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1 "WAR" WITH THE PATENT INSTITUTE Story of how a civil engineer Makarov invented a whole series of new suspension roofs Link 01 12/18/2010
2 SUSPENDED ROOFS - FOR SPACE ARCHITECTURE About how I offered my constructions to R.Z. Sagdeev, director of the Space Studies Institute
Link 02 12/18/2010
3 CONSTRUCTIONS, WHICH ARE ABLE BE DISCLOSED IN SPACE On an unsuccessful attempt to launch into space self-extracting solar reflector
Link 03 12/27/2010
4 COOPERATION WITH NPO "ENERGIA" A story about how I was sent in the NPO "Energia" to participate in the consideration of my constructions
Link 04 12/27/2010
5 LET'S ASK DIRECTLY... This is my "final question" to the NPO "Energia"
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Lower is placed the animation taken by me from a following source:


      May 25, 1982 I sent in VNIIGPE (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of State Patent Examination) my first application for the invention of cable (suspension) roofs. Until July 1983 I sent in VNIGPE 6 more applications on the same topic.
      Consideration of my applications was long and complex: as the VNIIGPE rule sais, positive decision on the "private owners" (which was me) application can only be taken after receiving a positive opinion from a leading service organization in this area. And tell me, do "a specialized organization" wants to "sing the praises of" the single owner-inventor?
      In the course of consideration of applications in VNIIGPE I myself went to Tallinn, and received positive feedback from the Kulbah V.R., professor of Tallinn's University of Technology. Then I went to Moscow and received a positive response from the TSNIIEP (Central Research Institute of Experimental Design) Deputy Director for scientific work Professor V.I. Travush. That was enough. In VNIIGPE seven of my applications were joined into one. On my applications a favorable decision was written, and I was given an inventor's certificate SU 1270256 A1. It was in November 15, 1986.
      Below I present two pages scanned. This description of my invention - the result of my seven nominations consideration in VNIIGPE.

      Many years had passed, but my achievements are still alive in folk's capacity. Everybody can verify this by using the links below:

Patent "SU 1270256 1" invention description from the European Patent Office
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      Among the photos, which I richly accompanied my invention applications, were the structures "hanging in the air." In one of the many remarks, which VNIIGPE demanded from me, I directly wrote that my constructions can be successfully used for construction in space and on the surfaces of other planets.
      Unfortunately, after my invention adopting, my comments and copyright certificate nothing real was followed.
      November 4, 1988 I through the TSNTTM (center of scientific and technical creativity of youth), "Nadezda" ("Hope") in Gatchina sent a letter to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov, in which I described my constructions and my recommendations for their using in space. After my waiting the answer for a few months, I sent such information comrade. Sagdeev R.Z., who was then in Moscow, director of the Institute for Space Studies and the simultaneous advisor to the President of the USSR on Science.
      I note that all information to Sagdeev R.Z. I sent with the "return receipt requested". More precisely: all my materials my good friend handed to Sagdeev directly from hand to hand, because he met with Sagdeev at the Congress of Soviets. In the opinion of my friend, Sagdeev was very interested in my materials and promised to answer them. But apparently later comrade. Sagdeev decided that if the materials were passed to him from hand to hand and this transmission is nowhere recorded, it is like if he "received nothing". All my materials he simply has decided to use for their own purposes.
      From comrade R.Z. Sagdeev I have not received an answer yet. However, I hope very much that my materials are not brought him good, because my letter to him was "a cry of the soul." No normal Russian person does not pass by a drowning man, who asks for help.
      According to my information, Sagdeev over the years had already managed to emigrate from the Soviet Union, married the daughter of Eisenhower and settled in France. There, among other things, he directed the creativity of students in the space architecture lab...
      Below I present the full text of my letter to comrade R.Z. Sagdeev, and also his photo.

      I apologize for that appeal to you, but for me it is something of a "tiny straw" which a drowning man grabs for. The technical side of things will be clear for you from the attached copy of the TSNTTM "Nadezda" ("Hope") letter from 11.04.1988, so I will not repeat.
Unfortunately, the one who addressed this letter, it apparently did not read, and those who read it, probably decided not to burden themselves with thoughts.
      I am 38 years old, I have a diploma in civil engineering, although earlier I studied in Physical-Mathematical boarding-school, a and completed two courses in the Physics Department of Leningrad State University. My general and uninterrupted term of work is for 20 years. My work and personal biography is rather complicated (because "I'm not on my knees crawling), but morally and politically clean.
      Over the past 20 years, I've never felt satisfaction from their social work. Moreover, I constantly feel that all my knowledge (physics, mathematics - a course of physical faculty of Leningrad State University; construction - alculation, design, all functions of customer and contractor), experience, intuition and creativity in a serious sense of the word nobody needs.
      Perhaps this is due to the fact that my parents - simple laborers, and I have no any sponsors and any co-authors too. My present life, the social aspect of which is usually reduced to "wiping the pants for bread and water," I do not feel worthy of man. In the formula "from each according to his ability, to each - according to work" namely the first part is very attractive to me.
      When i have ended some construction design, I always knew what and how you can improve, namely because of this, I once had to leave the Design Institute. In matters of accuracy, I always stayed a physicist and mathematician for all my life, that often causes confusion and even laughter among other builders.
      The things, what are described in a letter TSNTTM "Nadezda" ("Hope") - not the most recent my achievements. Picture on the back side of which the black "star" is situated is placed in VNIIGPE since 1984, while I pointed out that this construction can be used for construction in space, but for VNIIGPE it means nothing.
Now it is obvious for me that all the curved contour elements can be moved into space rolled up, that is, they will be filled with air directly before the mounting (I thought: the contour arches will be as "sausages" made of metal or plastic). With this realization in space do not need to deliver a single rigid elongated element, however, there can be constructed fairly rigid structures, covering all the necessary volume of a three-dimensional space.
      Inside the two-storey outlet (see photo), whose sides are also sewn with ropes, you can be grown the plastic "bubble" from firm Hughes (see [1], p. 126) - you get ready laboratory.
      I believe that in space, we should adopt something from the spider: the cables for the network shouldn't produce on earth, but pulling them in space from a special vessel containing resin that hardens after stretching.
      Generally speaking, the "duplex receptacle" of small size are likely to be applicable as a laboratory on the outer surface of which are placed solar cells, reflectors or antennas. Major "socket" (one-or two-story) - is an artificial planet, to which the spaceships can be mooring (network, by the way, can soften the blow from "mooring"). On the work surface of network by anchoring cross over cables sealed units (laboratories, homes) can be attached. Cables of the net can also be the core for communication and power systems (cable tracing), and possibly as the "rails" for planetary rovers.
      My "creative kitchen", equipped with the latest Faraday and Lord Kelvin, does not stand still - I already have two designs of "two-storey construction" one hundred percent of prefabrication, which unfold themselves in space without human intervention...
      The main issue that worries me now: "Does anyone in the USSR has needs in my proposals?" If it's no use to anyone for any reason, such as:
      - made for the space under public pressure, cut back, the space program is very narrow and my design has no place in it;
      - The Soviet Union in the coming years, decided to limit ourselves to "space reflectors", and for them has already been adopted and constructed "reverse umbrella" type design TsNIIPSK system;
      - in my designs found "no utility" (wording VNIIGPE), so I would like to offer their ideas in any other country where they will be of interest (for example, the French National Office for Space Research, the British Interplanetary Society or NASA).
      With regard to filing of patent applications through VNIIGPE, I already have the sad experience: several years punching his forehead closed doors, then as a result of it - an inventor's certificate number 1270256, in which the basic idea was corrupted to such state, that of the scope of rights protected by the evidence, it disappeared altogether (?!). But all the "rights" has the state, which, as the passed years shows, they absolutely do not need.
      In all my life I have never had affairs with secret information, so I in principle, can not divulge any state secrets. I can share only the information to which I came myself. I believe that in space matters more intelligent patriotism is not at the level of "yard" or the country, but at the level of "Homo sapiens".

1. Yaroslav Golovanov. Architecture of weightlessness. Moscow, Mashinostroenie, 1985.
2. K.E. Tsiolkovsky ideas and the present times. Nauka, 1979.

1. Copy of a TSNNTM "Nadezda" ("Hope") letter 24 dated November 04, 1988 on three sheets.
2. Scheme of processing of the letter number 24 dated 11/04/1988 on one sheet.
3. Description of the invention to the inventor's certificate number 1270256.
4. Nine photos illustrating Makarov S.G. structures using in space

My address: 188350, Leningrad Region., Gatchina, Gagarin Street, 19, apt. 22 (hostel).

My place of work: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Capital Construction department, Senior Engineer.

Thank you for your attention. Once again, sorry. Waiting for your reply.
April 15, 1989      (signature)       Sergey Makarov
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      Currently, in most cases, made to run into space design of full operational readiness. In these designs then disclosed antennas as well as rigid flat elements with solar panels to supply power stations.
      In Soviet and Russia there were some attempts to launch the autonomous self-expanding structures containing soft elements, but as far as I know, they all ended with no success. One of these designs - "Umbrella", which was developed in TsNIIPSK. It was a space reflector, which was intended to reflect the sunlight and redirecting them to a selected section of the earth's surface. On Earth, all was well, but to reveal this "umbrella" in space have failed.

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      On the other not successful attempt I want to stay specially, and tell its history. As I mentioned earlier, in 1989 I visited the NPO Energia near the Moscow. Trip in Kaliningrad, near Moscow, I was given TSNTTM "Nadezda" ("Hope") because my main job did not have any relationship to the cosmos.
      Not to be unfounded, below I present a photocopy of my travel documents, and the fax that sent NPO Energia at my supervisor Seleznev.

      It turns out, the letter that "Nadezda" ("Hope") previously sent comrade. Ryzhkov N.I. (in the letter were described my proposals on outer space), after its registration with the USSR Council of Ministers received a status of "government proposal". This status is assigned to the documents of special importance. However, this status has not prevented the Office of the Council of Ministers lose all graphics materials, attached to the letter, after which the letter was forwarded to NPO Energia. There professionals analized my proposals for the deployment in space structures containing soft elements, namely: the cables.
      When arriving at NPO Energia, I gave specialists a lot of graphic materials on my designs. Underlying all of these structures lay my inventor's certificate (the description, see above). Later I changed the supporting contour, as a result he was drawn from a series of X-shaped bits and pieces and got the ability from the folded "drum" be disclosed into the "socket", which covers a large area.
      In addition to the graphical and descriptive documentation, I handed over to specialists of NPO Energia, and a number of real, made by me, small models, which demonstrate proposals for the deployment in space, self-expanding cable-stayed structures. I think it is no exaggeration to say that specialists from my designs, "were ecstatic". I was told that if these proposals came from the special organization, they would immediately conclude a contract for 100 thousand rubles. As I am "just a private person", they will conclude a contract with me (or rather, with TSNTTM "Nadezda") and will pay me under the contract of 20 thousand rubles.
      The reader to really appreciate the amount of the contract, I would like to inform you that my salary at my main job was at that time 150 rubles a month. In short: for me it was good money. I was offered to buy any flat in the Moscow region and continue working in their team. We have prepared draft of contract and I went to Gatchina. In Gatchina TSNTTM "Nadezda" ("Hope") signed their part of the contract and sent it to the NPO Energia for signature.
      This is, by and large, and all. For all of our calls in Kaliningrad we were told that "funding was cut" or "new contracts are banned." I, however, has twice traveled to Kaliningrad to my account, but to achieve some positive results I could not.
      The reader may think that this story was over. Not at all. After my return from the first trip, "Energia" on my proposals immediately opened a new project "Manez" and became prepare the project materials and design a prototype for testing. It is for these "worries" and I found them in my next visit. It turns out: they haven't any money for a new contract and author's payment, but on a new project the money immediately were found.
      I merely reviewed all their billet for construction of "Manez" (I wanted to do some photos, but the photographs were forbidden there) and found in them as much as 5 deficiencies (gaps), and I told them about it. After that I asked the employees of NPO Energia does not deal with "amateur work", but at the beginning literate "drag" me to their team, for I can by my personal participation provide them guaranteed results.
      My wishes were "a voice crying in the wilderness." After some time, the "Manez" was launched into space, but the structure is not thrown open - the money went "down the drain."
      I could not take a photograph of a prototype. But I asked specialists to give me "draft papers on memory." Ironically, these papers have given me. All the photocopies I posted below.

      "Hand on heart", I was overjoyed when I learned that their "Manez" (see Fig. 1) in space was not opened. I can guess why he did not open, I think I know what steps need to do against it. Serious approach gives serious results, but "thieves methodics" (God sees everything!) should be punished.
      When I was in the NPO Energia, I personally spoke with the head of the complex, which sent me a challenge, with the head of the department, to whom I handed over all materials and with many members of this department, which I gave numerous explanations and answered all questions. In this article I deliberately did not use any of the names of employees of NPO "Energia", with whom I talked (suddenly it's a "military secret") - case is not in particular persons. But I did not take any obligation to keep confidential draft papers on the "Manez" presented to me. Many years have passed, but I say: I find strange all the approach of NPO "Energia", to my case. Perhaps, this organization always prefers "thieves" approach, but not the official one? I do not know answer to this question.
      In today's world, many businesses see it as: reputation more than money. In this case, the agreement reached by telephone or in person is mandatory to implement, regardless of whether it was formalized on paper. I'm not vindictive people: if NPO "Energia", albeit belatedly, fulfill his part of the contract, I can finally accept it seriously (about it I undertake to inform the public) and can even continue my cooperation with them.
      I met all their demands and all wishes. Incidentally, one of their wishes were: I should make at their presence one large self-opened "pane" with a two-layer (for stiffness) network. I spent the two days, but I made such a pane, naturally, without any additional payment. When opened, the diameter of this pane was about one meter. I can imagine how it was easy after that to make their "Manez" - it was already in their eyes.

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      I mentioned above, under "implementation of their part of the contract" I mean: they have to pay me the money amount specified in the transaction in 1989 (20,000 rubles), with the index and ascended over the past years, bank interest rates. According to my calculations it will be about one hundred thousand euros (I do not live in the ruble zone now).
      I want to finish this part of the presentation with my direct address to the management of NPO "Energia" (now: RSC "Energia"), by a question. And this question will sound about as well as at the end of one of the parts known to all TV shows "I am for myself the director": I fulfilled my part of our contract...

But you are weak to do it?

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