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1 WAKE UP IN THE WORLD, WHICH WAS NOT On the mysterious phenomena associated with the ambiguity of the speed of the processes in time Link 01 01/18/2011
2 EFFECT OF THE GRAVITATIONAL WHIRLIGIG On levitation of whirligig, whose theme was raised by me earlier in the "Triple helix" Link 02 01/18/2011

Below is situated an engraving of the Netherland artist Maurits Cornelius Esher (1898 - 1972) "Eye of Death"


(Secrets of time travel)

Tunnel in the past

      Antarctica, 1995. Research Station. American and British scientists have noticed circling gray fog in the sky, and decide that it is a regular tornado. "But as time went on, and a tornado did not change the shape and did not move!" - Says a physicist at the U.S. Marian McLain. And then scientists decide to conduct some experiments.
      Launched into the sky attached to the cable weather balloon soared upwards and disappeared. Some time later, the researchers with the rope returned the probe to land and found that chronometer, mounted to the balloon, indicates ... January 27, 1965. A launch of the probe was held just three decades later, at the same number and the same month. Additional experiments. Check equipment. Devices are OK! And the clock every time shows long past time.
      Perhaps the story about "The gates of time" written off to the special magnetic field, taking place at the South Pole. If it were not for other facts of the real - though unguided - time travel known to mankind.

Next stop - the future

      In 1987, the Hong Kong scientists have studied a boy named Lee Yong Cheng, who claimed that he "came out of the past." Children's fantasy?.. Brad sick of consciousness?.. Whatever it was, but "stranger" well spoke in the ancient Chinese language, he retell the biography of long-dead celebrities. He has not for years well knew the history of the past China and Japan, spoke of many events, which are currently either do nobody remember, or know only a very limited number of historians. Strange boy also was dressed as dressed inhabitants of ancient China. He did not understand how he got into a modern city Hong Kong. However, it could be a well-planned provocation (eg, television campaign that seeks to sensation).
      However, historian Ying Ying Shao decided to check the boy's story and delved into the study stored in the temples of ancient books. In one of them, his attention was drawn to record almost identical verbal paraphrases of Yun Lee Cheng: All dates, names of areas and names of specific people were the same. The historian has also come on record about the place and date of birth of the boy. He was almost sure that this is the "the same boy", but with the aim to fully confirm the stunning opening fact, it was necessary to talk with him again. However, in May 1988, after spending a year in our time, the boy suddenly disappeared, and the more it has not been seen.
      Soon Ying Ying Shao, continuing his studies, found in one of the books in the name of Yung Cheng Lee next record: "...he disappeared for 10 years, then he has appeared with the mind came down, he claimed that he had been in 1987 of the Christian era. He told that he saw huge birds, big magic mirrors, boxes that reach the clouds, the colorful lights that are lit and extinguished by themselves, wide streets, adorned with marble, that he had traveled in a long snake that crawls with tremendous speed. The boy was declared insane and died after 3 weeks..."
      Dead boy?.. Or he disappeared again for his contemporaries, to appear somewhere where else?

Through half a century in a few seconds

      In late 1996, the weekly "The Independent, Worthing", published the sensational stuff. British air defense system detected an object approaching from the Pas-de-Calais to the English coast at low altitude. The pilot did not respond to requests. Then the radars lost him. They found the plane just a day later in a field near the house of a such Martha Crawford. The woman said she worked in the garden when she heard a loud motor roar. She glanced at the sky and saw a low flying plane. Directly over the house the aircraft got shake and then the aircraft started landing and landed in a meadow. From the cockpit's appeared a head in a helmet, and at the wing came out a young man in military uniform. He looked around, and it more than once swayed from side to side as if he was drunk. Pilot sat on the wing and asked a strange question: "Madam, say, for God's sake, where am I?.."
      After he heard that he was in England, the man turned pale and slid down on the grass. March Crawford removed his helmet and looked at him: he was not drunk or wounded, but behaved as under a strong delirium. He spoke haltingly on air fight with some Nazi aces and asked to join him on the phone with the regimental commander. Arrived doctor delivered an unusual pilot in a military hospital.
      As it turned out later, the plane was badly damaged - the bullets in seven places struck the fuselage, nearly hitting the fuel tanks. The experts arrived at noon with the British Air Force base, quickly discovered that they see a fighter P-40 "Curtiss", which consisted on arms of the Americans during the Second World War. Machine is so-so, medium tactical and technical characteristics...
      A pilot named John Walker came to himself in the hospital, said some incredible things. He, Lieutenant U.S. Air Force, 9 April 1944 as part of a cover Squadron, in which he served, accompanied by British Lancaster - heavy bombers, journeyed to bomb sites in Nazi-occupied Belgium. Three German "Messers" strafed the aircraft Walker. He shot down one, but two other aircrafts chased and fired at him, until not damaged him out. The machine began to lose control and was ready to fall into the strait. Pilot threw the roof of the cab and was about to parachute jumped from...
      "Suddenly a gray, smoky, rattling war's world supposedly exploded in front of me. I thought I got a bullet in the head and going to die. Lost consciousness... When I woke up, the aircraft into a steep dive rushed to the ground, the engine worked. I was able to align the plane only at a height of 200 meters. The silence deafened me: no aircraft in the sky! Disappeared Lancasters, lost a cloud of German aircraft hunters were gone and our fighters. In headphones - dead silence.
      Somehow I reached out to the front rising above the shore, where I sat down at a certain field with empty tanks and almost unconscious".
      The news that the yard is 1996, plunged the already exhausted pilot in shock. He was transferred to a special psychiatric clinic. After another day to stop unhealthy reporter's excitement about this whole story, the leadership of the hospital made an official statement: "25-year-old amateur pilot, John Walker, the owner of the restored P-40 "Curtis" suffers from an obsessive form of schizophrenic delusions, exacerbated by the complete amnesia, suddenly struck him during the flight. The disease is certainly was caused by the immoderate passion Mr. Walker's in the history of aviation. Currently, the patient feels the U.S. Air Force pilot during the Second World War. Now he is treated in a specialized clinic without visitors access to him, to not cause exacerbation of illness".
      Just another crazy?.. Journalist James O'Hara held his own investigation. Here's what he found: "The aircraft, tail number P-0327 really was in 123rd cover Squadron and disappeared without a trace in April 9, 1944 after the air battle with three "Messers". Plane was managed by Lt. John Walker, a picture which we have been able to find in the archives and re-shoot. On the right cheek he has a characteristic birthmark. I appear here on the pilot's right cheek is the same birthmark as a pilot Walker in the photo from the archive, they look like they can not even look like twins! This is definitely the same person. In addition, the plane had many fresh scratches and punctures, I've touch them with my fingers. Hence, the plane was strafed not 52 years ago, but about 20 minutes ago. In addition, where could take the bullet holes in the restored aircraft?"
      About the fate of John Walker authorities stubbornly silent.

People fallen into a pit of time

      Flight John Walker through time was not the first nor the last. Since 1976, we know of at least 274 cases, when the pilot, flying on a mission, suddenly found himself in the past. Danish physicist KSIP Hoglund classified all the information that was obtained from the secret government archives. Here are some examples from the list of scientist.

      1976. Russian pilot Viktor Orlov said that, he was flying in MiG-25, and seen military action that unfolded under the wing of his plane. Analysis of depicting in his memory paintings led experts to conclude that the Orlov had witnessed the famous battle that occurred in 1863 near the town of Gettysburg during the Civil War.

      1985. The pilot of the Air Force took off from the NATO base, located in northern Europe, and suddenly found himself in prehistoric Africa, watching grazing on its expanses of dinosaurs.

      1986. Russian pilot Alexander Ustimov, performing a task, suddenly found himself on Ancient Egypt The pilot saw the one built a pyramid, and saw the foundations of several others, around which swarmed the mass of people.

      1994. This year has been very fruitful in such cases. Thus, the pilot of the Air Force United States Whitman, flying over the state of Florida, suddenly discovered that he was over a territory resembling medieval Europe. Whitman said: "I saw a huge bonfire and around the piles of human bodies". Apparently, he was in a time when the plague was raging in Europe.

      An unnamed NATO pilot described his short but spectacular flight over the ancient Rome. He saw the chariot on the streets and the Coliseum, which looked as if it had recently built.

      Another (also not someone wanted to disclose his incognito) pilot of the NATO Air Force spoke about how he plunged into the thick of the battle that took place during the Second World War. As allies and the Germans, according to a pilot's words at the sight of his modern aircraft flew out in all directions.

      "Describing his trips into the past - said Dr. Hoglund - pilots pay attention to the fact that they lasted no more than 20 seconds. The pilots flew at supersonic as well as at subsonic speeds, hence the speed of flight is not connected with the penetration of the past. No one travels into the future had been reported".
      British astrophysicist Gibert Gayan supposed that the described Hoglund cases may shed light on the mystery of UFOs. "Maybe the UFO that appear throughout human history - it is not alien ships, and we, from time to time falled from the present into the past" - he says.

Skeletons flew at the plane

      In 1939, in the sky suddenly vanished airliner, flight from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)- Bogota (Colombia). On board were 36 people, including crew. This airplane landed in Bogota in 1994. When they opened his door, they saw inside the 36 skeletons. And also saw several hot cups of coffee, cigarettes emitting smoke and newspapers, dated April 16, 1939. Newspapers looked as though they had just been brought from the printers.
      "We have no idea how the plane could land, - says Herman Guevara, one of 100 experts invited to participate in the investigation. - Because near the wheel sat a skeleton!"
      Some experts believe that the plane got in the "pit of time". Someone inclined to see the involvement in this event of aliens. However, it still is not clear why people are turned into skeletons, and coffee, cigarettes and newspapers are kept pristine freshness.

Passengers of the "Titanic" still alive

      A pit of time killed airliner passengers, but it seems, has saved some of the castaways in an ocean. In 1994, after 82 years since the sinking of the Titanic in the North Atlantic found 10-month-old girl, which was presumed dead. Frozen, but safe and sound baby caught after being in the same area have rescued two more victims of the disaster - Winnie Coots and Captain E.J. Smith. This led scientists to suggest that, perhaps, other passengers of the liner still are swimming in the ocean and waiting for help.
      Found a girl (her name is not mentioned) was discovered by a team of Norwegian fishing vessel. The girl was attached to the Titanic lifebuoy. In the archival documents kept mentioning that the child was 10 months old when she and her mother got on board the vessel. Since then she has not gotten older for a single day. As well as other salvaged.
      After the incident all the teams vessels, whose course is in the south-western coast of Iceland, have been notified that it is not ruled out a meeting with other victims of a shipwreck of the Titanic.

Who will make a step into the gates of eternity

      Discovered in the Antarctic vortex funnel causes fierce debates. It seems that these "gates of time" over the South Pole is nothing like a tunnel allowing to penetrate into the past and the future. However, what awaits humanity who dare to change the course of history? On the one hand, returning to the past, people will be able to prevent wars, epidemics, to identify and isolate the first victim of AIDS and prevent the spread of this terrible disease. But on the other hand, if a person has the right to change what has already happened in the universe?
      However, we can not be completely sure that someone has not used this tunnel by changing our present. Perhaps, earlier the world was another, but we just do not know about it. Maybe in a world that will change the time-travelers, anyone of us is destined to be awake. This can happen because the event will go in such abnormal way, that our parents never will meet each other and will not make us for the world. And perhaps in this new present will live only one who has changed the past. In some of the parallel worlds, one of which has long been a nuclear war, and the other is never extinct dinosaurs...

Author: Tatyana ALESHINA
Source: http://subscribe.ru/archive/science.news.nauka/200602/20000811.html

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(Levitation at home, or how to make the UFO at home)

      Children's Toy "whirligig" - prototype starship of the future, says a Moscow scholar Victor Pashchenko. To create such devices, which will resemble the "flying saucers" allow the discoveries made recently in the field of gravity.

      The science of gravity is rapidly becoming today one of the main branches of physical knowledge - it belongs to XXI century - says doctor of technical sciences Victor Z. Paschenko.
      Already explained, many mysteries, which puzzled scholars of the past. For example, why in a plane flying from east to west (ie against the Earth's rotation), the clock will go slower in comparison to a plane, flying from west to east? And all the matter in Earth's gravitational field, which "slows down" the course of hours in the first case and assists in the second one. By the way, and the fuel loss for the flight in the first case will be greater than the second. What's the secret?

      Long been noted that the weight of conventional vertical gyroscope, which rotates counter-clockwise, less than the weight of the gyroscope, rotating clockwise. In the first case the gravitational field of the Earth do the whirligig more easy. We'll call this phenomenon "the effect of the gravitational whirligig".
      Based on this principle, you can create a very interesting device, even a "flying saucer". You must bring the speed of plate counterclockwise to 7,9 km/s (so it would soar above the Earth's surface). And at a speed 11.2 km/s she will move in interplanetary space.
      The effect of the gravitational whirligig explains many natural phenomena, which were of mystery for scientists. This and tornadoes that stretch to the sky (lift into the air of massive bodies and water masses during the rotation of air and water jets counterclockwise). This and the observed by the astronauts water moving down at the surface of the ocean, and the formation of the so-called air pits, that are dangerous to airliners... Even the "Bermuda's miracle" could be unraveled with the help of space-based monitoring: surely blame - circulation of air masses in the vicinity of Bermuda. The disappearance of planes and ships in this area is apparently only at the time of interaction between the ocean and atmosphere, which causes the manifestation the effect of the gravitational whirligig - the rotation of huge water and air masses in a clockwise direction.

      The effect of the gravitational whirligig explains the formation of a tsunami. Knowing this, and tracking the status of cyclones, we can promptly notify the ground stations and the public about the origin of "wave-killers."

      It is especially necessary to take into account the effect of the gravitational whirligig for moving cars on freeways, which are walking along the meridians. When reaching a certain maximum speed of vehicle, the force pressing wheel cars to the road surface tends to zero. Machine becomes uncontrollable. Under the influence of Earth's rotation (0.46 km/s) the machine will suddenly moves into the oncoming lane or crosses the oncoming lane.

June 4, 1999
Source: http://www.biblicaldiscovery.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=145

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