I did not mean the physical agent that "someone saw through the microscope". By word "HIV" I meant just "the cause of AIDS". In this regard, I am ready to rephrase my sentence thus: "A disease, which is known as AIDS, is not being caused by material agent; the cause of AIDS is a program." Those people who are far from the programming, couldn't understand the word "PROGRAM", I think, so I'll try to explain it also.
      Suppose you have a ball of wool. You can use this ball of wool for different purposes, however, you can not use it to hide yourself from the cold or wind. Then from this ball of wool you knit a sweater. This sweater can be worn on the person's body to protect him from the cold. What is the difference between a ball of wool and sweater made from this ball of wool? Weight is the same, chemical composition is the same. The only difference is the ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MATTER. We can say that sweater - it's the same wool, but structured by the new program.
      If from a third floor window you need to go down from house to the street, and you do not have for this any special equipment that you will do? You take, for example, a bed sheet, tear it into strips, bind a rope from the strips, and will move down on the rope from a window. Of course, the rope has some brand new properties compared to bed sheet, but the chemical composition of the bed sheet when you convert it into a rope has not changed.
      Thus, the word "PROGRAM" I understand as some algorithm of changing the structure of matter, without changing its chemical composition. The algorithm is a law, rule, it is not material thing, by the microscope you can not see it, but it can have enormous ability to action. The immune defense program of human, for example, compel T-helper cells to join with various "trash", then the results of this associations are moving away out of the body. The program "AIDS" compels the pairs of T-helpers to join with each other, whereupon the resulting product is also excreted from the body.
      If the T-helpers were joined into pairs by HIV, but have not yet withdrawn from the body, they can be returned to operation with the help of the forced separation, which requires an external (with respect to a pair of T-helper cells) energetic influencing. As such effects can serve a variety of energy sources, such as an external electromagnetic field, or even the own human biofield.
      Some people may have questions. Why am I confident that the immune defense program namely captures the "garbage" and creates connections from T-helper cells and the "garbage"? Why am I confident that the treatment of AIDS requires precisely the separation of paired T-helper cells (rather than killing some cells, like Gallo says)? I'll try to explain it.
      Before making my findings, I reviewed a set of facts, keeping in mind that a good theory should explain all the facts. In this case, biological theory is always forced to rely on a natural science base, formed in science at the time of the creation of this theory.
      In physics are known four aggregate states of matter: liquid, solid, gaseous and plasma. The human body is a complex composition of several states of matter, but the liquid and solid states of matter are represented in the body to a greater extent than others.
      Consider the solid aggregate state. In the Solid State Physics operates a model of matter, in which individual particles take up quite fixed positions. In this case, stiffness, unchanging the form of solid body provides a balance of forces of attraction and repulsion acting between particles. The particles themselves constantly fluctuate about their equilibrium positions. The frequency of these oscillations depends on the mass of particles and of several other physical parameters and the oscillations amplitude of each particle is completely determined by the temperature of the system.
      Physicists have also found that any physical system, being left to itself, always tends to a stable state, which is characterized by a minimum of its potential internal energy.
      From the theory it is known that the internal potential energy of the system is higher, when the system elements far moved away from each other. And vice versa: convergence of the components of the system minimizes its internal potential energy.
      After this theoretical digression becomes clear that the convergence, "sticking" of particles with each other at the bio system is a usual process of stabilizing, so it is observed in the free systems, in most cases. Moving apart and the separation of particles requires the inflow of external energy, because at this separation the internal energy of the system must increase. Coming from outside the energy initially leads to a gradual increase in the amplitude of natural oscillations of the particles, and at some point (when the desired temperature is reached) causes a physical particles separation from each other (eg, separation of T-helpers).
      It is obvious that the human body as a whole always strives to preserve its internal energy and it allows himself to expend its internal energy only to solve some extremal problems. One of these challenges is precisely the problem of separation of pairs of T-helper cells, which leads to stopping the AIDS.
      Now I want to present some of the claims to myself. In 1989, in the scheme "My conclusions", I used the phrase "killing of macrophages with the help of HIV". In this case, I made some inaccuracy. By the word "murder" I did not mean the physical destruction of macrophages, but "elimination them from the front edge of infection control". Macrophages, which had been combined into pairs, as I described above, can be returned to work, if they had not been excreted from the body.
      Currently, works on the use of hyperthermia against cancer and AIDS are conducted in Novosibirsk (Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) and the International Academy for new medical technologies «SHAHATANA» (Russia). I want to emphasize that in none of these cases, experts do not deciphered before me the true working schema of immune defense program and programs for cancer and AIDS. All of them, like Gallo, are engaged exclusively by "killing" the tumor and virus particles.
      In the academy «SHAHATANA» work on hyperthermia lead the author of the method "optimal resonance hyperthermia" Professor Chekurov V.P. Employees «SHAHATANA», using the resistance of tumors to cooling and their sensitivity to overheating, became use UHF-hyperthermia against them. At the same time they began to use different resonance frequencies for different types of cancer (ie, for different tumor's particles). This is the "direct involving solid-state physics at medicine". Such an approach allowed to reduce the maximum required temperature for hyperthermia, which gave a more gentle treatment for the patient. In addition, experts from the «SHAHATANA» unequivocally assert that now hyperthermia is the most promising method of treating cancer with minimal contraindications.
      According to my theory of AIDS and cancer, if left in the body at least one not subjected to hyperthermia zone, then a chain reaction (disease) from this area will again be distributed throughout all the body. To this rule are possible, however, exceptions. Strong body, after received from hyperthermia powerful energy support, can in some cases, "work out" the remaining body areas by using their own energy and achieve full self-healing, even without a common hyperthermia. But here, of course, obviously there can be no guarantees: only such factors as faith in our strength, the will to live, a strong love, etc. can be crucial to achieve full recovery.
      Well can not but recall the biblical rule: "To each will be given according to his faith! If you did not have a miracle (recovery), then your faith was weak..." These words, in the light of my theory, you can now understand at the most literal way. I can say more: it turns out that healing depends on the power of Faith, but the object of faith (forgive me, God!) may be any, which you like. In particular, we can believe in a false target, and the empty ideals - the result of self-healing will depend only on the strength of faith.
      Recently I had read the article of the professional German virologist and biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka "The Viral Fraud". In this article he says that after long and careful study of many viruses, including retroviruses, which are considered very dangerous, he came to the conclusion that these viruses do not exist. For me, this statement was unexpected. I was far from thinking "get to pile many diseases, take them from infectionists and to translate them from the category of infectious diseases into the category of chain reactions" - it should be done purely individually. However, I fully admit that many of the viruses have appeared, similarly as well as HIV, as a result of "session of mass hypnosis".
      We should ask ourselves: can we see through a microscope, the cause or consequence of some biological or chemical processes? Let's find some courage to say it bluntly: "No, we can't!" In the microscope we see only the objects that can be moving, and all the causal relationships between objects and events we ourselves have to build (ie, to invent, based on what we saw). In this way, of course, errors may occur, which are then passed till the chain.
      I hope: now clear to all that the term HIV (in its old, material sense) should simply be buried. The quicker and more decisive it is done, the sooner we can defeat AIDS. As I noted above, Russia has already taken its first steps in this direction.

Sergey Makarov
March 19, 2003

* * *

From the website
      We would like to get opinions and feedback on the material from the readers of our website. We will provide an opportunity to speak to everyone. (Our website publishes material in the author's wording and spelling).
      All the information send by E-mail:

(Published on website on March 23, 2003)
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      In 2004, a young journalist from Perm posted on its website an interesting article. This paper then participated in the Third All-Russian contest for the best non-fiction article "Science - Society - 2004".
      For this article Vdovenko Denis, Perm State University Assistant, was awarded the diploma of finalists and a gift from the Dynasty Foundation. Look (in Russian):
      The article was included in the collection of the best articles from the competition of popular scientific articles in 2004, published on the results of this contest. I present this article on Reader's court...


Author: D.V. Vdovenko

      "The plague of the XX century" - HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) - No retreat, no surrender, being one of the most terrible disasters to humans. Since the first cases of infection have passed more than 20 years, and the number of HIV infections continues to rise - at the beginning of 2004, there were between 34 and 46 million patients.
      Scientists have proved that HIV is a relatively "weak" - he dies in the external environment and is not transmitted through shaking hands, in the home. However, the virus is quite powerful, because all over the world have died from it 26 million people, and HIV treatment continues to not be.
      However, the last statement is debatable. At least in recent years more and more often we can hear about hyperthermia as a highly effective way of treating AIDS.
      Hyperthermia - a temperature rise of the human body to a certain limit, beyond which virus-infected cells are dieing. It would seem that this method of treatment is self-evident, since the fact of malicious destruction of cells when the temperature of the body is well known. However, the use of hyperthermia in the treatment of HIV has evolved relatively recently, despite the fact that proposals for its use specifically for the treatment of HIV expressed another 15 (!) Years ago.
      In 1989 the newspaper "Top Secret" have been published some papers of Sergey G. Makarov, an engineer (note - not a biologist or a chemist). Makarov suggested a way to treat AIDS and cancer, based on the heating of the body. In this case, Makarov did not possess any experimental data, his estimates and projections are based only "on pure logic and common sense." In short the essence of the method of Makarov was the following:
put the whole person into a special cell created the UHF field in its volume, to bring the temperature of the human body to 44 degrees Celsius and sustain it at this temperature for about 1 minute and then gradually reduce the intensity of the field and release the person, who must be healthy.
      Then this Makarov's method was partially appreciated by A.G. Rakhmanova - the main chief of infectious diseases in Leningrad. However, she expressed some doubts that the method can be used for the full cure of AIDS, since the viral particles are not only in blood cells of humans, but also penetrate into the genetic apparatus of other cells, kill which is impossible without destroying the whole organism.
      However, according to Rakhmanova, the further development of the method Makarov would be a promising, but only as a palliative for the treatment of HIV. Was also recognized Makarov's priority before American scientists R. Gallo in the discovery of the method of hyperthermia, who published his article on warming the patient's body to 42 degrees Celsius, but it happened already in 1990.
      In fairness, we note that the method of hyperthermia was not "open" by Makarov and Gallo. Hyperthermia was actively studied since the 60's. XX century. However, apparently, Makarov first came to the conclusion that effective HIV treatment by hyperthermia.
      The Makarova's project not received any further development and resonance. In August 1991, there were well-known events that laid the foundation for the disintegration of the USSR and the time of political and social upheaval. In those years, the development of drugs against AIDS in Russia was seriously raised.
      It is noteworthy that played a role in this and the reasons of the medical and technical nature. On the one hand, to obtain the effect of HIV treatment should have been warming the body up to 43,5-44 degrees Celsius - the temperature detrimental to malignant cells, bacteria, viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus. On the other hand, even at temperatures over 41 degrees Celsius begins to break down blood protein, develops uncontrollable thermal body shock and pointed out the other negative phenomena.
      About hyperthermia once again remembered in 1996, and began talking in earnest in 2000 when the Novosibirsk researchers - honored Worker of Science, Rector of the Novosibirsk State Medical Academy, MD A.B. Efremov, Professor, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Novosibirsk State Medical Academy, MD I.P. Vereshchagin, MD A.V. Souvernev and A.A. Pisarev - have developed and patented a method of treating HIV, known as "total body hyperthermia of the human body".
      The essence of the procedure developed by the Siberian doctors, is as follows. First, the patient is given anesthesia, then put him into a bath of water heated to 46 degrees Celsius (while the patient's head and hand, which is connected devices, remain on the surface). Anesthesia is not only disable the patient's consciousness, provides a complete muscle relaxation, but also prevents development of thermal shock. Then the patient is connected to the system of inner ventilation.
      The temperature of the patient's body is brought to an average of 43,5-44 degrees Celsius. Proved that the temperature of the "core body", which is equal to 43 degrees Celsius, is the "biological zero" and a sort of turning a biological point at which to start reversible disruption of the physiological mechanisms in healthy tissues and cells are destroyed by mutants, microorganisms, heat resistant viruses.
      The procedure lasts about forty minutes. This time is sufficient to destroy the atypical cells. During the procedure, they are constantly monitoring the general condition of the body, so the method is called controlled hyperthermia.
      Through the use of special equipment and predprotsedurnoy drug therapy, Novosibirsk doctors have successfully coped with the seemingly intractable challenges: destruction of the protein can be prevented by predprotsedurnoy therapy, when patients receive drugs that suppress the activity of the processes in the blood, and from heat shock body guard anesthesia.
      However, in spite of all this, hyperthermia is a severe stress for the human's body. Not every patient is able to withstand such a load, so before you dive into the tub patients undergo a thorough examination and write a receipt that warned about the possible consequences of the procedure.
      Note that hyperthermia as a treatment method used in other countries too, but the general hyperthermia above 43 degrees Celsius in the present is used only in Russia, in Novosibirsk, where was opened the stand-alone non-profit organization, International Health Center and Clinic "Hit-plus". Total controlled hyperthermia - the fruit of painstaking work Novosibirsk doctors - is the main treatment in these institutions. In this case, treatment by heating the body with the need to complement chemotherapy, and the effectiveness of the latter on the background of the use of hyperthermia increases several times.
      To date, the "Health Center" has treated thousands of patients. Indicators of treatment are impressive. For example, if the activity of HIV in the body to take over 100%, after treatment, the activity level is reduced by several times and in some patients is less than one percent! Zero threshold virus activity has not been reached, so to cure HIV is premature to speak, however, as suggested by one of the developers of the method Alexey Souvernev is quite possible to speak about the "treatment" of AIDS - reducing the infectious particles in the blood, increasing immunity, improving the quality of patient life.
      It should be noted that among "Health Center" patients are not only people affected by HIV, but also people suffering from cancer, viral hepatitis, chlamydia, drug addiction, asthma. Hyperthermia has been successfully used to treat all these diseases, often proves to be effective in the most advanced cases (cancer grade 3-4).
      To the Novosibirsk scientists research many their foreign colleagues show a serious interest. The research results were published and were approved at the XXIV International Congress of Clinical hyperthermia in Rome. For hyperthermia treatment of drug addiction at the XII World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Montreal Novosibirsk doctors was awarded the grand prize.
      And yet, in spite of international recognition of the effectiveness of "Novosibirsk" hyperthermia or the positive reviews of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, this method has not yet been recognized by the Ministry of Health of Russia. At the same time, wrote the "Sobesednik" newspaper in 2001, senior officials from Moscow had already secretly sent their addict childы to Novosibirsk for the treatment.
      The Novosibirsk doctors understand: without the state support (without the money, first of all) they can not make his treatment available to all patients.
      So why is the Ministry of Health keeps silence as the government too? Answers here may be several.
      One of them was proposed by the same engineer Makarov, who once again showed up in 2003. At the site Makarov posted a message in which he wrote about "cronyism" of Russian science, where discoveries of little-known scholars are silenced, even if these findings are able to solve serious social problems.
      The second answer lies in the fact that officials from the Ministry of Health, as it seems, have not yet realized the danger posed to Russia at the current rate of spread of AIDS. But the numbers speak for themselves: 264,000 HIV-infected in early 2004 (this according to official figures, the actual number of patients - several times more) and at current rates of the disease more than 5 million Russians will be HIV-positive by 2007 (if you believe this organization UNAIDS, the rate of AIDS progression in Russia is the highest in the world).
      Finally, Russian society itself still does not take seriously the threat of HIV epidemic. Meanwhile, in the near future each of us will get a real chance to be infected with AIDS, regardless of whether he is in traditional "risk groups"…
      Hyperthermia today is one of the most highly effective methods of treatment not only AIDS but other diseases. Therefore, support for further developments in this area not only legitimate but entirely justified and beneficial in the long term, because each of us wants to preserve their own health and to live in a healthy environment. Or is that our people are already tired from all sorts of "treatments"…?

The original of this article in Russian is available at:

Afterword. One of the first assessment of my fight against AIDS gave my ex-wife, she authoritatively called my work in this direction as "protivospidnaya bredyatina", because of this, I caused in her mind a "a loss of all the respect"
      I recall that a similar perception of the scientific activities of her husband once announced the wife of Dmitri Mendeleev, when he created his periodic law, which then led to the periodic table of elements.
      It is good, that the same about "different people have different opinions" and that, for example, a journalist Vdovenko opinion is not the views of my ex-wife.

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      When in May 1989, I developed my method of treating AIDS and cancers, I knew that, having no medical degree, I will not be able to get the adoption of my priority in this matter in other way than by my reference to the notary to fixate the date of my documents submission (the procedure description and schemes to this description).
      On the other hand, I physically felt that someone was "breathing in my head" (apparently, it was R. Gallo). I literally ran to the notary to certify the date of the documents. Imagine my surprise when our Gatchina lawyer (a woman whose name I can not remember) refused to issue the required procedures, in view of the "obvious nonsense" method described above.
      It should be noted that the professional rules lawyer has no right to refuse to register the date of the document on such a ground. But apparently, even among notaries public in this way, "Soviet Education" breaks out. This brings to mind the famous Leninist expression: "Every cook can govern the state…»
      I had to fix the date and time of presentation of documents in the Gatchina center of scientific and technical creativity of youth "Nadezda". Realizing that in the international arena, such registration does not mean anything, I later registered my documents at another notary, however, a few days have been lost...
      Of course, my cancer and AIDS treatment method with the help of complete hyperthermia have got a lot of followers. I want to note that most strongly in matters of treatment of cancer and AIDS has moved Firm «Shahatana». Yes, and how she could not move, if it created the largest specialists of military-industrial complex, before which there were both money and respect. Hyperthermia they have realized with the help of electromagnetic waves (as I suggested in 1989). The specialists of «SHAHATANA» unequivocally assert that today hyperthermia is the most promising method of treating cancer with minimal contraindications.
      Well, can not help but recall my "first legal authority" - my first notary from Gatchina!
      I want to recall one more fact: after I assured another notary date of submission of my documents, I sent a description of his method of treatment to four Academy of Sciences:
1. USSR Academy of Sciences
2. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences
3. Academy of Sciences of the RSFSR
4. Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR
      I sent the results to my respected magazine "Zhorovje" ("Health"), as evidenced by the documents shown below

Also in 1989, I sent my documents on the method for treating cancer and AIDS to Viktor Vetvin, who was the leader of the Soviet-American Medical Centre "Svelen", dislocated in Leningrad:

      Several times I went to Victor Vetvinu for a personal interview, each interview lasted about an hour and a half. Even in those early years leader enterprise of "Svelen" center, situated in Simferopol, had a constant access to the Internet. Vetvin took "time out" to discuss my proposals with his experts and for deep patent search. If the information about my priority will be confirmed, he promised to "invest a lot of money into my method".
      I'm long enough to call back and waited from Vetvin an official response to my proposals. Because i didn't get an answer (which I waited for about a year), I wrote an official letter to Victor Vetvin:

      I have not received any reply to my letter. After that I began to look for, where is the "Svelen", because their office at the address listed previously in place was gone. To my surprise, "Svelen" simply "melted away like the morning mist": my search for it in the Leningrad "yellow pages" led to nothing.
      I want to mention: the head of the center "Svelen", having a medical education and medical experience, apparently, was the first to understand and directly told me that my method is "the work of the highest - NOBEL LEVEL". However, that's all his participation in these studies...

      It is possible that the head of the firm «SHAHATANA» Professor Chekurov V.P. in his research was based on one of the descriptions, which I sent out earlier, however, I can't to prove it, because, as you certainly understand, none of the above-mentioned organizations did not answer me, and none of my followers, as I understand it, will never recognize his own plagiarism.
      Fortunately, their patents and licenses ALL MY FOLLOWERS (including the author of the method of "optimal resonance hyperthermia" Professor Chekurov V.P.) EXECUTE MUCH LATER than I notarize "My conclusions" and sent my newsletters. I hope that this fact will ever be seen and checked by official authorities.
      It is noteworthy that in the Soviet Union, Russia, USA and other countries there is a ban to medical practice for people who had not received formal medical education. Perhaps this is correct (I, for example, such practices do not do). But why should those who believe that they are "cool specialists" in medicine, consider beneath their dignity TO DISCUSS new methods of treatment? Is the main reason here is that this method offered an "amateur"? And if the terminally ill need help, he too would reject it from the "amateur" in a time when "cool professionals" have spat at him and turned away from the patient? The question, as they say, "rhetorical" and the answer is not in favor of "cool professionals."
      If you look at this question more broadly, it turns out that both Vanga and Messing, and Edgar Cayce had to leave without their help anyone who called fo this assistance. However, many of their patients, they literally "dragged from the grave".
      We should ask ourselves: what is the "official medical education"? This is "the sum of theoretical knowledge" (which are written in the textbooks available to all) and some kind of "medical practice" (at best). And that's all. If you just ignore the "formal education", you will agree that to get the necessary "amount of knowledge", many people are capable without prying eyes and ears, ie, by self (Take, for example, finished only primary school physics professor Kitaigorodskii). But people who themselves have decided to "bite the granite of science", often trained better than mama's sons and daughters, who were forced to learn from their parents.
      For example, THREE TIMES IN LIFE I had to save my loved ones from wrong diagnoses that "qualified professionals" gave them.
      Let's look deeper: Jesus Christ had no medical training, so he had no right to treat people. Blavatskaja did not have..., then...
      And did you know that the undereducated Blavatskaja, for example, often had to argue with the professors in a particular area of expertise, and she always came out the winner? You may ask, how is this possible? The answer is: this is possible because she (as well as Messing and Casey) lived in constant contact with the energy-information field of the Earth, in which is written the present and the past and the future. This field, among other things, also contains answers to all your questions. The main thing in this matter: to be able to ask your question and be able to hear the answer.
      At one time I had such a "communication channel" too, but I closed it as "superfluous channel". If ever my scientific achievements will be in demand and I have a need to open my "channel", I think that I will not be hard to do ("KNOW HOW").

      And what about «SHAHATANA»? Despite all their efforts, the Ministry of Health has refused to recognize as officially allowed to use the method of "optimal resonance hyperthermia".
      After the known events Professor V.P. Chekurov continued his work in Bulgaria, since in Russia the use of hyperthermia for treatment is simply banned.
      On this occasion, want to remember one case in the history of science. It was in Paris Academy of Sciences.Lavoisier, the famous scientist was asked to explain the phenomenon of falling meteorites to Earth. To this he authoritatively stated: "Stones from the sky can not fall, because they are not there!"
      Does not it look like like our Russian hyperthermia total ban?

      For those who are interested, I say: now I know a very special way of holding a man of full hyperthermia, which does not require the patient to experience such heavy loads, which give him already known engineering methods. This will be an entirely NEW "GENTLE" MANNER OF FULL HYPERTHERMIA. However, I never did not describe and don't shall describe it further, until I see in front of me some serious people rather than plagiarists, who draw up their patents to the thing, that "fell them from the sky".

11/07/2011 Segrim
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      Above I mentioned that in 2003 I sent to the specialists 500 e-mails in Russian and English languages. All my letters became "a voice crying in the wilderness." Unfortunatly, my emails did not receive the "vigorous public response", which I expected. However, after all, there were some honest people who respond to letters sent to them. It is such honest people I want to dedicate this article.
      I hope you understand that the Russian-speaking specialists correspondence was conducted in Russian, and with foreign - in English. English texts I cite in their original form. Russian texts namely I translated into English, so excuse me for minor errors ...
      I want to note the following: letters, which began with the words: "your articles, I have not read, but I will say ..." you will not find here, since they are not of great interest and, in essence, even not are the "feedback" in a serious sense of the word.

       In the world there are a large group of professionals who call themselves "pereosmyslitelyami"
("rethinkers"), they deny the official version of the causes and general formal theory of AIDS. Some of them have an "open mind" and able to analyze an alternative viewpoint on the essence of the problem. However, the vast majority of them are not able to do this, they talk like this: if we know that the HIV does not exist and the disease of AIDS not exists too, we do not need "to bother" reading papers of some idiot who offers an alternative way to fight against the problem that does not exist. In this case, they apparently have no idea what I'm trying to justify and defend is what they already understood intuitively: a physical AIDS agent doesn't exist, so anything that someone continues to examine in the microscope (and sees as a sea mine) has no relation to AIDS. Well, God be their judge.
       After this "brief introduction" I let myself go directly to the feedback, but before the responses I have, nevertheless, have to mention something else...

"The whole world will be plagued by a strange disease
and nobody will be able to find a cure;
everybody will say I know, I know,
because I am learned and smart,
but nobody will know anything.
People will think and think, but they will not be able to find the right cure,
which will be, with God's help, all around them, and in themselves."

"Wise men will appear in the Orient
and their wisdom will cross all seas and frontiers,
but people will not trust this wisdom for long time,
and this real truth they will proclaim for a lie."

"There will be many learned men who will think
through their books that they know and can do everything.
They will be the great obstacle for this realisation [self-knowledge],
but once men get this knowledge, then people will see
what kind of delusion it was when they listened to their learned men.
When that happens, people will be so sorry
that they didn't discover it before,
because this knowledge is so simple..."

(From the predictions of the XIX century Serbian prophet Mitar Tarabich (1829 - 1899))


(Retrieved from Blazenko Karesin, (Holland) 03/25/2003.)
Dear Sergei!
       I can't understand your theory completely, partly because i'm not an engineer, partly because i know too little about immunology, and partly because of the not-so-good english in which it [the translation] is written*.
       But it is my belief already that illnesses in general have more to do with psychic 'programming', and beliefs of people, than with viruses. And as i find more and more about the world we live in, i can more and more believe in intentional "mass hypnosis", as you say.
       Regarding AIDS as such, do you know about theories that not only does HIV not cause AIDS, but that there is no AIDS at all? From all that i have read about it, this is the best explanation of "how AIDS works".
       For starters on this subject, i can warmly recommend a three-part series of Jon Rappoport. Please check this, it is an eye-opener!
       Go to, apply for a free (gratis) supscription so you can read articles, and then go to Archives and then enter "AIDS hoax" in the "Search articles by keyword" box. You will get a list with these articles on top of the list:


       It is best to read them in this order (they will be listed in reverse order). After those three, check others too. You will get even more results if you then enter just "AIDS" as the keyword. But first do it this way, for introduction. Especially part two is interesting, which describes how the HIV fraud has come to be, in words of one of the people who made it happen.
       Finally, another confirmation that you are right in general, i have in another source, which you maybe could find a bit strange, but i'll tell you nevertheless. In 19th century Serbia, in a small village on Tara mountain, there lived two illiterate peasants, Milos and Mitar Tarabich, often called Brothers Tarabich, but in fact they were uncle and nephew. Now, they used to have 'visions' of the future, and they described many things in future in unbelievable detail. Of course, they fellow villagers considered them crazy. They couldn't read or write, but their godfather was a (pravoslavni) priest, and although he himself wasn't totally sure if they are god-people or just crazy, he was writing their sayings down. They described, for example, world wars, Tito, cars, telephone, radio, TV, space-travel and many more things. Between other things they said:

       "The whole world will be plagued by a strange disease and nobody will be able to find a cure; everybody will say I know, I know, because I am learned and smart, but nobody will know anything.
       People will think and think, but they will not be able to find the right cure, which will be, with God's help, all around them, and in themselves."

       Also, in more places than one, they said that "learned men" (dogmatic scientists) will be a great obstacle to many important and life-saving knowledges.
       If you want to know more about them and their prohecies, you can see some excerpts at:
       Sergei, this is what i had to say to you! You are of course free to respond with any thoughts you might have about all this. In general, as i said, i strongly support you and wish you all the best in your research and thinking. I think it is very important that more people with open mind think about solutions to the world's problems, as that will make sure that solutions be found sooner... And official science is becoming more and more dogmatic, just like what happened to Church in centuries after Christ. Science is our civilization's official religion, and like any religion, after it becomes institutionalized, with time it becomes more and more an obstacle to things it was supposed to help.
       Keep up the good work (and thinking) and best regards,
Amsterdam, Holland.
       P.S. You should really give your text to a good translator if you want it to reach english speaking audience! The way it is now, it is really hard to understand, and it will put off many readers, before they read the whole text! And i think it would be A GREAT PITY!

"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied."
Claud Cockburn

[Blazenko Karesin,]
(My answer)
Hello, Blazenko Karesin!
       I have read your letter from March 25 with great pleasure. I have read also all papers about AIDS from a Rapoport’s site, which one you recommended to me. I have translated all this to Russian. I also have read closely all stuffs about the Tarabich “brothers” predictions and has kept to itself repetitions of these stuffs.
       To me would like to know more about you. If you could, write to me a little about itself: as you live, about your work, age, formation, hobby etc.
       You have an Ukrainian surname, I think. What is its history?

«Wise men will appear in the Orient and their wisdom will cross all seas and frontiers, but people will not trust this wisdom for long time, and this real truth they will proclaim for a lie.»

Say me, please: you really trust, what Tarabich’s predictions is relates to me? Whether have you still any interesting information on it?

I wait for your answer!
Yours faithfully,
Sergey Makarov (
(I have not received a reply to this email, because I soon moved to Latvia)

My comments: When I read the primary source of the predictions of "brothers" Tarabich, I drew attention to the following words: "... they will not be able to find the right treatment to be found only through God". But it turns out that it was in and around them, and even within themselfs."
At this place, I immediately remembered how Gilyarovsky recovered from smallpox: he spent himself a full hyperthermia with the help of his internal energy and losing 16 kilograms.
Those who want to read about it can take advantage of this link here.
I also note my recommendations, which can be reduced not only to electromagnetic heating of the body, but can be carried out and the natural way.

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Once I saw the Internet message: "Bill Gates spends on fighting AIDS in ten times more than the U.S. government"(News address: The article said that Bill Gates announced a grant of $ 200 million to "address the global health challenges." That's what I needed! - I thought, and immediately wrote a letter to Bill Gates, the text of which I cite below.
February 2, 2003
Dear Mr. Bill Gates:
       I've heard a lot about your work towards improving the health of mankind.
       Minister of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said recently that the fight against HIV and AIDS "is more important than the war on terrorism."
       Only after that I decided to tell you personally about my physiotherapy method for treating AIDS, which, in my opinion, show us 100 percent efficiency in the fight against AIDS. Currently, this information is published in Russian:
       A few days later, the same information will be there also published in English.
       However, I now can provide you with basic information and in Russian, and English (in my own translation): see the ZIP-file attached to this letter.
       A few days ago (01/28/2003) I sent my information to Stephanie Jones, the coordinator of your fund. He said to me: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is not going to make any attempt in the direction of AIDS treatment. This news surprised me. That's why I decided to write you this letter. Let us join our efforts in the fight for the future of humanity!
       I am waiting for your reply.

Sergey Makarov (Russian engineer who works in high technology now)
Response to my letter to Bill Gates I'm waiting until now.

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(Submitted by Adrian Williams ( in April 09, 2003)

       I have had a quick look at the articles mentioned in your e-mail message, but I haven't studied them properly yet. How did you hear of me?
       My opinion on HIV and AIDS is as follows:
       HIV has never been isolated, and its existence is only an hypothesis. There is no test for HIV that is specific to HIV, and the causes for a positive result to the HIV test are many, for example pregnancy or prior pregnancy, antibodies to many diseases, blood transfusion, etc.
       AIDS is a condition where a patient has a certain serious illness and tests positive for HIV. The causes of these illnesses were known long before HIV and AIDS were "discovered", for example the sick patients have been injecting drugs, or received blood transfusions, or have poor immune systems from living in developing countries and being exposed to many diseases, or have taken the antiviral (or AIDS) drugs.
       Most of the people who disagree with the orthodox view on HIV and AIDS, including myself, believe that HIV does not exist and that AIDS is not a true condition; instead they believe that many people who test positive for HIV have nothing wrong with them, and that those patients who have been diagnosed with AIDS and suffer from illnesses due to a poor immune system have other logical explanations for their poor immune systems.
       This may explain the poor response that you have received to your theories about AIDS; the people who do not believe in the orthodox view on HIV and AIDS do not believe in AIDS, and so believe that there is no AIDS condition to be treated.
       It is true that many people suffer from a poor immune system, and perhaps they would benefit from treatment to improve their immunity. Some people benefit by simply not continuing to take or inject drugs, others recover by better diets etc.
       As I haven't read your articles in detail, I am not sure if the treatment you propose is for AIDS or for poor immune systems. If the treatment you propose is for AIDS, then I will probably not take it seriously as I believe that AIDS does not exist.
       I hope that I have been of some help to you. I will read your articles soon and write to you again with my comments. You could write to me to tell me how you heard of me.
       Thanks, Adrian Williams,
       Location: Bangor, United Kingdom, 17 Jan '03)
From: To:
Data: July 21, 2003 05:29:09

       I am sorry that I have not contacted you sooner about your articles. I have moved house, my wife has had a baby and I have been very busy.
       I have had no education or training in medicine, and I don't work in medicine. Therefore it is very difficult for me to tell you if your Physiotherapeutic AIDS-treatment method makes sense or if it would work, and it would be impossible for me to test the treatment.
       I am going to forward your articles to another person who perhaps could understand the medical treatment better. When I looked today at the website http:/, I couldn't find any reports in English, so I don't know if your reports are still on that website. Have you got any more reports you would like me to study?
Thanks, Adrian.
From: "john kirkham" ( to Sergey Makarov (
Cc: Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Team: Your theory
Dear Dr. Makarov

       My name is John Kirkham and I am an AIDS dissident. I got your email address from Adrian Williams. Although I adhere to the AIDS theories of Dr Heinrich Kremer I am writing to you because I am open to other ideas on AIDS, I know that you have engaged in recent correspondence with Stefan Lanka (do you have his email by the way?) and I would like to see how your ideas fit in with his.
       Although I did not manage to make much sense of your piece About the AIDS Theory because of the language barrier, your theory seems to involve fundamental physical processes rather than an exotic viral device, this appeal to fundamental processes is where genuine scientific enquiry should start, this never happened with the HIV hypothesis.

       Many otherwise intelligent people selectively switch off their critical faculties when it comes to HIV/AIDS. This is easy to do because their position is superficially plausible and there is a huge amount of superficial validation of their position because it supports a huge industry.
       They do not consider alternative explanations for AIDS which the "shoddy" science of HIV has been unable to discount. HIV/AIDS suits a large number of political and commercial interests. Bill Gates for example is heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry so it is in his interest to promote HIV/AIDS, he also shares the population control agenda for Africa that the West has pursued for a long time.

       I consider AIDS to be a genuine condition but one not caused by HIV. You will have heard of the principle of Occams Razor. The HIV hypothesis does not conform to Occams Razor. For example, recent discoveries concerning the role of nitric oxide gas in immune regulation show beyond doubt that AIDS can be accounted for without the need to assume a viral agent. The whole premise for HIV as this agent is ridiculous anyway. Could you please get in touch and expound upon your theory of AIDS?

       I would expect hyperthermia to be effective against some "AIDS defining" diseases but not as a result of an anti HIV effect. The observation that "HIV RNA" goes down is what would be expected as the increased temperature increases the activity of nucleases, it will also increase the activity of many other beneficial enzymes. The body naturally uses its own type of self-induced hyperthermia to fight infection and we would expect clinical improvement independent of "HIV".        The observation that "HIV infected" T cells are more labile can be attributed to them already being more oxidatively damaged.

Best regards,
John Kirkham
P.S. Please look at my website
My answer to John Kirkham (,
Cc: Adrian Williams (
Dear Mr. Kirham,

       reply to your letter of July 23. I apologize for the delay in replying, but I just could not answer earlier because of heavy loads at work.
       In my response, at first I'll follow the text of your letter (do not forget that) and then tell you something new.
       You're probably not right: in April this year I corresponded with Michael Leitner of Germany, although he at that time was very busy preparing for publication of his new book. Communication was fairly brief. I got the impression that he is not open to other ideas as you are.
       Yet to my article responded a gay doctor from Portugal, but he admitted that he had no doubt in the absence of the disease called "AIDS". He was confident that the AIDS is taking the usual blood poisoning.
Bill Gates, who often donates money to various medical problems, too, as I understood, "is not open to new ideas", as my letter to him remained unanswered.
       I really like the principle of Occam's razor. I often use it to test my new ideas. I totally agree with you that the HIV hypothesis is not consistent with the principle of Occam's razor.
       And what about hyperthermia, it in one form or another has already been widely and successfully used against cancer, AIDS and other diseases (In Russia, this is Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod). A little offended that I suggested the use of hyperthermia against cancer and AIDS long before it drew up their proposals all subsequent "authors". I am only limited by the fact that I registered my ideas at a notary office and sent letters into four Academies of Sciences.
       Why do I have not patented my ideas a timely manner? Because:

- my work is not related to medicine,
- I have no medical education,
- medicine (and law) is an area in which in most developed countries nobody is allowed to work without a suitable diploma,
- for being too "revolutionary" ideas here in Russia people are often placed into a madhouse, that did not fit into my plans.

       And now I move to the more interesting question.
       Around 1980 I was working on a challenging theoretical problem, and gradually entered into a state of merging with the Absolute, Absolute Knowledge, or "Samadhi" (this is what I later learned from books on yoga). I was in this state, about month and a half, but the memories of this will be enough for a lifetime.
       As a result of "Absolute Knowledge" I opened the knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things in nature, after that I decided to formulate the most important law of nature - Law of World Harmony (as I called it). However, I made this only eight years later - in May 1989. After that I wanted to use my universal law in anyone important area for people. Many media then reported that the main enemy of mankind is AIDS.
       I found a good article on this subject, reviewed all internal and external manifestations of AIDS, and then, based on my Law of World Harmony, proposed means of its treatment.
       Many years passed since that, but I have no doubt in my truth. As I wrote above, hyperthermia is already used to treat AIDS, cancer and many other diseases.

Sergey Makarov
P.S. Your website ( I've looked but I can not say anything because I am very far from the pharmacy.
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(Submitted by Michael Leitner, - one of the rethinkers from Germany, - in April 2003)
       I am sorry to tell you, that I am not interested in you therapy. I have been reading nearly the whole article, but to me, your attempt can never bring benefits to patients because of a few simple reasons:
1. "HIV" is not a virus, but a laboratory artefact, brought to market by scientific thief Robert Gallo; who has stolen some ideas in producing the lab.artefact from Luc Montagnier
2. Every isolation of "HIV" doesn't fullfill one simgle rule for classic virus-isolation.
3. Every available statistic and epidemiological data deny the existence of AIDS as an infectious disease (just like BSE, hepatitis)
4. The HIV-antibody tests have cross reactions to 70 known factors, that have nothing to do with "HIV"
5. The PCR ("viral load") multiplies any DNA of every cell fragement, contained in blood
In absence of an infectious agent, but in presence of an intoxification disease, it makes absolutely no sense to heat a patients blood. The only effect is destroying some DNA-structures of cell fragments, what of course can lower the "viral load", measured by PCR (HV RNA). But this can never be a suitable treatment for all 30 diseases, that have been sumariesed under the construction of "AIDS".
       more information: , a primary german website
       much more information in english:
michael leitner
After such a letter, from which wafted "militant infallibility" Michael Leitner representations about the nature of AIDS, I felt very uncomfortable. However, I "took a deep breath" and answered him by the following letter.
Hello, Michael!
       I am very grateful to you for your interesting letter, but in my text you have understood the term "HIV" too literally. I used the term "HIV" 14 years ago, meaning by it only "cause of AIDS." HIV in material form simply does not exist (in which our views are close).
       As for the "benefit to patients," then I ask you to open the following English references, where these benefits are described in explicit form:

       Thus, the effectiveness of my proposals is now widely demonstrated! The fact: AIDS is "noncommunicable" desease is already well represented in my articles (here we are close again!).
       However, the absence of an infectious agent, does not show the senselessness of my hyperthermia. My hyperthermia did not kill anyone, it only leads to a breakdown in communication (sticking) between the two T-helpers (see my chart in the article Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"). Thus, freed of T-helper cells can continue their "good work"!
I am very grateful to you for your opinion!
If you want to write me, I am waiting for your response.

Sincerely, Sergey Makarov (
Soon from Leitner came a second letter:
Hello Sergey!

       your first link doesn't work! 404 No such page
       the others contain no information concerning "HIV/AIDS"!
And according to available data, patients treated with chemotherapy have a life expectacy much smaller than patients NOT TREATED ANYWAY. (3,5 years with chemo, 12 without).
       The cancer mafia ist nearly the same, the AIDS-mafia is. All AIDS-researchers in the early 80ies have been (unsucessfully) researching retrovirusses as the cause of cancer. And both developped therapies, that kills patients faster than refusing any therapy.
       Because I am writing a new book on the Bush-Iraq-conspiracy, I don't have the time to read scientific texts, especially when written in english. In addition to your information, I would have to read texts, explaining the theory, your therapy is based upon.
       The attached file comes from an engeneer from eastern Germany. This, to me, represents an excellent way of documenting a new treatment. In our world, people do need pictorial evidence!
His treatment REPLACES chemotherapy and radiation; it should be used in addition to long-term nutritive measures.
       The theory is based upon the cancer research of Otto von Warburg (nobem price in 1929). Warburg has found some interesting facts on the metabolism of cancer cells and he has realized, that cancer cells do have an inverted electric character, compared with regular cells. His electro-magnetic therapy acts locally, and it is based upon the actual research of a chinese doctor.
       If you want to cantact Hans-Peter Bartos: . Maybe you can change some ideas... . I don't know, if Bartos can read + write english well. Because everyone in former Eastern Germany was condemned ;-))) to learn russian, there's a chance that he speaks your mother-language better than english.

michael leitner
My answer to the German journalist Michael Leitner was the ARTICLE FOUR, which was called "On the theory of AIDS". Namely with this article I decided to finish a series of my publications on the topic of AIDS at "" in spring of 2003.
Interested parties can proceed directly to the top of the article using the hyperlink above.

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Correspondence between "Sergey Makarov" and "TAPS" (name: Higa) .
In the first letter Higa says that he loves Pushkin and that he would gladly honored my articles, but he does not know how to find them. (Text of his letter was not preserved).

My response (March 18, 2003):
Hello, Higa!
All my texts are accessible in English, see the references at the center of this page:
I am very glad to meet a friend, which likes Pushkin!
Sincerely Yours, Sergey.
Higa to Sergey (March 19, 2003):
Ola, Sergey,
We visited the site you indicate, but found no one English translation! Just an enormous confusion of images...
My response (March 19, 2003):
Hello, Higa!
I don't know the reason of that, so I send you my english papers... (vivod_en.doc, chain_en.doc, aids_en.doc)
Best Wishes!
Higa to Sergey (March 19, 2003):
Thank you very much for your very interesting papers which I could now read!!!
My response (March 24, 2003):
Hello, Higa!
My third article was printed yesterday ("About AIDS theory"). You would like to read it, I think. I send it to you!
What do you think about the previous articles?
Best wishes!
Sergey (
Higa to Sergey (March 25, 2003):
Dear Sergey,
Reading your articles I got the impression, that you still want to fight some kind of AIDS virus, which in my opinion does not exist.
The heat therapy is confirmed to be very effective on several occasions, but we believe that (AIDS being an immune deficiency caused basicaly by toxemia) the most important treatments view the desintoxication of the organism.
For us all medical therapies are just crutches!!!
Thank you for your help and a big hug from Higa.
My response (March 25, 2003):
Hello, Higa!
I got your letter, thank you very much!
But your letter very surprised me. "...the HIV term should be buried,"- I wrote at the end of the third article, but you consider: "He wants to fight the virus..." (?!)
Why in Novosibirsk the hyperthermia shows very high efficiency against AIDS, if the AIDS (in your mind!) is a toxaemia? In this case (toxaemia + hyperthermia) such a therapy should move a man to the coffin, I think. But results are absolutely reverse.
May be your AIDS-schema is wrong?
Sincerely Your's, Sergey.
Higa to Sergey (March 26, 2003):
Dear Sergey,
It is very difficult to discuss such a complex issue by e-mail. That AIDS is mostly a toxemia is not in my head but in all the vast dissident literature you can find on our website.
"AIDS" is such an umbrella term that in many cases the patient may benefit from thermal therapy.
Best wishes for you and your patients
My comment: I'm so aggressively "dig" under the true "basis of faith of rethinkers" (I mean Leitner & Higa as "true rethinkers"), that they, in my opinion, are themselves already doubted their previous beliefs.

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(Retrieved from Vyacheslav Azyassky ( April 12, 2003)
       I read your article about AIDS and cancer. Your article became very interested to me. Few will tell you about myself. I live in Israel, now in its seventh year. By education I am an electronics engineer. Now, though, I do not work in my specialty.
       A science and industry is not worth in place. Every day is something new and for this to be looked after. But it's not the main point.
       The fact that my wife is sick with cancer. Now she gets a second course of chemotherapy. She is very unwell. Now I looked at a lot of information in the Internet on Cancer and your article, I also found in the technical library.
       I would like to ask you. Since the registration at a notary passed 14 years. In addition to the article you were doing some experiments? Or maybe, the industry already produces such a setup?
       I'll cling to any thread, to help my wife. In Israel, are developed many kinds of industries. Maybe we could have together to do something. What do you think about what I wrote to you? If you can reply to my letter to you I'll be very grateful.
Yours! Vyacheslav Azyassky.
My response (April 14, 2003):
Hello, Vyacheslav!
       It was nice to get your letter in a purely Russian, since I already "tired of English".I'll try to answer all your questions.
       October 27, 1989 I signed a contract with one firm to develop and apply the proposed method, I treat AIDS and cancer diseases. June 27, 1990 I was told to break the contract, because "in view of the secrecy of information about cancer and AIDS treatments, the firm has no opportunity to conduct a patent search," without which the development of this theme does not has any sense.
       In September 1991 I tried to bring to the subject the Soviet-American Medical Enterprise "Svelen" in St. Petersburg. After some delay I was told that all my suggestions have already been patented in Philadelphia (USA), while specific materials have not shown me. Many years later I realized that it was a lie: the head of "Svelen", apparently, just wanted to steal my suggestions, but it is probably not work.
       In short: with my participation in 14 years no development has been done. I paused at 13.5 years, in order to "enable humanity to think things through, and became a little smarter." It turned out that in recent years, some people have gone down this path and obtained encouraging results.
       Since the "lyrics" you hardly care, I give you specific addresses: – International Health Center in Novosibirsk (Russia), – International Academy of new medical technologies in Russia, – firm "Mera", Nizhny Novgorod (Russia).

       Personally, I am with none of them did not speak, but according to my data in the direction of hyperthermia against cancer, they have advanced far enough. I myself at this time is unlikely your wife will be useful here, I have not gone far than pure theory. My participation in the process of developing a method I suggested for many people, even Bill Gates, who in January of this year "threw" 200 million USD «to address the global problems of mankind", the first of which is called AIDS.
       The most interesting thing that the foundation, which was created by Bill Gates is not going to treat anybody specifically (!?), and will be engaged primarily in prevention.
       I hope my links can help you. Tell me how old you are, where are you working, what movements and what news comes to you in this matter.
       In my database there is no trace that I sent you a letter. Could you tell me what sources you know about me.
       I have published only three articles. If you have not read all of them, look: . After opening this link takes a little to scroll up and find all three articles.
Yours! Sergey Makarov (
April 14, 2003
(Retrieved from Vyacheslav Azyassky ( April 25, 2003)
Sergey, good day!
       Sorry for the delay in replying. My wife is now in the hospital and so I was not up to the Internet. Every night I was on duty at the hospital.
       I am grateful for the information which I received at the letter and fo the links to some sites. I do not know how much all true, for example, in Novosibirsk, but what they do is, of course, great.
       How to become a little easier, I want to send them all the tests, can they have something to prompt. To you I came from an article that I got from subscription.
       Here it is: "Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of AIDS and cancers"
       © Sergey Makarov
       Contact author:
       Publication Date: March 12, 2003
       A little about myself. I am 51 years old. I work in munitsipaletete. We in Israel about the method of hyperthermia not been heard from. I first learned about it from your article. If I have something else I find out I'll write to you.
       Once again, thank you very much.
Sincerely. Vyacheslav. If not a secret where you live?
My response (April 27, 2003):
Hello, Vyacheslav!
       I hope that my participation was helpful and your wife will receive the necessary assistance.
       I am 52 years old, I work in the field of information technology (computer accounting), I live in the city of Gatchina, Leningrad region
       I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you have received RUSSIAN text of my article by the subscription in Israel. The fact is that in there is an English version, but the basic "information holder" who has published three of my article, this: If you go to this address, go a bit down the page, there you will find THREE of my articles on this subject (both in Russian and in English), one of the articles you read. I think that you'll like my other articles too.
       Two days later I am going to move to Riga (Latvia), my "communication parameters" will get some changes. If you decide to write, it is better to write to the address:
Sincerely and with best wishes!
Sergey Makarov.
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In March 25, 2003 Sergey Makarov ( wrote:
To Virna Medina (, Jakarta, Indonesia

       I am a Russian engineer, who is not indifferent to the problems of mankind.
       Some years earlier I tackled the problem of AIDS and, basically, I decided it. Information about my method of physiotherapy treatment of AIDS, as well as my article "Diseases such as "Chain Reaction" and "On the theory of AIDS" (in Russian and English) can be found at the link:
       It's a whole new perspective on a well-known problem. Recent studies conducted in Novosibirsk (Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia), fully confirmed my theoretical conclusions!
       I hope you can appreciate my ideas, that you inform them of their colleagues, and then let me know your opinion regarding this issue.
Yours sincerely!
Sergey Makarov (
Reply from Indonesia by Virna Medina ( March 27, 2003:
       Thank you for sending me this information, it's very kind of you. I try to access to your website and succeed but actually I don't speak and read russian language :-)
       So... it'll be very convenient for me if you care to send me the soft copy in English or maybe you have another website in English ... don you mind informing me later on?
       Thank you again and keep on fighting. I know I am.
       By the way ......... yesterday I walk passed a campus in Jakarta, Indonesia and I accidentally read the banner hanged there. Its daid : This campus is drugs and AIDS free territory. I was so sad reading that ,.......... I'm also very angry but I don't blame them for saying that because they don't know much about AIDS.
My comment: I do not know why she did not want to sign her letter, but, nevertheless, 29 March 2003 I sent her an e-mail and attachment with all my four articles in English. This my letter is not preserved in my archives and I never got the response to it (probably due to my moving to Latvia).

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When I start the description of my contacts with the respondents in Russia, for some reason I immediately remember the famous words of the Soviet poet Mayakovsky: "The Soviet men have their own, unusual pride..."
Why it is so, you, I think, will understand once you'll finish reading the next section below.
Sergey Makarov ( to Alexander Khabarov (
Subject: To Alexander Khabarov about AIDS_1
Date: December 2, 2002
Hello, Alexander!
       I guess I'm a bit older than you, and therefore decided to contact you so "familiar".
       In your speech on television I was "touched" your call for help in the fight against AIDS and, specifically, your phrase: "Knowledge, ability and desire to protect..."
       I dare say that the topic of AIDS as well as many other "so strong topics" is used by so many "experts" for "invention" their dissertations, procurement of disposable syringes, etc., and, ultimately - to launder and "production" of money. In this regard, almost none of the "powers that be" simply is not needed the real solution to this problem.
       If you believe that this is just my "emotions", it's not right. I know whereof I speak. I think that the attached to my letter documents will convince you on this question.
       Because the documents are voluminous, I am sending them one by one in three e-mails, as your communication channel, apparently weaker than my (I have high-speed cable connection with a full Internet Service).
       My "Physiotherapeutic method AIDS cure," I suggested to many organizations, including the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (05/23/1989), Scientific Secretary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR(05/23/1989), Latvian Academy of Sciences (05/23/1989), medical center "Svelen" (September, 1991.), Magazine "Zdorovje" ("Health") (05/23/1989), the center "Basis" in Gatchina (10/27/1989), and others - all to no avail.
       So I "paused" about 12 years (I hoped: humanity will be smarter!). And then I saw your program, from which I learned that "things are there". Your may try to move question from its place. But keep in mind that what I sent to you is, in my view, "time bomb" and in a good scenario, you will gain "weight" and journalistic popularity, and in bad - a lethal outcome (for both of us).
       So, I am sending your three letters with attachments!
The first attachment –
Good luck! My e-mail:
Sergey Makarov.

Subject: To Alexander Khabarov about AIDS_2
Package number two on AIDS (
Gatchina, Sergey Makarov.

Subject: To Alexander Khabarov about AIDS_3
I send my third pack on AIDS ( Just in case, I inform you: "Svelen" hasn't sent me a copy of the patent, which he opposes to me. It seems that "Svelen" simply disappeared...
Gatchina, Sergey Makarov.
My explanation: after I sent my packages, the popular journalist Alexander Khabarov "stalled like a machine gun" from one throw a bunch of grenades Alexander Matrosov. More he did not show any activity, although, thanks through notices, I know that he had get all my "packages".

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Below is a story about how Mr. Chervov R.I. "invited me to work" in the Novosibirsk International Health Center. Since I am at this time worked with the American website "", an initiative in my "advertising" came to Chervov from the editors of this magazine.

From the "", I suddenly received such a letter:
Hi, Sergey!
I resend this message to you and wish you success!
Felix Segal

----- Original Message -----
From: "International Health Center" (
To: (
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 3:00 AM

Dear Sirs,
We are very interested in S.G. Markov's articles (My comment: actually, my name is "Makarov")
"Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by means of "black box" manner?" and "Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"", have been published on your website.
We kindly ask the author to contact us in terms of possible cooperation.

Sincerely, R.I. Chervov, doctor of the autonomous non-profit organization "International Health Center"
phone: (3832)182270, fax: (3832)182100
mailto:, website:
Reply from Sergey Makarov ( to the International Health Center (
Date: March 13, 2003
Hello, dear Chervov R.I.!
"Kurerveb" informed me about your and the Medical Health Center's interests to my published information. I am willing to consider your specific proposals.
Write to me at my personal E-mail-address posted below.
Yours! Sergey Makarov.
After the letter from me R.I. Chervov, he simply "stalled like a machine gun" from one throw a bunch of grenades Alexander Matrosov. If he had something explained to me, I would have probably realized him, but he (comrade Chervov R.I.) was not the "scientific man" but a "simple Soviet man."

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From Alexey Berkovsky ( Sergey Makarov(
Date: February 15, 2003
Good afternoon, Sergey!
       Thank you for your message. A few weeks ago I have got acquainted with your article, but I can not get together with the answer.
       Unfortunately, I can not place your article in the form in which it is published on the website The reason is that, in agreement with I have no right to publish material about "unconfirmed" treatments. Please understand me correctly, here I am in a "servitude", as though it might sound strange, but unfortunately, it's so...
       However, if your article would have less "promotional" in nature, ie will be filed in the style of "review" (as an alternative method of treatment), then I think that I can to publish it without violating the agreement.
       I totally agree with you in looking at specialized institutions of our great planet (...too few people can in the name of truth "cut off a branch on which it sits"). I myself have been watching the same picture in the theme of HIV/AIDS for the fourth year.
       This issue, regrettably, has become a real business - donors had divide all "market" and grants are given not by competition (formality), and "by the list". There is a pure "money laundering" and zero results in HIV prevention. Pharmaceutical companies do not need your treatment. If you are right, then where do they do with their medications and how they will be able to return invested in their development funds? Sad, is not it?
       Please forgive me if I disappoint you this letter. Alas, the situation is namely so (in any case, I haven't doubts about it).

Sincerely, Alexey Berkovsky, "AIDS infosite" administrator.
"AIDS infosite" - an information resource on HIV/AIDS.
Phone: (057) 772-01-84, Alexey
E-Mail:,, WWW :
My answer on February 19, 2003
Hello, dear Alexey Berkovsky!
       Thank you for your wonderful letter. Perfect in the sense of openness and clarity, but the history will judge the rest of it.
       As you hinted, I can write, and you publish the "good article about AIDS." I did so (see attached text - ne_spit.doc). My paper is so innocent as "Penitent Mary Magdalene". I hope to publish this article in your journal. I think that your readers will be satisfied.
I am waiting for your decision!
Segrey Makarov (
AIDS is not sleeping!
       AIDS is not casually called the "plague of the twentieth century." Century number 21 already passes for a long time, but the offensive of the disease on humanity continues inexorably with each passing day is becoming greater and greater extent.
       An increasingly young population of the planet is affected by this terrible disease. I think that this process can not allow any adult remain indifferent, regardless of whether there had their own children or not. AIDS prevention is very important. Is it possible to recover from this illness?
       Hundreds of institutes and research laboratories, spending billions of dollars annually, are looking for effective ways to combat AIDS, but none of them can not yet boast that he has solved this problem. Scientists have test more and more new vaccines are not the first decade. On this path there are some successes. However, as a rule, soon it will be followed by a message stating that "AIDS was again cunning man". This progress can continue for decades and centuries.
       That is, taking into account all previous experience, predicts humanity Robert Siliciano, a professor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He believes that an effective means against AIDS will not be found in the next 70 years ("Deutsche Welle", July 16, 2002, article "Modern methods of fight against AIDS").
       Is there any other areas in the fight against AIDS? It turns out there is. One of the interesting trends in the issue of AIDS treatment and cancer Novosibirsk doctors are developing now. They offer a sick man wholly immersed in a bath of hot water. They takes the necessary measures against heat shock and the special anesthesia for off consciousness. Is this method effective? Yes, effective but very time-consuming and exhausting for a man! With such therapy, the patient heart rate increases to 220 beats per minute, as in "the astronaut on the moon." It is not every person will stand.
       Almost every one of us one way or another faced with UHF-therapy devices. Someone applied such a device against bruises, some - from the common cold diseases. We all know that the UHF-therapy gives us a clear sense of heating of our body due to energy from a heater. And is it possible to use the device of this type for a complete body heating? Probably can. If anyone doubts this, let's think about chicken, roasted in the microwave oven.
       "Wow ..!" - I hear cries of bewildered readers. I hasten to reassure you: it is about the human body is heated to not more than 44 degrees Celsius for a few minutes. If this direction is interesting for anyone - we invite you to click such link, for example:
       Good Luck!

02/19/2003 Sergey Makarov, the engineer

From Alexey Berkovsky ( Sergey Makarov (
Date: February 20, 2003
Dear Sergey!
Thank you for your article. On Saturday, I get back from business trips and study it carefully.
Sincerely, Alexey Berkovsky, "AIDS infosite" administrator.

My comments: I am afraid to seem monotonous and annoying, but I have to tell what was actually: on this, our relationship ended as "a manuscript found in Saragossa". Berkovsky not published my article without any explanation.
Hopefully now you see why when referring to Russia all the time I recall the words of Mayakovsky: "The Soviet men have their own, unusual pride..." Russia is simply not repeatable.
Given that the last three I have described an episodes in his conclusion are similar each to other as "twins", I suspect that the reason of this phenomenon is hidden deep inside and this system is not clear to me. But the purposes and benefits of this system are very illusory.

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       If you read my "Feedback", then apparently thought: why so few of them? The answer is: but I have not more feedbacks. According to my refined data I have sent specialists around the world 512 my letters. Sent a letter, in address part I nowhere used the word "Copy ..."
       I did not have "automatic" or "mass mailings" in the conventional sense. Each letter was addressed to a specific person to whom I spoke personally. We can say that I "came out openly to the professionals in an honest fight," while I expected them to "declare war on me." I was ready to play by their rules, to use their terminology, etc. But no!
       To those who replied me, I "fighted honestly" and honestly wrote about it. Who won - not for me to judge. But I do not have desire to add any additions more. The article below was written about this.

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«But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is of the Evil One».
(The New Testament, Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 37)

       When I proposed the method of physical therapy for AIDS, I sent the results of over 500 professionals around the world. Most of them, apparently, "just laughed" at me and threw my letter into the trash". However, among physicians there are also serious people with an open mind and open heart.
       Dr. John Kirkham ( from Great Britain, in his letter to me wrote verbatim:

«...your theory, I think, involves a consideration of the fundamental physical processes instead of exotic viral device, it is calling for a fundamental approach, with what namely begins true scientific method, something THAT PREVIOUSLY NEVER HAD BEEN AMONG HIV-HYPOTHESES».

       In Russia, in such cases we say "hit the bull's-eye." It is my deep conviction, where "fundamental review do not engage in a process", there is no science, but only pseudoscientific twaddle. I forced to admit: that letter from John Kirkham inspired me to this article, which I think will be the fifth and last of my articles on this topic because I am already very tired of this topic.
       I feel that this article in the medical circles cause shock in someone, but someone will be highly offended from it. However, nothing can be done. At the entrance to my site is written the motto: "Do what you have and whether it would be!" When I do something "should" (which is always known only to God), I just can not sleep – Someone is doing my moving out of bed till my desk. That's what happened today.
       I just say: I am a follower of the Kozma Prutkov method and this method is formulated as follows: "Find the beginning of all things and you will understand much!" Therefore, I DO NOT CARE WHO BEGINS THE HARMFUL CHAIN REACTION INTO THE HUMANS BODY.
       Doctors and biologists love to juggle with the words: HIV, AIDS, hydrocephalus, lupus, smallpox, cancer, blood poisoning, etc. But a serious shaman will not "juggle terms" and to join with someone in a "pseudo-debate." He is simply "from a sick man will make a healthy man". And this is what all normal people expect from a good doctor.
       For those who experienced "intuitive distrust" from shamanism, I want to give the result of observation of shamanic therapy and pharmacology of anthropologist Jeremy Narbi, who has studied the healing practices of shamans in the Amazon during 10 years:

       "Warlocks of autochthonous tribes of Amazonia - the very good therapists, they have a deep knowledge of pharmacological and never wrong". (See "Shamans are seeing the DNA of plants and animals" from the № 1 book "NEXUS in Russian" for 2008)

       Here it means to be a "healer of God" (or "healer of Nature" - as you like). No any such medical diploma, which will be able to help a person of modern civilization to approach this perfection.
       We turn now to the "modern medical science." The U.S. government allocated huge money for the AIDS program. In this case, only those funded by medical developments which are based on the only official version of the cause of AIDS. All other versions are not funded and are simply ignored (as though they simply did not exist). However, there is every reason to believe that an official human treatment from AIDS (for example, using AZT and other chemicals) only accelerates the "relocation of people into the coffin."
       Some people suspect me of bias, and ask: "How do we know that without chemotherapy, patients could live longer?" Yes it is known from the experience. This has already been taken care of AIDS-dissidents: there are many facts from dissidents that certainly proved: AIDS patients without treatment are able to survive several times longer than in the case they "were strong cured" by therapists (see, for example, a second letter from the German AIDS-dissident Leitner).
       If someone else wants to talk about "the benefits of modern Civilized medicine", then I will give the following interesting quotation:

       "Statistics show that as soon as doctors anywhere on strike, mortality in this region is markedly reduced. In 1976, during the mass strikes of doctors mortality in the Colombian capital of Bogota, has fallen by 35% and in Los Angeles by 18%. In Israel in 1973 during a strike of doctors mortality decreased by 50%. Such low mortality was observed in Israel only once, twenty years earlier, and also during the strike of doctors. At the end of the strike mortality returned to its previous level." (see the biochemist and toxicologist Walter Lasta article "Medicine is healthy, as long as we are sick?" from the № 1 book "NEXUS in Russian" for 2008)

Comments, I think, unnecessary.

On this topic I want to give you a contemporary anecdote.

The patient needs care physician. And the lesser will be this care, the healthy will be the patient.

       Honestly: if I were a doctor (luckily, "God spared me"), I would now doesn't show my profession in public (this does not apply to the honest doctors). For no honest doctor I have another question: "Do you feel yourself well, if you get from sponsors two trips for the rest during a year for what you write patient only those drugs that a sponsor has decreed that you must write?" Or you not defame in this case your diploma and your "Hippocratic Oath"? Questions, as they say, "rhetorical". I honestly do not hope to hear the answers to them (just among doctors, are already "sold his soul to the devil", daring is not a single).
       Maybe someone from the doctors was offended by me because of the mentioned above reproach in the "sale of soul to the devil". Someone might even think that this accusation is far from real life... To this occasion I can only provide a link to the article (in Russian)

"TV3: doctors have sold themselves to pharmaceutical company for candy, whiskey, and travels"

from portal In this article was directly written that there is evidence of illegal relationships between doctors and drug manufacturer. So in the mentioned above reproach to doctors I did not invent anything.

       My "Lyrical digression": once upon a time I worked in the design department of one Design Institute. During a serious dispute with my head of department at designing a unique construction, I dropped such a phrase: "Yes, I just feel how each building element works under load!" At that he laughed at me and said: "Well, well ... no one feels, and he, you see, feel ..." "What can I do if so? - I said. Soon I had to leave this institute.

       You can consider me a "modern shaman", but I just have to tell you this words: all these medical terms to me, by and large, are not interesting. Look at my scheme of PID and HIV. This is the "essence". God is conceived to situate T-helper cells into the human body on guard on the input of infections.

       If someone these defenders has "tied and threw out", the body became weakened. And if the body is left without the protection provided by God, any infection can "bring him to the grave" (well, little amount of T-helper cells remains, thymus gland can not produce them at enough quantity). To this "fact" can join hundreds of "collaborators and competitors," "wrap up" all this with pseudo-scientific terminology and to make of this fact thousands doctoral dissertations - that's not my question.

       Do doctors for some reason they consider normal to make small steps in the direction of the fight against AIDS, cancer and get for these small steps great Nobel Prizes. Excuse me, gentlemen, if I became an obstacle on this way.
       I want to write the following for serious people: if a person suffers from diarrhea, the reasons for this may be only two: either the organism itself by means of its T-helper cells is struggling with some input infections, or its T-helpers "are attacked" by some parasitic chain reactions, which is "ties them and throw out from the body." Third path not exists. In both cases it is bad and deserves to be challenged. On this field many doctors can do a lot of dissertations too (separate disease - a separate dissertation), but it's not my question too.
       One of the «rethinkers» wrote to me that AIDS doesn't exist, but there is blood poisoning, which is called AIDS, another wrote that the term "AIDS" unites about 30 viral processes in the body, the third wrote that the term "HIV" I am not correct understanding...
       I'm not going engage in debate with them, because in this direction I had already "found a start point" and pointed out how to fix the situation - people, take it, please.
       For those physicians who still authoritatively declare: "AIDS is not exist", I'm ready to play with words for the last time. It is not so difficult to me.
       I think that everyone knows the concept of "deficiency". This is a shortage of something what you need. "Immune deficiency" - I think everyone will understand that this is "lack of immunity" or "lack of defenses" in a certain organism. "Acquired immune deficiency" means that you didn't posses this "shortage" at birth, but you somehow got it in the process of life. "Syndrome" - is, in general, "a set of detectable characteristics" (see Wikipedia), roughly speaking it is "a set of indicators" or simply "an indicator".
       Thus, we make up the phrase: "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" (abbreviated: AIDS). Someone can deny the fact that so many diseases lead people to diarrhea? Nobody can deny it. With diarrhea protective forces have been lost? Have been lost.
       Who still believes that AIDS is not exists, let "throw the first stone at me". I think that such a person is something "wrong with his logic" or simply "his head is ill". Such people may try to talk about what namely "in their group of like-minded" is considered to be AIDS. However, this is not interesting.
       Mankind has invented the term "AIDS" and I just detail re-wrote (just recalled) all the sense that this word (this abbreviation) containes. Perhaps this is the most "decent" word in medicine in the sense that most ordinary people can understand, from what words this abbreviation is formed.
       February 18, 2003 I sent an email to Berkeley in the clinic of Professor Duesberg, who is actually the head of the global community of AIDS dissidents ("rethinkers"). I was hoping that my letter brings him some pleasure (I "poured water on his mill") and he'll finds the time, "drop me some words ..." It's a shame that he has not answer a word to me. Now I have to admit that all of my above-described "playing with words" is most relevant to the distinguished Professor Duesberg.

       And now read the opinion of one participant internet forum regarding hyperthermia:

Frequent participant in the forum
Posts: 420
Gender: Male

Mr Luzevich A.N.
       Periodically again arises theme of hyperthermia in the fight against HIV. And periodically, I send my answer to developers and advertisers following remark: how you can "mold the hunchback to the wall"?
       Now specifically about the hyperthermia. I do not know how the thermal shock will impact on the state of the receptor's part of the immune complex, sure that the authors of this method have not investigated this point. A change in the encoding receptors CD-4 could lead to shut down the immune system with all its consequences. This is just one little touch to the procedure. It can be also specified that the thermal effect on the HIV virus will lead to higher levels of replicative activity of virions forming syncytia, what, in turn, will accelerate the transition to the stage of AIDS. In addition, hyperthermia can lead to a sustainable increase tension in the process of anaerobic oxidation of monocyte-derived cells at early stages of infection with a simultaneous decrease in the intensity of threecarbon acids cycle, which, in turn, leads to permanent reduction in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase as a factor in the oppression of the functional activity of monocytes.
       Activation of the pentose cycle and increased the decay of purine bases lead to the activation of prooxidant NAD-systems, that will not be compensated by increased function of antioxidant systems (superoxide dismutase, glutathione) and trigger increased activity of trypsin-like endonucleases with the development of degradation of nuclear chromatin. All this will lead to imbalance of monocytes and their premature death. When will you all understand this?

Source (in Russian):

       The shown above excerpt I presented without any exceptions or additions. When at forum I read it in the original, I for some reason felt very sad. I thought: what is appropriate in a scientific dissertation, it is absolutely not acceptable, for example, on an Internet forum. If a person does not understand this - God will judge him. Apparently, he was so confident in his professional infallibility that he decided to "sing of her as a grouse on a lek".
       I could spend time on it, to defeat the above professional opinion regarding the impact of hyperthermia on the human body. But after my first indignation went away, for some reason I absolutely didn't want to do it.
       I just want to remind him and the other readers of Einstein's point of view on this topic. He argued that a new scientific theory is good only then, when "the essence of this theory, you are able to explain to the first comer on the street..."
       After the opinion of a professional, which was shown above, in my soul arised the opinion: I would have never go for the treatment to such a professional. It seems to me that he loves himself and hates the people around him.

       Of the four articles once published by the website "" the third one was called Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type". I had everything laid out enough clearly, even suggested to open a new direction in medicine (which coincides with the article's title). I WAS NOT HEARED. After that, I want to say one thing: juggling, gentlemen, please, your medical terms, earn good money on this. I will no longer mate to you.

03/01/2010 Segrim
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Released articles: February 6, 2009

        The fact that AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is not a viral disease (so someone can't become infected of AIDS as infection through blood or sexual transmission), honest doctors and scientists have long been trumpeted. But their power has simply not sufficient to deal with the huge and lucrative industry of HIV and propaganda that has created the American Mafia from medicine. The result - the fooled public and the lost lives and health of people…


       Irina Sazonova - a doctor with a thirty-year veteran, author of "HIV-AIDS: a virtual virus, or provocation of the century" and "AIDS: The verdict is canceled." She is the author of the translation of books P. Duesberg, "Imaginary AIDS virus» (Dr. Peter H. Duesberg «Inventing the AIDS virus», Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC) and "Infectious AIDS: we all have been misled?" (Dr. Peter H. Duesberg «Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?», North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California).
        Sazonova collected wealth of materials on the subject, including scientific information refuting the theory of "the plague of the twentieth century, which gave her the Hungarian scientist Antal Mack (Antal Makk). Inna Kovalenko, "Pravda.Ru" correspondent, asked Iryna Sazonova several questions concerning all of us.

        - Irina, we know that the first information about the HIV-AIDS that has penetrated the Soviet Union, came first from Elista, and then, from Rostov and Volgograd. Over the past quarter century, we were threatened to universal human pandemic, the supposedly reassuring open vaccines. And suddenly, was published your book, which flips all the representations of AIDS. Is the truth, that AIDS - a medical hoax global scale?

        - The existence of the HIV virus, AIDS was transformed into a "scientifically proven" in the U.S. around 1980. After that, there are many articles on this topic. But even then, academician Valentin Pokrovsky said that all it still need to inspect and review. I do not know how to study this issue further Pokrovsky, but for twenty-five years in the world there are many scientific papers, both experimentally and clinically disprove the theory of viral origin of AIDS. In particular, the work of the Australian team of scientists led by Eleni Papadopulos, the work of scientists led by Professor Peter Duesberg, California, a Hungarian scientist Antal Mack, who has worked in many countries in Europe, Africa and directed a clinic in Dubai. Such scientists are more than six thousand in the world. It is well known and knowledgeable experts, including Nobel laureates. Finally, the fact that the so-called human immunodeficiency virus has never been open, admitted his "discoverers" - Luc Montagnier of France and Robert Gallo of America.
       Nevertheless, deception worldwide continues... A very serious effort and money involved in this process. Antal Mack at the Budapest Congress in 1997, told in detail about ways to create the American authorities the AIDS establishment. This establishment includes many governmental agencies and services, representatives of agencies and health institutions. It includes pharmaceutical companies, various societies for AIDS and AIDS-journalism...

        - And you were trying to destroy this mystification?

        - Because of my modest possibilities, I published two books, several articles, appeared on radio and television programs. In 1998, I presented the views of opponents of the theory of AIDS at the parliamentary hearings in the Duma. My report was entitled: "On urgent measures to combat the spread of AIDS." In response, I heard ... the silence of all present, including the president of Medical Sciences Valentin Pokrovsky and his son - the Centre for Prevention and Fight against AIDS leader - Vadim Pokrovsky. This was followed by an increase in funding for this branch of medicine, because of AIDS - it's a crazy business.

        - That is hundreds of scientific papers, medical research, reliable facts to refute the deadly AIDS virus theory, simply ignored? What's the trick here?

        - Crux of the matter is simple. Explain the clear language of the common man. Nobody says that AIDS not exists. This is not entirely accurate. AIDS - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - is there. He was, is and will be. But it is not caused by a virus. Accordingly, get them - in the conventional sense of the word "get" - is impossible. But it if you like, you can "to obtain" it. About the immunodeficiency, we knew a long time. Thirty years ago, and forty years ago, when about AIDS yet no one spoke, all medical students were told that immune deficiency may be congenital or acquired. We knew all the diseases that are now united under the name "AIDS." According to the World Health Organization, AIDS today called many previously known diseases. Namely: candidiasis of trachea, bronchus, lung, esophagus, cryptosporidiosis, Salmonella septicemia, pulmonary tuberculosis, Pneumocystis pneumonia, herpes simplex. This includes: cytomegalovirus infection (with a lesion of other organs besides the liver, spleen and lymph nodes), invasive cervical cancer, wasting syndrome, and others. Speculation around the issue of HIV/AIDS - the biggest fraud on the market of medicine. State's immunity is weakened, then there is immunodeficiency, are known to physicians since ancient times. There are social reasons for immunodeficiency - these are poverty, malnutrition, drug addiction and so on. There are also environmental reasons. In each case, the weakening of immunity must be conscientious and thorough examination of the patient to detect the causes of immunodeficiency. I repeat: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome was, is and will be. Just as they were, are and will be diseases resulting from a weakened immune system. No doctor, no scientist can deny this and not deny it. I want people to understand one thing. AIDS is not a contagious disease and not caused by any virus. Until now, there is no scientific evidence of human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS. I want to quote the World authority Cary Mullis, a biochemist, Nobel laureate: «If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, then there should be scientific documents which are collectively or individually, would demonstrate that fact with high probability. There is no such document».

        - Irina, I'm sorry for the naivete, but why do people die with a diagnosis of HIV infection?!

        - Consider an example. In Irkutsk, there was the sick girl. She was given a positive test for HIV and diagnosed with HIV infection. Then her started to heal. Antiretroviral therapy she endured bad. Every day was recorded impairment. Then she died. Opening of the deceased revealed that all her organs were affected with tuberculosis.That is, she simply died of sepsis caused by the tubercle bacillus. If she correctly diagnosed - tuberculosis - and were treated with anti-TB drugs, rather than anti-retroviral, then she could live. My collaborator Irkutsk pathologist Vladimir Ageev 15 years has research on the AIDS problem. He dissected the dead, most of which were registered in the Irkutsk AIDS center as HIV-infected, and found that they were drug addicts and died, mainly, from hepatitis and tuberculosis. Traces of HIV in this category of citizens were not found, although, in theory, any virus in the body must leave its mark. In the world in general no one has seen the AIDS virus. But this does not prevent interested parties to deal with undetected virus. And to fight a dangerous way. The fact that antiretroviral therapy should be to fight HIV infection. But in fact it causes immune deficiency, because it kills all cells indiscriminately. It is especially damaged bone marrow, which is responsible for the production of immune system cells. The drug AZT (zidovudine, Retrovir), which treats AIDS now, long ago came up with the treatment of cancer, but then decided not to use, recognizing the drug is extremely toxic.

        - Tell me, addicts are often diagnosed as "AIDS"?

        - Yes. Because the drugs are toxic to immune cells. The immune system is destroyed by drugs, not from the virus. Drugs destroy the liver, which in the human body has many functions. Liver, for example, neutralizes toxic substances involved in various kinds of exchange, but with the diseased liver can get sick with whatever you like.We addicts often develops a toxic drug-induced hepatitis. The drug may also develop into AIDS, and AIDS is not contagious and not transmitted from person to person. However, against the background of already obtained immunodeficiency addict may obtain any infectious disease that can be transmitted to others. Including hepatitis B and has long studied Botkin's disease - hepatitis A.

        - But not addicts only get the diagnosis of HIV infection. Is is possible that simple dupe millions of people?

        - Unfortunately, not only drug addicts is diagnosed with HIV infection. Several years ago, my friend, a young woman, a doctor by profession, too, asked me: "Why, Irina? The whole world is talking about AIDS, and you deny everything". And after a while she went to sea, returned and found on the skin some plaques. Analyse threw her to shock. She, too, was HIV-positive. Well, it is versed in medicine and turned to the Institute of Immunology. Her as a doctor, was told that 80% of skin diseases give positive responses to HIV. It healed and calmed down. But, you know, what could be if it had not been this way? Whether she was taking after an HIV test? Rented. And it was negative. Although in such cases, tests can remain positive, because they can react to other antibodies, then you will still detect HIV infection.

        - I read the information about the conference in Barcelona in July 2002 that HIV was never isolated…

        - Yes, this at a conference in Barcelona, said Professor Emeritus of Pathology, Etienne de Harvey, who 30 years works with the electron microscopy. The audience was impressed by how Harvey based his conclusions on the absence on electron microscopy any images of what is known as the AIDS virus. He explained that if HIV does exist, it would simply select it from a person with high values of viral load. And since there is no virus, then there can be no diagnostic tests, made from particles of the virus. If there is no virus, no and no particles. Proteins that are diagnostic tests to detect antibodies that are not part of the mythical virus. Consequently, they are not pointers to the presence of any virus. They give a false positive result with the already existing antibodies in the body that occur in humans as a result of any vaccinations, as well as a variety of different, already known medical illnesses. False positive test could be detected during pregnancy too. This may explain the increased in recent years the number of "HIV positive" women.

        - By the way, why are pregnant women forced to take an HIV test?

        - I have this question, too, are extremely worried. After all, how many because this is a tragedy! Just recently: a woman (the mother of two children) waiting for a third child. And suddenly she was HIV-positive. A month later, the woman passes tests again - and everything is fine. But no one in no one language in peace is can not say that she experienced during this month. So I want to cancel the test for HIV in pregnant women. In our country, incidentally, is the Federal Law dated 03/30/1995 "On Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)". This law is Article 7, which stipulates that "The medical examination is voluntary, except in cases provided for in Article 9." There also is Article 9, on which "compulsory medical examination to be donors of blood, body fluids, organs and tissues, as well as employees of certain professions, industries, enterprises, institutions and organizations, a list which is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation". However, the Annex to the Order of the Ministry of Health says that pregnant women be tested "in the case of the fence abortion and placental blood for future use as a feedstock for the production of immunobiological products. Here is a note written that involuntary HIV testing is prohibited. Knowing all this, why, say, a woman whose pregnancy is planned and desirable, to take an HIV test? A pregnant woman in women's consultation on voluntary consent or refusal, no one asks. She has just taken the blood and among other studies do an HIV test (three times during pregnancy), which is sometimes false positives. Such a fact of life! Apparently, someone it is very beneficial!

        - And still remains puzzling…

        - Indeed, sometimes even a professional can overcome confusion when meeting with World AIDS statistics. Here's an example. Annual report "AIDS Epidemic Update" Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS - UNAIDS and WHO: figures, interest rates. And there is a small postscript: "UNAIDS and WHO do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use of this information." But why then read everything else, when there are these words? Why spend millions on research and control of AIDS? And where does the money go, AIDS-related?

        - According to the Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS, which announced late last century, by 2000 our country was supposed to be 800 000 AIDS patients.

        - Such a large number of cases there is not today. In addition, there is confusion: AIDS or HIV. Moreover, each year the number of cases multiplied by 10 - ratio, which was invented in America, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. From there, by the way, except for AIDS and SARS emerged, described by non-specific symptoms mad cow disease, and now avian influenza. This is bullshit! They are constantly calling us to fight infections. And with what we have fight? With real or imagined infections?

        - Irina, say it bluntly: is it possible to inject a so-called HIV-positive blood, and not to worry about?

        - This has already been done. In 1993, an American, Dr. Robert Willner injected himself into the body of HIV-positive blood. When asked why he was risking his life, the doctor said: "I do it to put an end to the deadly lies the greatest in the history of medicine". I then wrote a review of his book "Deadly Deception".

        - In the press quite often there are messages on the establishment of an AIDS vaccine...

        - I always amusing to read such messages. In this case, the medical articles of the author "panacea" to lament the fact that the classical Pasteur method of creating a vaccine does not work. Yes, he therefore does not help that the vaccine lacks one, but the main parts - the original material under the name "virus". Without him, oddly enough, the classic method of creating a vaccine does not work. Founder of modern microbiology and immunology Louis Pasteur in the XIX century and the worst nightmares could not even dream that the people who call themselves scientists, will create a vaccine out of nothing and still complain that the method does not work. As mythical is the virus itself, as THE MYTHICAL AND THE IDEA OF A VACCINE. Not only the mythical huge amount of money allocated for this adventure.

       In conclusion, present a number of authoritative statements on HIV-AIDS in the Irina Sazonova translation:

        In the preface to the book by P. Duesberg, "Imaginary AIDS virus," the Nobel laureate Professor K. Mullis (USA) writes: «I was convinced of the existence of a viral origin of AIDS, but Peter Duesberg argues that it is a mistake. Now I also see that the hypothesis of HIV/AIDS is not just a scientific flaw - it's a hell of a mistake. I say this as a warning». The aforementioned book by P. Duesberg argues: «The fight against AIDS ended in defeat. Since 1981, more than 500,000 Americans and more than 150,000 Europeans diagnosed with HIV/AIDS". U.S. taxpayers paid more than $45 billion, but in that time has not been revealed is no vaccine, no cure for not developed any effective prevention. No one patient with AIDS was not cured». Professor P. Duesberg believes that AIDS is contrary to all the laws of infectious disease. For example, surveyed 15,000 wives "HIV positive" Americans for some reason not contracted the virus, while continuing to live a sexual life with their husbands.

       Alfred Hassig, Professor of Immunology, the former director of the Swiss Red Cross, the president of the board of trustees the International Red Cross said: «AIDS is a result of effects on the body of a large number of different factors, including stress load. Sentence of death accompanying the medical diagnosis of AIDS should be abolished».

        Hungarian scientist, Dr. Antal Mack wrote: «Constant emphasis incurability AIDS is exclusively with business goals and getting money for research and other excuses. With this money, in particular, is carried out the development and acquisition of toxic drugs that do not strengthen and disrupt the immune system, condemning man to die from side effects». And further: "AIDS - it is not fatal disease. This is a fatal business..."

       Dr. Brian Allison (from "Backroom game around the problem of human immunodeficiency virus): «The idea of "creation" of AIDS belongs to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention USA (CDC). Each year the Centre received a $2 billion to fight the epidemic, had thousandth staff and at the same time differed in the tendency to interpret the need of any outbreak of diseases such as infectious epidemics, getting the opportunity to manipulate public opinion and financial support of its activities… The idea of AIDS virus has become one of the projects developed and successfully promoted the center and its clandestine structure - epidsvedeny Service (EIS). As stated by one of the center's employees, "if we learn to control the AIDS epidemic, it will serve as a model for other diseases».

       In 1991, by the Harvard biologist Dr. Charles Thomas was formed a group of scientific reassessment of the theory of AIDS. Charles Thomas, along with many other prominent scientists felt the need to objectively speak out against the totalitarian nature of the doctrine of HIV-AIDS and its tragic consequences for the lives of millions of people around the world. With respect to existing dogma, he said in his interview with the Sunday-Times in 1992 and 1994 following: «HIV-AIDS dogma represents the most important and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever perpetrated on the young men and women of the western world».

       Neville Hodgkinson, a research editor of the Times, said: "Leaders of the scientific and medical profession captures a kind of collective insanity on HIV-AIDS. They have stopped behaving as scientists, and instead are working as advocates desperately continuing to support a failed theory life».

        D. Sonnabend, the ambulance surgeon, founder of the Foundation for AIDS Research, New York: «Unwinding of HIV through press releases as a killer virus that causes AIDS, without the need to consider other factors, so distorted research and treatment that this may have caused suffering and death of thousands of people».

       Etienne de Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Pathology, Toronto: «Starting with the fact that the unproven hypothesis of HIV-AIDS is one hundred percent funded by the research funds while all other hypotheses were ignored. AIDS establishment with the media, pressure groups and special interests in several pharmaceutical companies making efforts to control the disease and lose contact with scientists and physicians who have open-minded views. How many wasted efforts, how many billions of dollars spent on research, thrown to the wind! All this is terrible».

       Andrew Herxheimer, Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford, England: «I think that AZT has never really been properly evaluated and its effectiveness has never been proven, and its toxicity, of course, great. And I think it destroyed a lot of people, especially when given high doses. Personally, I think that it could not be used separately or in combination with other drugs».

       Reference. A list of the factors causing false positive test results for HIV-antibodies (according to the magazine "Continuum"). The initial list of 62 points, while we give here only the most understandable to people who have no medical training.

  1. Healthy people as a result of obscure cross-reactions.
  2. Pregnancy (especially among women giving birth many times).
  3. Blood transfusion, particularly multiple blood transfusions.
  4. Upper respiratory infection (cold, ARI).
  5. Influenza.
  6. Recently transferred a viral infection or viral vaccination.
  7. Vaccination against influenza.
  8. Vaccination against hepatitis B.
  9. Vaccination against tetanus.
10. Hepatitis.
11. Primary biliary cirrhosis.
12. Tuberculosis.
13. Herpes.
14. Hemophilia.
15. Alcoholic hepatitis (alcoholic liver diseases).
16. Malaria.
17. Rheumatoid arthritis.
18. Systemic lupus erythematosus.
19. Connective tissue diseases.
20. Malignant tumors.
21. Multiple sclerosis.
22. Renal failure.
23. Organ transplantation.
24. False-positive response to another test, including test RPR (rapid plasma reagent) for syphilis.
25. Receptive anal sex.

Source of the article (in Russian):

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       Recently I visited one internet forum, which focused on HIV-AIDS. My attention was attracted by one reference to an interesting video on the Internet. All visitors can follow the link below and look at this video (text in Russian):

AIDS - does not exist! The Great Lie of physicians

       Video clip length is approximately 21 minutes. In this video is shown a public speaking of Vyacheslav Borovskikh - psychotherapist, director of spiritual and educational center "Petropavlovskij" in Yekaterinburg, phone: 219-71-21.
       Why this video attracted me? It attracted me because that the whole idea of this doctor was devoted to the fact that HIV-AIDS did not exist in nature. Doctor long in detail recounts how in 1983, HIV-AIDS was invented by doctors simply to "artificial control of the global population".
       The idea, of course, is blasphemous, but it must be said, it was realized brilliantly. Of course, worthy of wonder that thousands of virologists and immunologists of all the world as a zombie followed this idea. However, many of them professionally were simply deaf and blind in regard to checking the scientific credibility of the thrown up to them material.
       Because at the issues of HIV-AIDS is still a mess, as among specialists, and among other "brethren joined them", I will explain my views on this subject. Under the HIV I do not mean "virus" in the biological sense (when we use this abbreviation, we simply pay tribute to the stereotype). I'm under this acronym mean "some, not having a tangible medium, program, scheme of action which is to bring together a pair of protective T-helper cells and discarding them away outside of the human's body." Instead of the term "HIV" I would love to better use the term "parasitic program". AIDS, according to my understanding, is "a condition in which the patient's body's defenses are greatly weakened". The degree of weakness may be different, but the distinguishing feature of this weakened state is that such an organism is "almost not able to resist the entrance infections due to the shortage in its body protective T-helper cells".
       Thus: HIV - is the cause, but AIDS - is a consequence of working some "parasitic program" in the body. Detailed mechanisms that I described above, has long been described by me in a series of articles about AIDS, which you can find on this page. I should note that I, as an analyst, do not agree with the statement: "AIDS - does not exist..." AIDS - it is quite understandable state of the body with weakened immune systems (for details, see the ARTICLE FIVE.). How long will mankind exist, so much and there will be AIDS exist. Status of impaired immunity in humans was observed throughout all the history of mankind, while previously for this status there was not such a concise and understandable abbreviation. How nicely said one of the participants of the Forum: "AIDS - an open door into the kingdom of the dead". Very weak infection can send a man to the "kingdom of the dead", when his body is weakened by AIDS.
       In the above video, in particular was said that and Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo has long been recognized that the AIDS virus NEVER BEEN ALLOCATED BY THEM, as required by the rules of Virology, which laid by Louis Pasteur. In this regard, we have no sense to tell farther about this "virus". Vyacheslav Borovskikh also told that at a conference on HIV/AIDS, which he recently attended, it had already been recognized and has become as well known the physicians opinion that HIV does not exist (in the material sense).
       Of course, of the recognition of this at one conference till recognition this on a global scale - huge distance. And why? And all because "play the fool", receiving good wages for it, write dissertations, expend the enormous public and private funds - it is so addictive process... WELL, HOW POOR PHYSICIANS CAN REFUSE FROM ALL THIS?

       On one site I read an article by Michael Arbeninin "AIDS - a global deception of humanity!" There, in particular, was said:

       Speculation around the issue of HIV/AIDS - the biggest fraud on the market of medicine. Status of impaired immunity, then there is immunodeficiency, to physicians is known since ancient times. There are social reasons for immunodeficiency syndrome - poverty, malnutrition, drug addiction etc. There are environmental reasons: radiation in the field of nuclear testing, an excess of arsenic in water and soil, the presence of other toxic chemicals, the effects of large doses of antibiotics, etc. In each case, the weakening of immunity requires diligent and careful examination of the patient to find the causes of immune deficiency, periodic examinations during treatment.
       Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was, is and will be. Just as were, are and will be diseases resulting from a weakened immune system. No doctor, no scientist can deny this and not deny it.

       Unfortunately, comrade Arbenin is not quite right: many doctors openly deny the existence of AIDS. Enough to look the Internet to see this. The reason for this, I honestly do not understand.
       At the same time, the article by comrade Arbenin is very interesting and very informative. To all indifferent people I recommend to read it (in Russian):

"AIDS - a global deception of humanity!"

Sergey Makarov
February 03, 2011

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       When in May 1989, I developed a theoretical method for treating cancer and AIDS through a human body hyperthermia to 42-44 degrees Celsius, then I, naturally, wanted to register it historically. That time I lived in Gatchina Leningrad region. Since I had no medical degree, I saw no other way to register my priority on my method other than to describe the method on the paper and then register the date of the document at the notary.
       Imagine my surprise when the notary in Gatchina - the woman whose name I can not remember - has refused to perform this procedure because of "the absolute absurdity of this method". Interestingly, the notary by his status is prohibited to refuse on such grounds. However, this woman was apparently the "real Soviet citizen" who "know all things in the world" (recall Lenin's expression: "every cook can govern the country..."). It was May 23, 1989.
       In view of the failure of the notary, I went to the center of scientific and technical creativity of youth in Gatchina and 23 May 1989 at 19 h 20 m made the fixation my document at the center with the leaving one copy of document in STCY Center's "Nadezda" ("Hope") magazine № 40. At this document I offered a full hyperthermia against cancer and AIDS, for its implementation, I suggested to use the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

       With the signature and seal of the center of this fact was recorded by TSNTTM director of the "Nadezda" center V.I. Malyshev. By the way, my detailed explanation of how I came to this method of treatment described later in the article "Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer". The text of this article I later (September 27, 1989) brought into cross-sectoral youth center "Basis". This text on each page was marked by the seal of "Basis", by the signature of the director and one copy of the article remained in his archive. That is the history issue.
       At the previous day (May 22, 1989), I had visit to another notary, where he registered the date of the document "My conclusions (treatment of cancer diseases)". This paper deals with the human blood heating to 42-44 degrees Celsius. There I wrote my schemes work of programs of immune protection and HIV, and also pointed out that HIV does not have a material carrier. These schemes you can see above, look Article Three, which is called "Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type".
       8 February 1991 in the third of state notary office of Leningrad I registered the date for presentation of a document entitled "Physiotherapy treatment method for AIDS, cancer and other diseases". At this paper has described in details all the necessary technology for the complete body hyperthermia of human to 42-44 degrees Celsius.
       You may ask: why all I do is communicate? Be patient, gentlemen!

       April 12, 2010 was launched website of the Center for Effective Medicine (Novosibirsk):

       On the first page of this site is reported that the main method used by the center to treat people - forced hyperthermia. At the first page there was said the following (quote verbatim):

"The unique novelty of this method is that the patient's body safely heated to a temperature 43,5 - 44 degrees Celsius"

       I think that you imagine my reaction to this message. The recept that I "told the world" in May 1989, someone in April 2010, "dared" to describe from him as "the unique novelty". I officially declare: the above statement from the Center for Effective Medicine - is misinformation, in spite of the fact that it comes from groups of worthy professors headed by the director of the center Alexei Vitaljevich Souvernev.
       In serious scientific circles is a good rule to refer to the predecessors and to relate to historical facts more carefully. Not for nothing that a well-known proverb says: "A half of My Kingdom - for an idea!". And it is quite clear: the people-ideas generators on the globe is much smaller than people-performers. When an idea was born, "to take part in its implementation" is much easier than to create such very original idea.
       Yes, the Souvernev and his team have done a lot for realization one of the possible ways to conduct a full hyperthermia. As I have only stated, this method is "one of the possible ways". They have spent for this method a lot of time and effort. It deserves the thanks. However, what I wrote above about "the unique novelty", may simply cross out all their efforts in view of the grossest breach of the rules of scientific ethics.
       There is a simple human norm: respect others, then others will respect you. Until recently, I respected professor Souvernev. About it I even said a few good words in my third article, "Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type". And I respected him despite the fact that he already knew about my articles and my priority, but is not mentioned anywhere about me, although he was published regularly in various publications.
       Let us look back into history. Also in May 1989 on its findings on the treatment of cancer and AIDS, I informed in writing four Academy of Sciences, the journal "Health" and a few other organizations. With a stretch I suppose that Souvernev did not know about it. In spring 2003, all of this information was published in the American website "" in Russian and English languages. We assume that this Souvernev this magazine did not read, although my articles were on pages of website "" for a year. Then in spring 2003, the third article of mine was reprinted in online newspaper "Pravda RU". Another "stretch" - Souvernev of this article had not noticed.
       In 2004 a young journalist from Perm published an article on my achievements. The article was called "Hyperthermia - a blow against AIDS". For this story the journalist was awarded a diploma of the finalist and the article was included to collection of articles "From the secrets of the cell to the mysteries of the universe." Souvernev of this, too, "did not notice", though the Internet, in my opinion, everybody is able to find all you like. For example, I can easily find about myself the messages on the Internet, even if they were issued, for example, in Japan.
       In 1990 some news traveled around the world that American Robert Gallo by means of hyperthermia had treated of AIDS another American, Carl Crawford. Souvernev did not know about it. The newspaper "Vecherny Leningrad" on July 27, 1990 published an article-interview with me a journalist Kolesnikova on issue "hyperthermia against AIDS". There's also said that the main infectionist of central medical board of the Leningrad Aza Gasanovna Rakhmanova said that my proposal for the hyperthermia treatment against AIDS has more priority in comparison with Robert Gallo... Souvernev of this and have not heard...
       Well, we assume that the Souvernev is "blind and deaf" when it comes to scientific priority of other people. Now I "shall come closer". After the release of my articles in the website "" Felix Segal, editor, on its own initiative, sent the information about my articles directly into the Novosibirsk Medical Center, where that time worked Souvernev with his colleagues. If anyone doubts this, look at the screen shot, in which information about my articles posted directly on the site of the International Center for Health, in which in 2003 Souvernev was working.

       If this is not enough, I can tell you that in March 2003 I received a letter from Felix Segal that the International Health Center is very interested in Makarov's articles "Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer" and "Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type", which were published on the website "". International Health Center in Prof. Chervov person even decided to contact with me in terms of possible further cooperation. It is true, then was found that it was just "bluff", but this fact is recorded in history: see in this chapter "Feedback" - Russia - Chervov.

       Well, Alexey Vitaljevich! Do you have the courage to publicly admit in the above described deception and my priority in comparison with your priority (naturally, on the same page of the site, where where the fraud has been published) or would you prefer to continue this your long-year "game of hide and seek"? I've already endured a long time!

Sergey Makarov
February 10, 2011

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«Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease.»
Parmenides, a Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 BC)

       At various times, after I published the results of my research about the full hyperthermia against cancer and AIDS by, many people accused me of various "evils". Some people insist on the meaninglessness of the proposed by me methods and others criticized me for that all, I have proposed, has long been known to mankind, so it does not contain any originality and value.
       Following to my principle of "Make finding the beginning of all things and you will understand much," I recently spent a deep search at the medical professional funds of U.S., UK and Australia libraries. At the begining I want to sound this: When in 1989 I developed my method of cancer and AIDS treating, the wide possibilities of the Internet did not exist. Knowing that myself I can not cope with the patent search, attraction of investments and the introduction of the method, I made on all of this the specific contract with one particular firm, to which I was able add some "intrigue and interest". After several months, the firm advised me in writing form: "Because all the information on treatment of cancer and AIDS is a secret, to make the work as provided by our contract to perform work is not possible. For this reason, we break the contract with you to unilaterally".

       Frankly, when I was developing a method for treating cancer and AIDS, I have not had any preliminary patent search: it was to me (as to Einstein once) just "interesting to solve a problem", which decision, as I understood, was very necessary to humanity. Even if I wanted in 1989 to do my deep patent search, I would not be able to do it because all the information on these issues in the Soviet Union was simply secret. As a layman and a loner, I, in principle, could not then get any access to this information.
       However, the problem that I had set myself in this direction, was resolved by me. My results, I immediately sent in several organizations, including, and in 4 Academy of Sciences. I then thought. that happy humanity "will give some applause to me". Since that time had passed for 22 years, but I have not yet heard any applause...
       In order to stop a variety of criticisms in my address, as well as clear clarify for myself and for others, what exactly is known to mankind in matters of hyperthermia and whether there is in my proposals at least some novelty or not at all, and I decided to place this section here. Honestly declare that my search for articles in medical libraries has been an objective, impartial and deep enough. However, I drew my attention mainly on the use of whole-body hyperthermia in the treatment, because I think that the local hyperthermia is only "palliative therapy", which does not deserve serious attention. The reason for this my opinion I will explain a bit later, when I shall analyze the theoretical basis of my method.
       No one can grasp the immensity. So I narrowed the boundaries of my search: in response to my question "how was it?.." in my collection are collected only those articles which were published from time immemorial and up to 1989 inclusive. Such a year was chosen due to the fact that the presentation of my treatment for cancer and AIDS have been registered by me with a notary May 22, 1989. This date should probably be considered as the date of my priority.

       In registered by me in May 1989 with a notary document, I suggested for the treatment of AIDS and cancer the "forced circulation and handling of the patient's blood". Thus the blood from the patient had to be retrieved, processed with hyperthermia then introduced back into the patient (the treatment of blood had to be carried out directly in the course of its movement). I recently discovered: in the U.S. in 1980 was awarded a patent on a such a blood process to treat cancer and on apparatus for the implementation of this therapy. Look: U.S. Patent Number 4,181,132. This shows once again that I was thinking in the right direction, although THIS my proposal in relation to cancer treatment and had no the novelty around the world. However, in the same document are situated my schemes of how work the human immune defense program and of human immunodeficiency virus, and my conclusions. In this part, as well as part of using this procedure in fighting against AIDS, my information was unique.
       In 1989, I proposed to use against cancer full hyperthermia with high-frequency electromagnetic radiation of the patient's body.If we look at the use of FULL HYPERTHERMIA against cancer. This my suggestions about it were registered at the gatchina NTTM "Nadezda" Center in May 23, 1989 (as well as a notary in February 8, 1991, Leningrad). Namely this my suggestion, as it turned out, fully possesses world novelty.
       Of course, after 1989 in the issue of the use of hyperthermia appeared many original proposals. However, they were already able to use my results as I "did not hide them into the drawer" like Lord Kelvin. The counterposition of these results to me is of little interest.
       Below in tabular form are situated found by me materials on using hyperthermia in medicine to treat cancer and AIDS. This review is quite complete. However, my global review of the application of hyperthermia in medicine is given till the end of 1989, because that 1989 year is the most interesting for me.

       And now about the structure of my table. In the first column of the table are: the publication number (on my list), publication date, list of authors, the English title of the article, below - the Russian name of the article. In the second column - the brief contents of the articles in English, below - a brief contents of the articles in Russian. In the third column, there are links of where I got the information. The same links are also the hyperlinks, which allow you to open in the internet the sources to check the truthfulness of all information contained herein.

       Translating of all materials from English into Russian was made by me. Below the table I placed my analysis of the materials and my brief conclusions. Enjoy your reading!

Number, Date, Author(s), Article Title Summary (English/Russian) Hyperlink

Sep, 1962

Crile G., Jr.

Experiments in mice, dogs, and humans show that heat selectively damages tumor cells and makes them more sensitive to ionizing radiation. Observations on the effect of heat and radiation on three types of transplantable tumors in mice show that the destructive effects of heat begin at 42 deg C, at which temperature it takes several hours to damage tissues. For each degree that the temperature rises above 42 deg C, the time of exposure required to obtain the same biologic effect can be halved so that exposure of less than a minute at 49 deg is equivalent to 2 hr at 42 deg . The tumors were transplanted to the hind feet of mice and were heated in a constant-temperature bath. The tumors showed a spectrum of heat sensitivity that correlated closely with the radiosensitivity of the same kind of tumors. The effects of radiation on even the most radioresistant tumors as well as on normal tissues was greatly increased when the tissues were heated just before or just after the radiation was given. Although heat-resistant cancers that are heated to 44 deg C for 30 min. before they are irradiated can be destroyed by less than half the dose of radiation that is normally required, heating induces a similar potentiation of the radiation effect on normal tissues. It is thus difficult to be sure that radiation combined with heat is any more effective than a larger dose of radiation would be if given alone. However, some radioresistant tumors, such as the T241 sarcoma implanted on the feet of C57BL6 mice, can be controlled by heat and radiation without damage to the foot, whereas larger doses of radiation alone usually fail to cure, or in doing so damage the normal tissues. A higher proportion of mice with S9l melanoma also can be cured by combining radiation and heat than by employing either treatment alone. It was also established that there are tumors in dogs and man that can be selectively destroyed by heat without damage to the surrounding tissues, but these heat-sensitive tumors are rare, and unless they are superficially located there is as yet no safe way to apply the heat. Ann Surg. , 156(3): 404–407
СЕЛЕКТИВНОЕ РАЗРУШЕНИЕ РАКА ПОСЛЕ ВОЗДЕЙСТВИЯ ТЕПЛА Эксперименты на мышах, собаках, и людях показывают, что нагревание выборочно повреждает опухолевые клетки и делает их более чувствительными к ионизирующим излучением. Наблюдения о воздействии высокой температуры и радиации на три вида опухолей у мышей показывают, что разрушительное воздействие тепла начинается при температуре 42 ° С, при этой температуре оно занимает несколько часов до повреждения тканей. Для каждой ступени, когда температура поднимается выше 42 ° С, время экспозиции, необходимое для получения того же эффекта может быть снижено, так что воздействие менее чем 1 минута при 49 градусах эквивалентна 2 ч при 42 град. Опухоли были пересажены на задние лапы мышей и нагревались в ванне при постоянной температуре. Опухоли показали такой спектр чувствительности, что нагревание коррелировало в тесном сотрудничестве с радиочувствительностью опухоли. Воздействия радиации на самые радиорезистентные опухоли, а также на нормальные ткани значительно возрастали, когда ткани нагревались до или сразу после облучения. Жароустойчивые раковые образования, которые нагревались до 44 ° С в течение 30 мин., прежде чем они будут подвергнуты облучению, могут быть уничтожены менее чем половиной дозы радиации, которая обычно требуется; нагрев вызывает аналогичные потенцирование радиационного воздействия и на нормальные ткани. Таким образом, трудно быть уверенным, что излучение в сочетании с нагреванием оказывается более эффективным, чем просто большие дозы радиации, которые быти бы даны в одиночку. Однако, некоторыми радиорезистентными опухолями, такими как саркома T241, имплантированными на ногах C57BL6 мышей, можно управлять с помощью нагрева и излучения без ущерба для ног, в то время как большие дозы радиации наносят ущерб нормальной ткани. Высокое число мышей с меланомой S9l также может быть вылечено путем объединения радиации и нагрева, чем при использовании их отдельно. Также установлено, что у собак и человека есть опухоли, которые могут быть выборочно уничтожены нагреванием без повреждения окружающих тканей, но эти термочувствительные опухоли встречаются редко, и если они не расположенны поверхностно, то пока еще нет безопасных способов применения к ним тепла.  

Jan 27, 1979

J.A. Dickson

There is now considerable evidence that heat can be used to destroy tumours. The metabolism of many types of cancer cell is selectively damaged at temperatures of 42-43°C, and deficient tumour blood-flow at raised temperature represents a further exploitable Achilles heel. A striking feature of tumour heating is that metastases may regress with cure of the host; this has occurred with recurrent melanoma and sarcomas of the limbs. Heat acts synergistically with X-rays and some cytotoxic drugs to increase the therapeutic ratio for local tumour control. Guidelines for tumour heating are now being formulated against a strong experimental background in animal systems. The association of a wide variety of disciplines from oncology to electronics has already resulted in techniques for selectively treating human tumours at 50°C and in internal heat applicators for insertion via natural passages. It is predicted that heat will achieve a place, most likely as an adjuvant, in cancer therapy. Work on animals and in vitro is of limited value in helping to define this place. The complexity of the tumour/host response to heat and the deficiencies in our knowledge of the biophysics of heating militate against early routine application of hyperthermia in the clinic. The Lancet, Vol. 313 No. 8109 pp 202-205
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА В настоящее время имеются достаточные доказательства того, что тепло может быть использовано для уничтожения опухоли. Метаболизм многих видов раковых клеток избирательно повреждается при температуре 42-43 ° С и дефицит кровотока в опухоли при повышенной температуре представляется ее дальнейшей ахиллесовой пятой. Поразительная особенностью нагревания опухоли является то, что при лечении хозяина метастазы могут регрессировать; это произошло с рецидивной меланомой и саркомой конечностей. Тепло действует совместно с Х-лучами и некоторыми цитотоксическими препаратами для увеличения терапевтического соотношения при местнои контроле опухоли. В настоящее время разрабатываются руководящие принципы для проведения нагрева опухоли против сильного фона в экспериментах над животными системами. Объединение самых разных дисциплин, от онкологии до электроники уже привело к методам выборочного лечения поверхностных опухолей человека при 50 ° С, а также во внутренних зонах с помощью вставки аппликаторов тепла в природные проходы. Прогнозируется, что тепло будет применяться, скорее всего, как вспомогательное средство в терапии рака. Работа на животных и в пробирке имеет ограниченную ценность, кторая помогает это определить. Сложность анализа ответа опухоли на нагревание и недостатки в наших знаниях о биофизике нагрева препятствуют скорому применению гипертермии в клинической практике.  

Nov 01, 1979

M Gautherie

The use of microwave hyperthermia for cancer treatment is dealt with, first analyzing the present state of the art, second from a prospective viewpoint. Follow current topics are considered: a) biological data from experiments in vitro and of animals; b) fundamental therapeutic modalities: total body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia; c) technological problems: irradiation frequency, applicators, dosimetry (non-interfering probes, microwave radiometers); d) results of preliminary clinical investigations. Prospects refer to following topics: a) technological: improvement or design of systems for producing and controlling hyperthermia; b) fundamental: models, phantoms and postoperative specimens; dielectric and thermal properties on tissues; part of the vascularization; c) clinical: treatment procedures, long-term therapeutic trials (exclusive or combined hyperthermia, cancerous and healthy tissues). J Radiol, Vol. 60 No. 11 pp 685-9
СОВРЕМЕННОЕ СОСТОЯНИЕ И ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ РАДИОЧАСТОТ- НОЙ И МИКРОВОЛ- НОВОЙ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА В вопросе применения микроволновой гипертермии для лечения онкологических заболеваний, рассматривается, во-первых, оценка современного состояния вопроса, во-вторых, его перспективы. Рассматриваются следующие актуальные темы: а) биологические данные экспериментов в пробирке и на животных; б) фундаментальные терапевтические методики: общая гипертермия тела, местная гипертермия; в) технологические задачи: частоты облучения, аппликаторы, дозиметрия (без вмешательства зондов, радиометры СВЧ); г) результаты предварительных клинических исследований. Перспективы относятся к следующим темам: а) технологические: улучшения или разработка систем для проведения и контроля гипертермии; б) фундаментальные: модели, методы и послеоперационные результаты; диэлектрические и тепловые свойства тканей, процессы васкуляризации; в) клинические: лечебные процедуры, долгосрочные клинические испытания (без или в сочетании воздействия гипертермии на раковые и здоровые ткани).  

Mar 01, 1981

S Ostrow, D Van Echo, M Whitacre, J Aisner, R Simon, P H Wiernik

Seven patients with advanced cancer underwent whole-body hyperthermia using a nylon and vinyl mesh, water-perfused suit. Treatments were given at 41.8 degrees C for 4 hours. Five patients received concomitant cyclophosphamide with hyperthermia. Compared to baseline (37 degrees C) conditions, there was a significant rise in pulse rate (P less than 0.001), a fall in diastolic pressure (P less than 0.02), and an increase in respiratory rate (P less than 0.001). Toxic effects included fatigue, extremity edema, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and respiratory depression in a patient with cerebral metastases. Compared to baseline values, there was a significant increase in serum glucose (P less than 0.02) and decreases in serum calcium (P less than 0.01) and phosphorus (P less than 0.01). Significant elevations in serum LDH and SGOT values occurred 24 hours following hyperthermia, suggesting hepatic sensitivity to heat. Cancer Treat Rep, Vol. 65 No. 3-4 pp 323-5
ФИЗИОЛОГИ- ЧЕСКИЙ ОТВЕТ И ТОКСИЧНОСТЬ У ПАЦИЕНТОВ, КОТОРЫЕ ПЕРЕНЕСЛИ ПОЛНУЮ ГИПЕРТЕРМИЮ ТЕЛА ДЛЯ ЛЕЧЕНИЯ РАКА Семь пациентов с развитым раком прошли гипертермия всего тела с использованием костюма из нейлона и виниловой сетки. Лечение состояло в нагревании до 41,8 градусов С в течение 4 часов. Пять пациентов вместе с гипертермией получали циклофосфамид. По сравнению с исходными значениями (при 37 ° C) не наблюдалось значительного роста частоты пульса (P менее 0,001), падения диастолического давления (P менее 0,02) и увеличения частоты дыхания (P менее 0,001). Токсические эффекты у пациентов с церебральными метастазами включали в себя усталость, отеки конечностей, диарею, тошноту и рвоту, угнетение дыхания. По сравнению с исходными значениями, было отмечено значительное увеличение в сыворотке крови глюкозы (p менее 0,02) и снижение уровня кальция (p менее 0,01) и фосфора (P менее 0,01). Значительное повышение уровня сывороточного ЛДГ и АСТ произошло в течение 24 часов после гипертермии, что предполагает печеночную чувствительность к теплу.  

June 01, 1981

E Friedenthal, J Mendecki, C Botstein, F Sterzer, M Nowogrodzki, R Paglione

Practical considerations in the selection and administration of microwave and RF induced hyperthermia in the treatment of various tumors are discussed. A thorough knowledge of the thermal properties of the tumor and its environment is required for the establishment of an effective therapeutic regimen. Examples of clinical observations illustrate the patients' general tolerance to the therapy and highlight the problems presented by some special cases. Possible ways of avoiding adverse effects during localized microwave induce heating of superficial tumors and RF heating of deep seated tumors are described. J Microw Power, Vol. 16 No. 2 pp 199-204
НЕКОТОРЫЕ ПРАКТИЧЕСКИЕ СООБРАЖЕНИЯ ПО ИСПОЛЬЗО- ВАНИЮ ЛОКАЛЬНОЙ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Обсуждаются практические соображения при выборе и управлении микроволновой и радиочастотной индуцированной гипертермией в лечении различных опухолей. Для создания эффективного терапевтического режима необходимо доскональное знание тепловых свойств опухоли и ее среды. Примеры клинических наблюдений иллюстрируют общую толерантность пациентов к терапии и позволяют выделить проблемы, возникающие в некоторых особых случаях. Анализируются возможные способы избежать отрицательных последствий при локализованных микроволновых и радиочастотных нагреваниях поверхностных и глубинных опухолей.  

Mar 01, 1982

N M Bleehen

The clinical use of hyperthermia for the treatment of cancer continues to be hampered by technical difficulties. Current methods of local heating do not give satisfactory heat profiles. The biological concepts behind the potentially successful use of this treatment modality are discussed together with a review of the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques employed. Some clinical studies using microwaves and radiofrequency heating are reviewed. Br J Cancer Suppl, Vol. 5 No. pp 96-100
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Клиническому применению гипертермии для лечения онкологических заболеваний по-прежнему препятствуют технические трудности. Современные методы локального нагрева не дают удовлетворительного распределения тепла. Биологические концепции, лежащие в потенциально успешном использовании этого метода лечения, обсуждаются вместе с обзором преимуществ и недостатков других используемых методов. Анализируются некоторые клинические исследования с использованием микроволного и радиочастотного нагрева.  

Mar 01, 1982

R U, K T Noell, B T Worde, K T Woodward, R I Fishburn, L S Miller and others

The renewed interest in the possible use of localized hyperthermia in cancer therapy is prompted by two major realizations. The first is the radiobiological evidence indicating that there may be a significant advantage in the use of heat alone or combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy to enhance the inactivation of tumor cells The second is that early clinical investigation with refractory malignant tumors at temperatures between 41 degrees C and 45 degrees C have shown tumor regression response rate over 70% without increasing normal tissue complication. A phase I/II study using electromagnetic hyperthermia immediately following administration of ionizing radiation was begun at Duke in the fall of 1976 to evaluate the response of normal tissues, the regression of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors, and the feasibility of such combined modalities in therapeutic radiology. Each hyperthermia session consisted of 45 minutes at 42-43.5 degrees C 2-3 times per week immediately following radiotherapy. The radiation therapy fraction size was usually 2-3 Gy 3-5 times per week with a maximum total of 48 Gy. The 60+ patients treated to date have had squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, malignant melanoma, plasmacytoma, liposarcoma, epithelioid sarcoma, and undifferentiated carcinoma. After more than 600 hyperthermia sessions, we have found: (1) local hyperthermia with microwave alone or in combination with ionizing radiation can be used with excellent normal tissue tolerance provided local tissue temperatures are carefully monitored and controlled; (2) a significantly higher level of preferential heat induction into tumor tissue is possible as compared to surrounding normal tissues; (3) repeated hyperthermia at 42-43.5 degrees C for 45 minutes per session immediately following radiation therapy yields favorable therapeutic results. Tumor regression response rate of over 70% was achieved without concomitant increase of normal tissue complication. Therefore, the potentially significant impact on clinical cancer therapy, whether of curative or palliative intent, by moderate thermotherapy is evident. Technical advances to optimize such treatment methods including R & D for delivering a known localized quantity of heat to tumors in any location in the body are expected to progress rapidly. The methods with most promising potential for inducing local thermotherapy are those involving the use of electromagnetic waves, e.g., radiofrequency energy, microwave energy, and ultrasound energy. Gan To Kagaku Ryoho, Vol. 9 No. 3 pp 343-56
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА: СОВРЕМЕННОЕ СОСТОЯНИЕ И ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ Возобновившийся интерес к возможности использования локализованной гипертермия для лечения рака продиктована двумя основными соображениями. Первое - это радиобиологические доказательства того, что может быть достигнуто существенное преимущество в использовании нагревания в одиночку или в сочетании с лучевой терапией или с химиотерапией для повышения инактивации опухолевых клеток; второе: ранние клинические исследования нагревоупорных злокачественных опухолей при температурах от 41 ° С до 45 ° С показали, что частота ответа опухоли регрессией оказалась более 70% без осложнений для нормальных тканей. Фазы I / II исследований с использованием электромагнитной гипертермии сразу же после проведения ионизирующего излучения были начаты Дьюком осенью 1976 года для оценки реакции нормальных тканей, оценки регресса кожных и подкожных опухолей, а также целесообразности таких комбинированных методов в терапевтической радиологии. Каждая сессия гипертермии состояла из 45 минут при 42-43.5 ° С 2-3 раза в неделю сразу же после лучевой терапии. Доза лучевой терапии составляла, как правило, 2-3 Гр 3-5 раза в неделю с максимальной общей дозой 48 Гр. Более 60 пациентов имели плоскоклеточный рак, аденокарциному, злокачественную меланому, плазмоцитому, липосаркому, эпителиоидную саркому, и недифференцированные карциномы. После более чем 600 сессий гипертермии, мы установили: (1) локальная гипертермия микроволновой печью отдельно или в комбинации с ионизирующим излучением может быть использована в случае отличной нормальной толерантности тканей при условии, что локальные температуры тканей тщательно контролируются и управляются; (2) возникает значительно более высокая степень нагрева опухолевой ткани по сравнению с окружающей нормальной тканью; (3) повторная гипертермия при 42-43.5 ° С в течение 45 минут за сессию сразу же после лучевой терапии дает более благоприятный терапевтический результат. Ответ опухоли регрессией достигается свыше, чем в 70% случаев без сопутствующего увеличения осложнений в нормальных тканях. Таким образом, очевидно значительное влияние умеренной гипертермии на клиническое лечение рака, будь то применение лечебным или паллиативным. Ожидается, что технические средства для оптимизации таких методов лечения, включая R & D для доставки необходимого количество тепла локализованно к опухолям в любом месте тела, будут быстро прогрессировать. Наиболее перспективным для стимулирования местной термотерапии следует считать использование электромагнитных волн, например, радиочастотного диапазона, микроволновой энергии, а также ультразвуковой энергии.  

July 01, 1983

F A Gibbs

The regions of tumor which are least adequately heated during experimental hyperthermia treatments will most likely determine the ultimate probability of tumor control. Temperature inhomogeneity during local or regional hyperthermia is often marked, and stationary temperature probes yield very little information about the adequacy or inadequacy of tumor heating. Fine catheters can be placed through the tumor bearing region and temperatures recorded at various points within these catheters, thus yielding valuable data about temperature variations within the volume of interest. The "thermal mapping system" (TMS) described herein provides a method for remotely sampling these temperature variations in a semi-automatic manner in several catheters simultaneously. Its application in conjunction with a commercial hyperthermia system is described and clinical examples of its use and importance are provided. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, Vol. 9 No. 7 pp 1057-63
"ТЕПЛОВОЕ ОТОБРАЖЕНИЕ" В ЭКСПЕРИМЕН- ТАЛЬНОМ ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА ГИПЕРТЕРМИЕЙ: ОПИСАНИЕ И ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ПОЛУАВТОМА- ТИЧЕСКОЙ СИСТЕМЫ Те участки опухоли, которые в наименьшей степени нагреваются при экспериментальном применении лечения гипертермией, скорее всего, определяют возможность конечного контроля состояния опухоли. При местной или региональной гипертермии часто отмечается температурная неоднородность, стационарные датчики температуры дают мало информации о достаточности или недостаточности нагрева опухоли. Тонкие катетеры могут быть введены через опухоль в области суставов, при этом могут быть записаны температуры в различных точках внутри этих катетеров, что позволит обеспечить ценные данные об изменениях температуры в интересующем объеме. Метод "Тепловые системы отображения" (TMS), который здесь описан, обеспечивает удаленную выборку изменений температуры в полуавтоматическом режиме с нескольких катетеров одновременно. Описано его применение в сочетании с описанной коммерческой системой гипертермии, а также клинические примеры его использования и важности.  

Jan 01, 1984

C Servadio, Z Leib

Hyperthermia - the sustained heating of tissues to temperatures of 42 degrees C to 43.5 degrees C - increasingly is being studied by scientists as a new tool to destroy cancer cells, either alone or in conjunction with other well established forms of treatment, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Many studies on tissue cultures, on animals and also on humans, have established the fact that this new nonconventional adjuvant form of treatment is actually effective. Progress is being made in the development of the necessary technology for delivering the desired and controlled form of heat to the diseased site, while protecting the surrounding healthy tissues from irreversible damage. Initial clinical trials in this direction are very promising and seem to offer new avenues in the methods of treatment for cancer of the prostate. Prostate, Vol. 5 No. 2 pp 205-11
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА ПРЕДСТАТЕЛЬ- НОЙ ЖЕЛЕЗЫ Гипертермия - устойчивый нагрев тканей до температуры 42 градусов до 43,5 градусов С - с возрастающим интересом изучается учеными в качестве нового инструмента для уничтожения раковых клеток, либо самостоятельно, либо совместно с другими хорошо известными формами лечения, такими как лучевая терапия и химиотерапия. Многие исследования на культурах тканей, на животных, а также на людях установили факт, что эти новые нетрадиционные формы профилактического лечения на самом деле эффективны. Достигнут прогресс в разработке необходимых технологий для доставки на больное место желаемого тепла и управления им, с защитой при этом окружающих здоровых тканей от необратимого ущерба. Первоначальные клинические испытания в этом направлении являются весьма перспективными и, похоже, что они дают новое решение в методах лечения рака предстательной железы.  

May 01, 1984

D S Shimm, L E Gerweck

Hyperthermia for the treatment of cancer was first used by Coley (1) in this country in 1893. After a period of eclipse, hyperthermia has enjoyed a recent surge in interest on the part of engineers, biologists, and clinicians. Research into the biology of hyperthermia has concentrated on the physiologic conditions that alter response to hyperthermia, and the phenomenon of thermo-tolerance, whereby cells surviving an initial heat treatment sustain transient resistance to subsequent heat treatments. The response to hyperthermia is increased in the presence of combined acute hypoxia and glucose deprivation (2), chronic hypoxia alone (3), or low cells pH (4). Ann Intern Med, Vol. 100 No. 5 pp 757-9
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Гипертермию. для лечения рака впервые использовал Колли (1) в этой стране в 1893 году. После периода забвения, гипертермия недавно получила всплеск интереса со стороны инженеров, биологов и врачей. Исследования биологии гипертермии сосредоточились на физиологических условиях, которые изменяют ответ организма на гипертермию, и на явлении термо-допуска, в результате которого клетки, которые выжили при начальной термической обработке, поддерживают переходное сопротивление при последующих термообработках. Отклик на гипертермию повышается в присутствии комбинированной острой гипоксии при лишении глюкозы (2), при одной хронической гипоксии (3) или при низком уровне рН клетки (4).  

May 29, 1984

Dr. Donald Cole

The ideal part of this treatment to me, on a theoretical basis, is that it answers two of the deficiencies in most cancer therapies. One, it is not mutilating, and it is non-toxic. Secondly, you are treating cancer as though it is a disease of the body rather than as though it is just a disease of the local primary tumor site, which it really is not. Because if it were, most of the patients that do develop cancer would be cured whereas in reality it is just the opposite. Rethinking Cancer
ПОЛНАЯ ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ ТЕЛА Для меня идеальным свойством этого вида лечения, на теоретической основе, является то, что он отвечает двум известным недостаткам большинства методов лечения рака. Первое: метод не калечит, т.к. он не токсичен. Второе: вы лечите рак так, как будто это болезнь всего тела, а не так, как будто это болезнь местной первичной опухоли, хотя на самом деле это не так. Ведь если бы было так, чтобы большая часть пациентов, у которых развивается рак, бы быть вылечена, однако, в действительности все как раз наоборот.  

Dec 01, 1984

J R Stewart, F A Gibbs

The potential for the use of hyperthermia in the treatment of cancer is based on a strong and compelling biologic rationale. In the laboratory it has been shown in quantitative assays both in vitro and in vivo that (1) hyperthermia is cytotoxic to tumor cells as a function of time at temperatures above 42 degrees C; (2) cytotoxicity is relatively high for radioresistant S-phase cells and for cells that are nutritionally deprived and acidotic, conditions one might expect in regions of tumors containing large numbers of radioresistant hypoxic cells; and (3) heat is a radiosensitizer. Clinical study is hampered by less than optimal physical heating methods and the need for invasive thermometry. Ultrasonic and electromagnetic approaches each have limitations and advantages. In spite of technical limitations, efficacy has been shown for superficial tumor sites treated by local hyperthermia. Studies are underway investigating the more complicated problem of deep regional hyperthermia. Although whole body hyperthermia has the attractive capability of treating metastatic as well as more localized cancer, it is toxic therapy and its role in treatment remains undefined. Research advances in equipment design and treatment optimization are needed; however, there are studies underway utilizing existing methods and rationale which should further clarify the potential clinical usefulness of regional hyperthermia in combined approach to cancer therapy. Cancer, Vol. 54 No. 11 Suppl pp 2823-30
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА. МНОГООБЕ- ЩАЮЩИЕ ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ И ПРОБЛЕМЫ Потенциал в использования гипертермии для лечении рака основан на сильных и убедительных биологических обоснованиях. В лаборатории при количественных анализах, как в пробирке и в естественных условиях, было показано, что (1) гипертермия, как функция времени при температуре выше 42 градусов С, производит цитотоксическое действие на опухолевые клетки ; (2) цитотоксичность гипертермии высока для радиорезистентных S-фазе клеток и для ацидотических клеток, лишенных питания, этого можно ожидать в участках опухолей, содержащих большое количество радиорезистентных гипоксических клеток, и (3) нагревание является радиосенсибилизатором. Клинические исследования сдерживаются недостаточностью физических средств нагревания и необходимостью инвазивной термометрии. Ультразвуковые и электромагнитные подходы имеют и ограничения, и преимущества. Несмотря на технические ограничения, их эффективность была показана для лечения локальной гипертермией поверхностных участков опухоли. Ведутся исследования по более сложной задаче глубокой региональной гипертермии. Хотя общая управляемая гипертермия имеет привлекательные возможности лечения метастатического, а также более локализованного вида рака, именно токсичная терапиия и ее роль в лечении остается неопределенной. Необходимы сдвиги в области дизайна оборудования и оптимизации лечения. По использованию и обоснованию существующих методов ведутся исследования, которые должны способствовать уточнению потенциальной клинической полезности региональной гипертермии в комбинированном подходе к терапии рака.  

Aug 01, 1986

T Matsuda

The expectation that hyperthermia would be effective in the treatment of cancer is attributable to a theoretical viewpoint based upon biological studies. Cancer cells, which characteristically are hypoxic with poor nutrition and low pH, are sensitive to temperatures over 42.5 degrees C. This is the theoretical basis which assures the effectiveness of hyperthermia when used in combination with radiation therapy. Previous clinical studies have shown that a combination hyperthermia and radiation therapy is an effective treatment for superficial tumors, thus expanding the range of cancer therapy. When used for deeply seated cancer, this combination enhances the efficiency of therapy. It is, however, necessary to improve the heating techniques and methods of thermometry. Fundamental studies are now being actively pursued in respect of combined hyperthermia and chemotherapy. However, inadequacy of clinical material hinders evaluation. The combination of whole-body hyperthermia with anti-cancer agents presents so far, unsolved problems, such as determination of applicable anatomical regions and prevention of complications. Gan No Rinsho, Vol. 32 No. 1 pp 101-5
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Ожидание того, что гипертермия будет эффективна при лечении рака, с теоретической точки зрения основано на биологических исследованиях. Раковые клетки, которые гипоксически характерны плохим питанием и низким рН, оказались чувствительны к температуре выше 42,5 градусов С. Это теоретическая база, которая обеспечивает эффективность гипертермии при использовании ее в комбинации с лучевой терапией. Предыдущие клинические исследования показали, что комбинация гипертермии и лучевой терапия является эффективным средством для лечения поверхностных опухолей, тем самым расширяется спектр методов терапии рака. При использовании для глубоко сидящих раковых опухолей, эта комбинация повышает эффективность терапии. Однако, для улучшения нагрева необходимы приемы и методы термометрии. Фундаментальные исследования в настоящее время активно проводятся в отношении совместного применения гипертермии и химиотерапии. Тем не менее, недостаточность клинического материала препятствует оценке результатов. Сочетание гипертермии всего тела с противораковыми агентами представляет собой ряд не решенных проблем, таких как определение применимости в различных анатомических областях и предотвращение осложнений.  

Mar 01, 1986

K Nakajima, H Hisazumi, S Tokunaga, O Kumaki, M Nitta, Y Saito

A combined therapy of irradiation and 8 MHz radiofrequency hyperthermia using the Thermotron-RF Model 8 was performed on a patient with mediastinal metastasis of renal cancer. The patient was a 74-year-old male, who received left transperitoneal nephrectomy for left renal tumor in December, 1982. Histology report indicated clear cell carcinoma of the kidney. He noticed puffy face and dyspnea in April, 1984. A CT scan showed a mediastinal tumor 57 X 43 X 120 mm in size and right pleural effusion. Aspiration biopsies revealed metastatic adenocarcinoma of the mediastinal lymph nodes. The combined therapy of irradiation and 8 MHz radiofrequency hyperthermia was started in July, 1984. He was irradiated with daily 2.0 Gy, 5 times a week and was heated twice a week within one hour after each irradiation, totally 50 Gy of irradiation and 14 sessions of hyperthermia. After the treatment, 69% tumor regression and disappearance of pleural effusion were obtained. The combined therapy with 28.8 Gy of irradiation and 7 sessions of hyperthermia was added for the regrowth of the tumor in February, 1985. A 30% of tumor regression was achieved, however, there was no improvement of the dyspnea or pleural effusion. He died on April 8, 1985 Hinyokika Kiyo, Vol. 32 No. 3 pp 441-7
КОМБИНИРО- ВАННОЕ ЛЕЧЕНИЕ БОЛЬНОГО РАКОМ ПОЧКИ С МЕТАСТАЗАМИ СРЕДОСТЕНИЯ С ПОМОЩЬЮ РАДИОЧАС- ТОТНОЙ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ ЧАСТОТОЙ 8 МГц И ОБЛУЧЕНИЯ Комбинированная терапия облучением и радиочастотной гипертермией 8 МГц с использованием аппарата Thermotron-RF 8 модели была сделана пациенту со средостением метастазов рака почки. Пациентом был 74-летний мужчина, которому сделана нефрэктомия левой почечной опухоли в декабре 1982 года. Гистология ясно показала рак почки. Он заметил одутловатое лицо, одышку в апреле 1984 года. Компьютерная томография показала опухоль средостения размером 57 X 43 X 120 мм и жидкость в правой плевральной полости. Данные биопсии показали метастатическую аденокарциному лимфатических узлов средостения. Комбинированная терапия облучением и радиочастотной гипертермией 8 МГц была начата в июле 1984 года. Он облучался дозой 2,0 Гр ежедневно, 5 раз в неделю и подвергался гипертермии два раза в неделю в течение одного часа после каждого облучения, всего 50 Гр облучения и 14 сеансов гипертермии. После лечения удалось добиться 69% регрессии опухоли и исчезновения плеврита. Дополнительно проведена комбинированная терапия с 28,8 Гр облучения и 7 сеансами гипертермии из-за роста опухоли в феврале 1985 года. Была достигнута 30% регрессия опухоли, однако, не было никакого улучшения по поводу одышки и плеврального выпота. Он умер 8 апреля 1985 года.  

June 01, 1987

T Yoshihara

Thermotolerance was investigated in hyperthermia using FM3A cells in vitro and in vivo. FM3A cells were heated at 42.0 degrees C, 43.0 degrees C and 44.0 degrees C and the survival rate of the cells was decreased in this order. In in vitro experiments, thermotolerance induced by heating at 43.0 degrees C for 30 min reached at maximum, when the heating interval was 12 hr and thermotolerance induced by heating at 44.0 degrees C for 30 min reached at maximum, when the heating interval was 12 to 24 hr. In in vivo experiments, thermotolerance induced by heating at 42.0 degrees C, 43.0 degrees C and 44.0 degrees C continued for 48 hr after initial heating and disappeared after 96 hr. In the repeated hyperthermia experiments, 7 times with 24 hr interval heating or 4 times with 48 hr interval heating did not show the significant inhibition of tumor growth as compared with the control group at 42.0 degrees C, 43.0 degrees C and 44.0 degrees C. However, twice with 96 hr interval heating indicated the significant inhibition of tumor growth at 42.0 degrees C, 43.0 degrees C and 44.0 degrees C. From these results it is suggested that hyperthermia treatment should be repeated after the disappearance of thermotolerance. Nippon Geka Gakkai Zasshi, Vol. 88 No. 6 pp 663-74
ЭКСПЕРИМЕН- ТАЛЬНЫЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ ТЕРМОТОЛЕ- РАНТНОСТИ ПРИ ЛЕЧЕНИЯ РАКА ГИПЕРТЕРМИЕЙ Была исследована термотолерантность раковых FM3A клеток к гипертермии в пробирке и в естественных условиях. FM3A клетки нагревались до 42,0 ° С, 43,0 ° С и 44,0 ° С и выживаемость клеток снижалась в этом же порядке. В экспериментах в пробирке, термотолерантность, индуцированная путем нагревания при 43,0 ° С в течение 30 мин, составляла 12 ч, а термотолерантность, индуцированная путем нагревания при 44,0 ° С в течение 30 мин, составляла от 12 до 24 час. В экспериментах в естественных условиях, термотолерантность индуцированная путем нагревания при 42,0 ° С, 43,0 ° С и 44,0 ° С продолжалась в течение 48 часов после первоначального нагрева и исчезла через 96 час. При повторении экспериментов с гипертермией, в 7 случаях с интервалом нагревания 24 час или в 4 случаях с интервалом нагревания 48 ч не было получено значительного торможения роста опухоли по сравнению с контрольной группой на 42,0 ° С, 43,0 ° С и 44,0 ° С. Однако, дважды нагревание интервалом 96 ч показало значительное торможение роста опухоли на 42,0 ° С, 43,0 ° С и 44,0 ° С. Из этих результатов можно сделать вывод, что лечение гипертермией следует повторять после исчезновения термотолерантности.  

July 01, 1987

S B Field

There are sound biological reasons for using hyperthermia in the treatment of malignant disease. This review includes a discussion of this rationale and describes effects of hyperthermia either given alone or in combination with ionising radiation to cells in vitro, tumours or normal tissues. Topics discussed include thermotolerance, step-down sensitisation, fractionation, re-treatment of previously irradiated sites, thermal enhancement ratio and thermal dose. Problems of heat delivery and temperature measurement are considered and the current status of clinical studies is stated briefly. Phys Med Biol, Vol. 32 No. 7 pp 789-811
МЕМОРИАЛЬНАЯ ЛЕКЦИЯ ДУГЛАСА ЛИ 1985 ГОДА. ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Есть серьезные биологические причины для использования гипертермии в лечении злокачественных заболеваний. Данный обзор включает в себя обсуждение этого обоснования и описывает эффект гипертермии, проводимой либо отдельно, либо в комбинации с ионизирующим облучением в пробирке клетки, опухоли или нормальной ткани. Темы обсуждения включают термотолерантность, понижение чувствительности, фракционирование, повторное лечение облученных ранее участков, коэффициент термического расширения и тепловые дозы. Кратко рассматриваются проблемы доставки тепла, измерения температуры и текущий статус клинических исследований.  

Jan 01, 1988

R. D. Issels

Physicians, biologists and physicists present their recent work in the field of hyperthermia with regard to both its application and its combination with radiation and chemotherapy. Current technical possibilities, clinical management and major aspects of its use for superficial and deep-seated tumors are pointed out. The main topics discussed are: changes of metabolism and microcirculation under heat conditions, the biological interaction of heat with X-rays and several chemotherapeutic agents, and the most recent clinical data from different institutions on the combined application in the treatment of cancer. Recent Results Cancer Res, Vol. 107 No. pp 1-277
ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ ДЛЯ ЛЕЧЕНИЯ РАКА Врачи, биологи и физики представляют свои последние работы в области гипертермии как с точки зрения ее отдельного применения, так и ее комбинации с лучевой и химиотерапией. Перечислены существующие технические возможности, клинические руководства и основные аспекты ее использования для поверхностных и глубинных опухолей. Основными темами обсуждения являются: изменения метаболизма и микроциркуляции под воздействием высокой температуры, биологические взаимодействия нагревания с Х-лучами и некоторыми химиотерапевтическими препаратами, а также самые последние клинические данные из различных учреждений по комбинированному применению гипертермии в лечении онкологических заболеваний.  

Dec 01, 1988

J van der Zee, A D Treurniet-Donker, S K The, P A Helle, J J Seldenrath, J H Meerwaldt and others

Ninety-seven patients with breast cancer recurring in a previously irradiated area (mean dose 44 Gy) were reirradiated in combination with hyperthermia and had evaluable tumor responses. In the reirradiation series, radiotherapy was given twice weekly in most patients, with a fraction size varying from 200 to 400 cGy, the total dose varying from 8 to 32 Gy. Hyperthermia was given following the radiotherapy fractions. The combined treatment resulted in 35% complete and 55% partial responses. Duration of response was median 4 months for partial response and 26 months for complete response, respectively. The median survival time for all patients was 12 months. Acute skin reaction was mild, with more than moderate erythema in only 14/97 patients. Thermal burns occurred in 44/97 patients, generally at sites where pain sensation was decreased, and therefore they did not cause much inconvenience. In the 19 patients who survived more than 2 years, no late radiation damage was observed. When patients who received a "high dose" (greater than 29 Gy and hyperthermia) were compared with those who received a "low dose" (less than 29 Gy and hyperthermia), a higher complete response rate was observed in the high dose group (58% vs. 24%), whereas no difference in acute toxicity was found. We conclude that reirradiation with 8 x 4 Gy in combination with hyperthermia twice weekly is a safe, effective and well tolerated method for palliative treatment of patients with breast cancer recurring in previously irradiated areas. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, Vol. 9 No. 7 pp 1057-63
ПОВТОРНОЕ ОБЛУЧЕНИЕ МАЛЫМИ ДОЗАМИ В КОМБИНАЦИИ С ГИПЕРТЕРМИЕЙ: ПАЛЛИАТИВНОЕ ЛЕЧЕНИЕ ДЛЯ БОЛЬНЫХ РАКОМ МОЛОЧНОЙ ЖЕЛЕЗЫ Девяносто семь пациентов с раком молочной железы повторяющимся в ранее облученной области (средняя доза 44 Гр) были вновь облучены в комбинации с гипертермией и был произведен анализ ответов опухоли. В серии повторных облучений лучевая терапия производилась два раза в неделю у большинства пациентов с различным размером опухоли доза была от 200 до 400 сГр, суммарная доза варьировалась от 8 до 32 Гр. Гипертермия была дана после лучевой терапии. Комбинированное лечение привело к 35% полных и 55% частичных ответов. Продолжительность ответа, в среднем, 4 месяца для частичного ответа и 26 месяцев для полного ответа, соответственно. Медиана выживаемости для всех пациентов была 12 месяцев. Острая реакция кожи была мягкая, с более чем умеренной эритемой только у 14 из 97 пациентов. Термические ожоги произошли в 44/97 пациентов, как правило, на участках, где болевых ощущения снизилась, и поэтому они не вызывают особых неудобств. У 19 пациентов, которые прожили более 2 лет, радиационных повреждений обнаружено не было. Когда пациенты, которые получили "большая доза" (более 29 Гр и гипертермия), сравнивались с теми, кто получил "малая доза" (менее 29 Гр и гипертермия), более высокий полный курс реакция наблюдалась в группе с высокой дозой (58% против 24%), однако, никакой разницы в острой токсичности не было найдено. Мы заключаем, что повторяемое облучение с 8 х 4 Гр в сочетании с гипертермией два раза в неделю является безопасным, эффективным и хорошо переносимым методом паллиативного лечения больных раком молочной железы, повторяющимся в ранее облученных районах.  

Jan 01, 1989

P R Dunlop, G C Howard

Long before ionising radiations were discovered, attempts were made to exploit elevated temperatures to control malignant tumours. At irregular intervals over the last 100 years, hyperthermia has been suggested for use in cancer therapy but has never become established. There is little doubt that heat alone can destroy tumours; and it can enhance the anti-cancer effects of radiation and chemotherapeutic agents. Laboratory and in vivo animal data provide hyperthermia with a strong biological rationale, which gives the more recent revival of interest a sounder base than previously. The exact science of hyperthermia, however, is still in its infancy, and how it should be employed to its best advantage in human cancer therapy remains illusive. We review the current position of hyperthermia in clinical cancer management and look to see what achievements are likely in the near future. Clin Radiol, Vol. 40 No. 1 pp 76-82
ИМЕЕТ ЛИ МЕСТО ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА? Задолго до того как были обнаружены ионизирующие излучения, предпринимались попытки использовать повышенные температуры для воздействия на злокачественные опухоли. Через разные промежутки времени на протяжении последних 100 лет гипертермия предлагалась для использования в терапии рака, но так и не стала принятой. Существует некоторое сомнение, что только одна гипертермия может разрушить опухоль, что она может улучшить противораковый эффект радиации и химиотерапевтических средств. И в лаборатории, и в естественных условиях данные по гипертермии на животных обладают сильным биологическим основанием, которое дает толчок недавнему возрождению большего интереса к гипертермии, чем ранее. Точное научное обоснование гипертермии, однако, все еще находится в зачаточном состоянии, и как она должна быть использована наилучшим образом в терапии рака человека, остается загадкой. Мы рассматриваем текущее положение гипертермии в клиническом лечении рака и анализируем, какие достижения, наиболее вероятны в ближайшем будущем.  

Aug 22, 1989

N Schwegler, M Notter, W Burkard

The efficacy of radiation therapy combined with local hyperthermia is demonstrated by three case studies. Mode of action and problems are discussed and published results reported. Human tumour cells obtained of biopsies from our patients before the onset of treatments were investigated. The short time cell cultures were treated either with hyperthermia or irradiation alone or with combinations under the same conditions as the clinical treatments. We could clearly demonstrate that cell cultures of human origin respond to irradiation or hyperthermia. But the effect was limited and only cultures treated with combined modalities did not relapse. There is hope that mega-voltage radiation complemented with hyperthermia have a similar effect as high-LET-radiation. Side effects have been moderate so far using an extended clinical use. Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax, Vol. 78 No. 34 pp 897-904
ГИПЕРТЕРМИЯ - НОВЫЙ ЭЛЕМЕНТ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Эффективность лучевой терапии в сочетании с локальной гипертермией показана на трех тематических исследованиях. Обсуждаются методы воздействия и другие проблемы, сообщается об опубликованных результатах. Человеческие опухолевые клетки, полученные с помощью биопсии от наших пациентов были исследованы нами до начала лечения. На протяжении короткого времени клеточные культуры лечились либо гипертермией, либо облучением по отдельности или с помощью их комбинации при тех же условиях, как и при стационарном лечении. Мы могли бы четко показать, что культуры клеток человеческого происхождения реагируют на облучение или гипертермию. Но этот эффект был ограниченным и только культуры, обработанные с помощью их комбинации не дали рецидивов. Существует надежда, что мега-напряженное излучения дополненное гипертермией даст такой же эффект, как и высокое ЛПЭ излучение. Побочные эффекты были умеренными до сих пор с использованием расширенного клинического использования.  

May 27, 1989

Hornback NB

The use of hyperthermia in cancer therapy had its origin in antiquity. Recently, some have hailed hyperthermia as the new fourth method of cancer therapy, and others have branded the treatment as "quackery" surrounded by mysticism, ignorance, and confusion. The American Cancer Society has been ambivalent, first placing it on its infamous unproven cancer therapy methods list, along with Laetril, Hoxey's cancer pills, hot water enemas, snake root oil, and other various and sundry "cancer cures." A few years ago the Society removed it from its list after deciding that hyperthermia may indeed have a place in future cancer therapy. This brief historical review highlights some of the most important early clinical discoveries and basic laboratory studies, which should help convince even the most avid skeptics of hyperthermia of the necessity of continuing the study of this most controversial form of cancer therapy. Radiol Clin North Am. 1989 May; 27(3):481-8
ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЕ АСПЕКТЫ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА Использование гипертермии в лечении рака имеет свое начало в древности. В последнее время некоторые приветствовали гипертермию в качестве нового, четвертого метода лечения рака, тогда как другие заклеймили это лечение как "шарлатанство", которое окружено мистикой, невежеством и путаницей. Американское онкологическое общество было амбивалентно, сначала разместив его в своем печально известном списке недоказанных методов терапии рака, наряду с таблетками от рака Laetril и Hoxey, клизмами с горячей водой, маслом корня змеи и другими различными методами "универсальной терапии рака". Несколько лет назад общество удалило его из своего списка, решив, что гипертермия в будущем может действительно применяться для терапии рака. Этот краткий исторический обзор освещает некоторые из наиболее важных ранних клинических открытий и основные лабораторные исследования, которые должны помочь убедить даже самых придирчивых скептиков гипертермии в необходимости продолжать изучение этого самого спорного метода терапии рака.  

Sep 01, 1989

J L Huang

In 1980, we developed a Localized Hyperthermia Solidification Apparatus (LHSA), which can produce localized controllable hyperthermia and solidify the tumor tissues. Without the interference of the Corporal and visceral physiology. Animal experiments and pathological study proved it an effective and Safe means to deal with visceral cancers. From 1982 to 1988, 34 cases of liver cancer patients received the LHSA therapy combined with operations. The therapy was effective in 86.19% of cases, and the longest survival time was 5 years. Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi, Vol. 27 No. 9 pp 535-574
ДОКЛАД О 34 СЛУЧАЯХ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ ЛОКАЛЬНОЙ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ В СОЧЕТАНИИ С ХИРУРГИЧЕСКИМ ЛЕЧЕНИЕМ РАКА ПЕЧЕНИ В 1980 году мы разработали аппарат для локальной гипертермия (LHSA), который может осуществлять локализованную управляемую гипертермию и укреплять опухолевые ткани. Без вмешательства телесной и висцеральной физиологии. Эксперименты на животных и патологические исследования доказали эффективность и безопасность этого средства борьбы с раком внутренних органов. С 1982 по 1988 год в 34 случаях больные раком печени получили терапию аппаратом LHSA в сочетании с операциями. Терапия была эффективной в 86,19% случаев, при этом самая длинная продолжительность дальнейшей жизни составила 5 лет.  

Nov 01, 1989

A Giori, C Campisi, M Sperandio

The selective lethal effect of heat on neoplastic cells has been demonstrated by several experiments "in vitro" and "in vivo". In this paper the authors report their experience on endocavitary-hyperthermic perfusion of the stomach, performed with a hyperthermic-perfusion system invented and built by them. 12 rabbits were submitted to hyperthermic perfusion of the stomach at 42.5 C for a period of 50 minutes under general anesthesia. Three other rabbits were treated with normothermic perfusion for a further control. Rectal temperature was monitored during perfusion and gastric pH was evaluated after treatment by a gastrectomy. Neither death nor major complications were observed during and after treatment and physiologic functions were maintained. Animals were sacrificed at different times from the treatment and macroscopic and microscopic exams of the principal organs were performed. Edema of the gastric wall was present in rabbits killed after a short time from treatment, while it was absent in animals sacrificed after a longer time; in these animals normal aspect of gastric glands and no fibroblastic activity was evident. The authors consider the possibility of employing this treatment in curing advanced gastric cancer, eventually associated with hyperthermic perfusion of abdominal cavity. Ann Ital Chir, Vol. 60 No. 6 pp 555-9
ВОЗМОЖНОСТЬ ИСПОЛЬЗОВА- НИЯ ВНУТРИПОЛОСТ- НОЙ ПЕРФУЗИОННОЙ ГИПЕРТЕРМИИ В ЛЕЧЕНИИ РАКА ЖЕЛУДКА: ИССЛЕДОВАНИЕ ЕЕ ЛОКАЛЬНЫХ И СИСТЕМНЫХ ЭФФЕКТОВ Селективно летальное действие тепла на опухолевые клетки было продемонстрировано на нескольких экспериментах "в пробирке" и "в естественных условиях". В данной работе авторы сообщают о своем опыте по внутриполостной гипертермии системы кровоснабжение желудка, выполненной с помощью гипертермически-перфузионной системы, которую они изобрели и построили. 12 кроликам была произведена гипертермия системы кровоснабжения желудка при 42,5 С в течение 50 минут под общим наркозом. Троих других кроликов лечили нормотермической перфузией для последующего сравнения. Во время перфузии контролировалась ректальная температура, а рН желудка оценивалась после проведения гастрэктомии. Ни смерти, ни серьезных осложнений во время и после лечения не наблюдалось, физиологические функции были сохранены. Животные были умерщвлены в разное время, затем был выполнен макро- и микроскопический анализ их главных органов. У кроликов, забитых через короткий промежуток времени после лечения, был обнаружен отек стенки желудка, в то же время он отсутствовал у животных, забитых после более длительного времени, у этих животных нормально функционировали желудочные железы и не было отмечено никакой активности фибробластов. Авторы считают возможным применение этого метода в лечении распространенного рака желудка, который, в конечном счете, связан с гипертермией перфузии брюшной полости.  

I made a brief analysis of the contents of the above papers and concluded as follows:
1. The effectiveness of hyperthermia is already proved sufficiently. About this may indicate, for example, the slogan that I recently met at the site of one Cancer Institute in Los Angeles:
"Hyperthermia, one of the most effective and low side effects cancer treatment available worldwide!"

2. In most cases, the test was done only in local hyperthermia. Application of whole hyperthermia in cancer treatment is still in its infancy.

3. The use of hyperthermia therapy in medical practice hampered by the complete absence of theoretical justification.

4. In general, the practice of hyperthermia in many experiments proved to be effective, but still needed further investigation.

5. Until 1989, I HAVE NOT FOUND A SINGLE PROPOSAL on the use of hyperthermia for the treatment of human AIDS.

6. The wide application of hyperthermia in medicine require further develop effective ways to control the temperature inside the tissue the patient.

7. In the world there is practically no apparatus for implementing an whole electromagnetic hyperthermia. Available to the general human experience hyperthermia, usually boiled down to only heat the body in hot water without immersion of the head. And that, by and large, WHOLE body hyperthermia is not (see below point 3), and therefore does not guarantee cure...

8. My proposal of 23 May 1989 on the treatment of AIDS by a full body hyperthermia (like microwave) with bringing the body temperature to 42-44 degrees Celsius HAS THE WORLD NOVELTY ON THE ABOVE DATE. That's what I wanted to prove to V. Vetvin back in 1989. However, I did not have such an opportunity. By the way, 06/25/90 professor Rakhmanova A.G., the main infectionist of Leningrad, pointed out my prioritet in this question compared with Robert Gallo, who in 1990 for the treatment of AIDS patients warmed to 42 degrees Celsius with the cooling of the brain.

9. From the history of the use of full body hyperthermia for cancer therapy the most attention deserves an article [4] with the date of priority of March 1, 1981. This article describes the positive outcome of the use of full body hyperthermia to 41.8 degrees during 4 hours. It was a full body hyperthermia using a costume made of nylon and vinyl mesh. It should be noted that the maximum temperature was clearly not sufficient. However, this article gives us the priority date to the very idea of using full body hyperthermia against cancer.

10. Authorship of the idea of full body hyperthermia for the treatment of a broad class of diseases belongs to the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides, a statement which I put as an epigraph to this article. Apparently, the law of world harmony was known to him, like Anaxagoras, from an ancient times.
What is written above is, in essence, THE DIAGNOSIS of the problem of using hyperthermia in therapeutic practice (as of 1989). Further, as it should be in medicine, problem should be followed by its THERAPY. This "therapy" I will also set out in separate paragraphs:
1. For wide application of hyperthermia in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and a number of other diseases is necessary to construct a good theory, which will explain the effectiveness of hyperthermia. This theory is almost fully built and presented in a number of my articles. The beginning of this path follows from my law of world harmony, more precisely, from the my conclusions from it, which provided me the basis for the decoding scheme of the program the immune defense of the person (PID) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) scheme. Only after these schemes discovering I proposed in 1989 a method for treating cancer and AIDS. All of humanity was doing exactly the opposite: It sought a cure in the absence of disease theory.

2. The acceleration in matters of treatment of cancer, AIDS and other diseases can occur only after the humanity will replace its "paradigm" in relation to these, the most difficult for human diseases. The current paradigm considers that these diseases are under control of biologists and virologists that the reasons for them are at the molecular level. The new paradigm is that THESE DISEASES DO NOT HAVE ANY TANGIBLE CARRIER OF. These diseases are only parasitic programs that absolutely can not be seen through a microscope. Therefore, all knowledge on infectious diseases, knowledge of virologists were powerless here. You must open a new medical direction, such as "Diseases of CHAIN REACTION-TYPE".

3. Local hyperthermia can not be an effective treatment for AIDS and cancers due to the fact that diseases such as "chain reaction" always resume its operation from those areas of the body that were not subjected to heat treatment. Only a complete heat treatment of the body can stop such disease.

4. It has already been noted above (in particular, in [11]) that hyperthermia is a "clean" method of treatment without side effects. When a new paradigm, which I mentioned above, will be formally adopted, it becomes clear to all: when whole-body hyperthermia is used correctly, no any additional treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy, will be needed, full hyperthermia is self-sufficient.

5. Based on solid state physics detailed justification the effectiveness of whole-body hyperthermia against AIDS set out by me in the article three «Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"», as well as in the article one «Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by the "method of black drawer"?». Based on energetic principles this rationale is set out by me in the «ENERGY AND AIDS» article. After the changing of the above mentioned paradigm of these rationales will be enough to effectively move forward.

I want to finish my excursus into the history of hyperthermia quite the same words, which I wrote in 2003 at the beginning of the mentioned above article «Diseases of "Chain Reaction-type"»:
«When I became interested in the problem of AIDS, I firstly began to study "the work scheme" of this disease. On this way, I firstly decoded the scheme of the program of immune system defence of the human (PID), and then I decoded the working scheme of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to data, which I have, NOBODY IN THE WORLD DID THIS BEFORE ME.»
11/13/2011   Segrim

P.S. Recently the German scientific publishing house "Lambert" on its own initiative and at their own expense released my monograph "Puzzle on behalf of AIDS" in Russian and in English languages. Interested persons can find direct links to my monograph in section "Publications" of this website.

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      The problem of AIDS for decades continues to be in the list of the most important problems that the scientific world attempts to resolve. The progress of the scientists in this direction practically remains in vain, while the messages about the next effective treatment of AIDS appear regularly in the press. What is the reason for this long "marking time"?
      Back in 1989, I plunged into the solution to the problem of AIDS and, without exaggeration, I can say that in the same year, this problem was solved by me. Anticipating the choir indignant voices, I immediately explain what I mean by the phrase "the problem is solved." I do not have a medical degree, I do not have a medical practice. If I announced my decision to this problem, I meant only that I deeply delved into the essence of the work of the immune system, delved deeply into the theory of the onset of AIDS and offered a brand the new (as of May 1989) method for complete cure of human AIDS. As a treatment for AIDS I suggested to arrange the human's full body hyperthermia in 42-44 degrees Celsius. Subsequent years have fully confirmed that I was right. Although I did not spend any therapies, many scientists, many research institutions have gone to the specified by me path, and they got strong evidence that I was fully right.
      I am a theorist, the scope of my work - a conscientious analysis of the collected information, its processing and the subsequent logical conclusions. Of course, the human's body heating to a high temperature requires overcoming defense mechanisms, which are incorporated therein nature. Of course, when the human body is heated to high temperatures there is a risk to cause coagulation of some proteins… But that's it - the subject of separate experiments, which, as I said, without any medical degree for me is not allowed to engage. However, in 1989 this idea was voiced by me, it was recorded in writing and those who then applied it in clinical practice in the future should be considered only as my followers…
      All that is written above - is history. I would not sit down for a new article just to mention my previous merits. The main idea of this paper is that a complete people cure of AIDS can be achieved and a completely different way, which does not require an artificial human body hyperthermia.

      For a full understanding of the assumptions I have to give some details of the theory of AIDS, which was built by me. Unfortunately, my theory is so new that I could provide it with a brand new terminology. However, I fear that after this many doctors simply refused to consider it. So I have to use the old terminology, and to fill the already known terms with some new meaning.
      The theory, which is adopted by a majority of medical specialists, is that HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) after being hit in the blood of a person lead his body to the weakened state called AIDS. Opponents of this theory chorus declare that there are no reliable data on the belief that HIV causes AIDS. Moreover, there is a lot of evidence that HIV (namely as a virus) no one has ever been isolated in pure form, as required by the theory of Louis Pasteur.
      I'm saying something new: HIV has no material carrier, it is simply a parasitic program that (as yet unknown reason) leads to a "software failure" of the human's immune system. This failure of the program is manifested in the fact that couples of T-helper cells (or CD4 lymphocytes, if you will) start "to see the enemy" in each other. After that, they are using each other as the enemy: they are connecting itself with this enemy, and with it are removed from the body in the form of diarrhea. As a result, the body's defence is greatly reduced: T-helpers are hardly fighting with each other, their quantity in the body becomes very small. All input "pests" in such circumstances feel quite comfortable in the body and they can quickly drive a man to his grave.
      The question arises as to why some people can live with AIDS during 20 years, while others die in a matter of months? The answer lies in a general state of immunity of the body, in the quality of diet and rest in the individual abilities of the thymus of namely this individual. The thymus produces T-helper cells, which are designed to protect the body from "foreign enemies". Facing the enemy, T-helper cells produce stable relationship with him and with a takeout this enemy from the body. Naturally, during this fight T-helpers are dying, but the thymus is constantly producing new T-helper cells, which again and again "stand on watch" to protect the body from infections input. It is known that with age the efficiency in the thymus reproduction of T-helper is significantly reduced. This tells us that for the elderly AIDS is more dangerous than for the young. However, we know that older people tend to be more cautious and more reasonable in the organization of their lives than the young. That is why a lot of young people die of AIDS.

      If HIV has not a tangible medium, it works on the principle of combustion of gunpowder track. If you have this path, then the fire (the parasitic reaction of T-helper cells "pairing") is rapidly moving along it, but if this track ends, the fire immediately goes out and anywhere else not covered. Another clear example of HIV program working can be considered a "domino effect": if there are standing upright dominoes, the reaction (i.e., the process of falling dominoes) is rapidly moving forward. If the vertical dominoes are no more, the process is terminated immediately.
      The question arises: who "pours gunpowder" or who "puts in front of the vertical dominoes" in our body. Naturally, it is thymus. The greater the T-helper consumed, the more quantity and with greater speed the thymus produces new T-helpers. This process can go on for years. Therefore, for many years a person may be ill with AIDS and stay alive. Of course, in an ill human his body works in emergency mode, but this mode and allows him to live in the world. If his body can no longer sustain the "enhanced mode" of T-helpers production, a person dies from even the most minor infections (but not from the AIDS! '). An infection can be entered into the human body even at normal meal.

      I suggest the following method a cure for AIDS. Need to completely stop working on the reproduction of T-helper in the thymus. With a stray HIV program "eat" all the T-helper cells and does not find any new, it will stops immediately. After that, this person will be completely free from AIDS, even without any hyperthermia. And only then you will need to start the process of reproduction of T-helper cells in the thymus. Then the T-helper cells, as they should be, will again be on guard the body against infections input.
      The question arises: whether we have the right to stop the thymus? Would not it be fatal for the human? Humbly report, that the thymus is not the heart and not the lungs. Stopping the thymus by 2-3 days (no longer needed) should not induce the human body any complications. Of course, if people have already been "picked up a bunch of opportunistic infections", things are much more complicated. It would be better to first get rid of these infections, and then stop the thymus. But even if all the infections can not be deleted, I think that stopping the thymus only "a couple of days" will not cause a person to death. It is important that the thymus's work could be "successfully started again".
      There is another question. If we bring into the body of infection at each meal, then as a man to live these 2-3 days with thymus stopped? Do you need not to eat anything at all? There are two possible ways. The first way - to eat nothing at all and drink only sterile water. Without food a person can live for a long time. The second path - provide human with physiological solution (e.g., glucose). That it would be sufficient.
      There is a third question. With the help of what technical or chemical means we will be able to completely stop the thymus? I'll tell you honestly: I do not know the answer for this question. I work at the computer, sitting at my desk. I have not any medical practice, I have not any laboratory work. Let on the third question will answer those professionals who for years deal with the thymus exactly.

Thank you!

08/28/2013      Sergey Makarov

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