«One of the main goals of theoretical research in any field of knowledge is
to find the point of view, from which the subject appears in its greatest simplicity».

Willard Gibbs


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1 STATEMENT TO THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Story of how I turned into the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and about the response that I received on my application Link 01 11/21/2010
2 PUBLICATION IN THE "ANOMALY" NEWSPAPER On my first publication of the law in a newspaper Link 02 11/21/2010
3 AND THE ESSENCE THEN WHERE? On the application I have a new law to tackle one of the global problems of mankind - the treatment of AIDS Link 03 11/21/2010
4 TENSEGRITY - IT'S POTENCY Explanation and generalization of the principle of the "tensed unity" of Buckminster Fuller Link 04 10/15/2011
5 ENGINEER MAKAROV AGAINST NUCLEAR EXPLOSION About Russian engineer Makarov's recipe for the "sick Japanese nuclear station" Link 05 03/24/2011


      Despite its apparent simplicity, this section of my site is the most difficult for me. The complexity begins with the fact that I was intruding into a sphere of human intelligence, which has already brought to the pit, the fire in a lunatic asylum for hundreds of my predecessors.
      Have long dreamed of humanity to find and to describe the "secret mechanism", which is the base subject to all around. I hope that I do, nevertheless, managed to.
      My rise to this "Everest" began many years ago. Shoveled tons of "waste paper", (happened that lay open before me 120 books at a time, and the total length of all my personal bookshelves was 28 meters), I finally realized that I'm looking for . However, in order to describe his findings logically and rigorously formulated his law, it took me another eight years.
      To test how well it was my wording of the law, I gave the printout of my law to one my girlfriend, in which head a pure logic was "okay". Imagine my surprise when, already a day later she came to me and said: "In your statement there is only one extra word, the word "self". I was amazed and delighted at the same time. The fact that I myself knew what the word in this law is not explained by "pure logic". And she immediately found the word. I explained to her that the word is introduced into the law wording simply as a concession to the ordinary human logic. As my law is addressed, after all, the people, not machines, I decided to leave this word in its initial place.

("Logical Nature's metric" or "Makarov's Nous-law")

      A real [ideal (virtual)] existence of two formations of certain type and a real [ideal (virtual)] opportunity of their intertransitions (transmutation) inevitably give birth to real [ideal (virtual)] formations of new two types, namely:

      - formation of higher type, which is a generalization for the set of formations of the initial type ("SYNTHESIS" - to this direction the volume of information increases, but entropy decreases);
      - some formations of lower type, which are characterized by the circumstance, that each of formations of initial type self is a generalization for set formations of lower type ("DECAY" - to this direction the volume of information decreases, but entropy increases).

      I've reproduced the text on this site in "My Prose" chapter (story "Contact"). There, I attributed the authorship of the law to a certain Igor, with whom I supposedly worked in the Institute. In fact, no Igor did not exist, and I'm never worked in any SRI. In artistic matters, I have always been and still remain "artisan-alone", which does not and never has been co-authors.
      When I formulated the law, I naturally wanted to "stake out" on him my priority. I am deeply delving into the "Regulations on inventions and discoveries ..." and was horrified to find that it does not help me.
      The authors of this unobjectionable provisions require compliance with all prescribed standards for their design ... and the treatment ... In particular, during the application process immediately necessary to specify to which area of science, to which sector of the economy is "supposed discovery".
      What could I specify them? At the same time "ALL" or simply "NOTHING". Both alternatives are rejected, so I had to turn to "higher" authority, namely: the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, which I did.
      For English readers, I decided to translate into English the full text of my address at the Academy of Sciences, cited above. Here is the text.

To the Scientific Secretary of Academy of Sciences of the USSR

"There is no doubt that we face a crazy theory.
The question is whether enough it crazy
to be true."
Niels Bohr


      I am 38 years old. As my full previous life result, and in particular, as a result of the last eight years, when I knew what I'm looking for, I in May 8, 1989 had formulate the law, the need for which, in particular, is marked at the book E. Sedov "One formula of the whole world", page 120 (Publishing House "Knowledge", Moscow, 1982).
      This law is a major discovery, however, it goes beyond any one specific science, so the current "Regulations on the findings ..." is not possible to issue a request for it.
      I managed to open the law as a result of deep analysis a range of sciences (mainly physics, mathematics and biology) and the axioms of dialectical materialism.
It should be noted that, as the most universal law of nature, the law with the same success could be obtained on the basis of analysis of any of the existing sciences, as well as from the sphere of art. The universality of this law allows to use it (certainly not in text) for contacts with other civilizations.
      I affirm, that I am the sole author of the described opening, please register it and give me an appropriate certificate.

My address: 188350, Leningrad Region., Gatchina, Gagarin Street, 19, apt. 22 (hostel).
My place of work: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Capital Construction department, Senior Engineer.

05/10/1989      SERGEY G. MAKAROV

      After a couple of months, empty of expectations, I also wrote a letter to the "Nature" journal. Reply from the journal I quote below the left. I note that the scientific editor of the "Nature" journal was a thoughtful man and he seriously and favorably reacted to my treatment. However, we all are living "under God" (in this case "under the USSR Academy of Sciences), so it was very interesting, what's the answer comes to me from the academy.

      I got the response from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (see above right), but the answer is "threw me into shock".
My explanations:
- In my statement, I just wrote, why the current regulations, I can not routinely make and submit my application; at the answer I was asked to "go to the VOIR City Council" (All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators);

- outgoing messages every self-respecting organization is only sent after the signing of their leader or his deputy; the letter from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR   DID NOT SIGN ANYONE.   Even Madame Yuzhakova, who prepared the text of the letter, is not resolved to subscribe the letter. It was the usual "unsubscribing" on letterhead the Academy of Sciences.
      Well, interesting people are working in the Soviet Academy of Sciences. About what kind of a science then can we talk after that?

      However, as they say in the east, "the dog barks but the caravan moves". May 11, 1989 I registered the text of my law at the notary's presentation. But I registered it, and how to bring my findings to other people? After all, in my opinion, this law, if applied, is capable to give very good results in many areas of human endeavor .

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      After reading in the newspaper "Anomaly" very sensible article on my question, I wrote a letter to my favorite newspaper July 20, 1991, the text of this letter bring higher. The newspaper did not remain indifferent to the letter. In the same year in the 10-th edition of the newspaper, my law was printed. However, in the title of the article about the law sense of irony, but it does not change the substance of the matter: historical fact is that in 1991, with the help of the newspaper "Anomaly" my law was promulgated.

      That law clearly manifests itself in many, as I express myself, "clean" processes of nature (those I call the processes in which the law is not hidden by other phenomena, and is very easily observed). In particular, it is clearly realized in the formation of the human embryo, in all nuclear reactions (eg, nuclear explosions), and in all of chemistry, in all elementary particle physics. I can cite countless examples of manifestation of the law from a variety of disciplines, as well as from the sphere of art.

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      Twenty years ago I met my old friend, with whom we once studied together in a Physical and Mathematical boarding school. It turned out that he works as a professional mathematician in some institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. At that time I worked as an engineer for technical supervision over construction in one department of capital construction.
      We chatted. I briefly told him about my job, then he started telling me about his job... I listened to him long and carefully. He apparently was very fond of his work, because moved his talk into such "mathematical maze" that I have become a little boring. I did have a LIVE CONSTRUCTION site, under my supervision were erected REAL OBJECTS, which were NEEDED FOR PEOPLE for a particular application.
      In this regard, I like "practic and a realist," asked my friend a couple of simple questions: "Where would be applicable your investigations? In what area they can be implemented and what benefits they bring to people? He thought for about a minute, then he sighed and said: "My work does not have any real output. It's just pure mathematics without the possibility of any kind applications". More from me to him were no questions...
      So: I'm above "as a grouse on a lek," developed my theory, has honed the wording of the fundamental law. "And the essence then where?" - Can exclaim my reader. Where and how we can apply this new law? To be honest: when I in 1989, formulated my "law of world harmony," "my hands urgently itch" to apply it somewhere immediately. Then I thought: what a problem that worries most of humanity now? I realized that this problem - AIDS. Then I picked up a stack of magazines "Health" and began looking for the most complete and most accurate information about AIDS. In the journal number 5 for 1987 I found an article of Academician of AMS USSR, V.M. Zhdanov about AIDS and began to analyze it. In this analysis, I was guided by the famous dictum: "Find the entire beginning and you will understand much..." What happened next has been described by me in the first of the articles published in American magazine "Courier". My article was called "Physiotherapy treatment of AIDS and cancer diseases". My article appeared in the "Courier" under the headline: "Cancer and AIDS can be defeated by means of "black box" manner?"Those interested can click on this link and they immediately get on top of this article.In that article, there is a picture with the two schemes (quote it below). The first diagram of this figure shows how the "human immune defense program" works, while the second shows how the "human immunodeficiency virus" works.
      Here are the pictures is THE ESSENCE, they are graphic illustrations of the "law of world harmony". At the time, I just cheated and wrote in the above article as follows: "... applying one I know of the law". Now I want to write directly: applying my "law of world harmony", ... I found a way to treat AIDS and cancer diseases. If I wrote about this before, it is quite possible, there would be "well-wishers" and put me into a madhouse. I hope that now the society has become more open and tolerant to other opinions.
      For over twenty years of humanity, "recycles" my method of treating AIDS and cancer-related diseases and can not "to recycle it" (see "MY AIDS" chapter), but FOR 20 YEARS NO ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD DON'T DISPROVED MY METHOD AND MY CONCLUSIONS. In fact, the diagram below are the two major independent discoveries in medicine.

      What next? Then I "boredom" reviewed myeloma, and diabetes. It turned out that I have proposed a method of AIDS treatment is suitable for them. They also proved to be "diseases of «Chain Reaction-type»".

      Digression. In autumn 1989, I "from hand to hand" transmitted to Pavel Globa the my law text. It was during the intermission between his appearances in the Leningrad City Council culture house on the Petrograd side in Leningrad. He is very seriously reacted to this law, shook my hand and asked the obligatory call him by phone after he returned to Moscow from a trip to Leningrad.
      After a couple of weeks, I called him on the house phone in Moscow apartment. The woman answered me (as I understand now, Tamara Globa), and said something like: "He does not live here anymore." Then I found out: that year Pavel Globa "has replaced his dislocation": he came to a new wife in Leningrad, and former wife left behind in Moscow.
      However, it is not the point. As I understand now, Pavel Globa anything from my law has not learned, it may be even not understand it: he was involved in astrology, just by habit, as the astrologers were his ancestors in the male (as far as I know) line. Own developments in this area had apparently not. The fact that Pavel Globa, to put it mildly, "not very strong astrologer", I have once again proved recently: he confidently predicted the victory of Yulia Tymoshenko's recent presidential elections in Ukraine. When this not happened, he began to say something about the "strength aspects" and "weak aspects"... but it was already not interesting.


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      On my personal website (, I wrote that in my soul I am rather "naturalist" rather than a builder. I am sure that this phrase caused appearence on the face many readers of condescending smile. They probably thought: "We are THE SPECIALISTS, and if he takes up everything, then he can not do anything". I don't protest! Everyone has the right to have his own opinion, if only his opinion is well argumented and he not afraid to protect it at the public. For example, I am not afraid it. I think that even these skeptics, if they find the strength to read my short article to the end will not be smiling.
      Yes, I have Diploma of civil engineer for "industrial and civil construction". Someone is biologist, someone is mathematician... But we are living at the WHOLE AND INEXTRICABLY WORLD, so if in one chapter I have raised issue of cable-stayed structures, and in another - the problem of AIDS, personally I am not seeing anything strange in it. We, similar to the builders of the "Babylon's Tower", were divided once on the "groups of like-minded persons" and as wood grouses on a lek, "each sings his own song", often completely unable to hear each other. But in vain. It is time, as the Bible says, "to gather stones". Indeed, it may happen that soon again "will come a big wave" (as it has already happened earlier), and our civilization simply will be washed off the face of the Earth, but we will not have time "to understand and forgive each other". If so that someone must come from outside to establish communication between narrow specialists to help them find, see, understand and forgive each other, it seems me, that I shall be such a person.
      Those physicians who flinched by reading the title of my article, I will ask relax. Today I will not bother you. However, this does not mean that the concept of "tensegrity" will leave you alone. I will not go farther, but, in my opinion, term of "tensegrity" also has a direct relationship to the problem of sexual impotence.
      All those who studied physics course in the middle school, remember, apparently, this picture: metal ball lies on a flat table. The teacher explains: this ball is in the "neutral equilibrium". The following image is the ball falled to the pit - this ball is in "stable equilibrium". The third ball "climbed to the mountain's summit". Here's such third ball and interest us more than any other. Of course, he is in "not stable equilibrium", but this ball is more interesting for me then others: he CAN do the work, its POTENTIAL energy is much larger than the first two balls. Namely the POTENCY of this ball (and not the potency of a big guy) and entered the title of this article.
      What is the "potential energy"? Where did it come from? When, where and why it disappeared? I think that every sane person sometimes asks himself these questions. I also had put myself such questions. And earlier I rised them before myself more often than other people. Now I do not consider them at all. Why? Yes, simply because once something "clicked in my head" and all. After that in my head everything fell into place (as was once with the Buddha). It became easier to live, it became easier to communicate with other people, became easier to forgive...
      Let's start from the beginning. We have a metal ball ("Formation 1"), is available to us and the planet Earth ("Formation 2"). There is also "some kind of the mutual influence on each other ("Intertransition")". About what kind is this impact and how to shortchange him, I will not spread. To this already "put his life" the great Isaac Newton. I only note that with the mysterious word "intertransitions" let suffer theoretical physicists. Namely they in their works always have some kind of "intertransitions" and "transmutations." For the average person is just INTERACTION. That's all. Look at the diagram below.

      Above left - our ball, top right - the planet Earth. If these objects in a space are far from each other, then together they form a "closed tensed system" - "Formation 3". And the interaction between them carry out namely the Earth's gravitational field. Agree: there would be no gravitational field - would not have been "closed and tensed system". The gravitational field is present - closed and tensed system "ball-to-Earth" exists. That's the essence.

      Here's how "the tensed unity" of Buckminster Fuller should be understood!

      If the reader was not really too lazy to read up to this line, then further for him, I think it will be even more interesting.
      In the analysis of the lying below examples the reader should look at the above picture and include a little imagination.

• bended twig + rope + their interaction = Hunting Bow
• mass of water + dam + their interaction = hydropower plant
• man + woman + their interaction = family (or child)
• criminality + law-enforcement system + their interaction = legal balance
• state number one + state number two + their interaction = war (or peace)

      This list, as you've probably guessed, I can go on INDEFINITELY, just like and the series of my cable-stayed structures, which has already passed my public presentation (See "«Tensegrity» - a new direction in architecture" in the chapter "Architecture of Space" on my site For the first four rows in the list above, I think the explanation is not required. If someone does not understand the fifth line of this list, I'll explain it.
      In the above the system "ball-Earth" the essence of maintaing them together the interaction between them is viewed quite easily - it's gravity. Counteracts gravity the desk (for our ball) or the centrifugal force (for the planets of the solar system). With the case of two states (as well as with other social and historical formations) the question is much more difficult. In each case, you need to understand specifically what was the content of the interaction, only then we will know to what it lead. These questions deal with the diplomats, whose area of activity - foreign policy. I also gave a list of only the two extreme cases - war or peace.
      I think that for many people is already beginning to clear up the meaning given by me on the website of the phrase « intellect hold in mind whole the Universe...» So much the better for them. For lovers of the "pencils and ropes" I want to note: let's think more broadly, my friends. Often loosens up your mind and you will be like Heaviside earlier, to get from your science just a real pleasure.

      Due to the above examples the conclusion suggests itself: "the tensed unity" which was was once invented by Buckminster Fuller, this is simply "another writing form" of the first half of the "World Harmony Law", which was once discovered by Makarov. And under the word "tensegrity" I can understand even such kind of potency which is hidden in an ordinary bomb. I believe that readers already understand: the concept of "tensegrity" can be used to describe very many stable systems across the universe.
      If I were to ever was forced to invent coat of arms (as happened, for example, with Sir Isaac Newton), then I could not on my coat of arms to portray anything other than CHARGED CROSSBOW as the embodiment of symbol of "the tensed unity" of Buckminster Fuller, but which was created , namely, with the human hands. I'm hoping that the reader already deeply feels how huge POTENTIA is hidden in the concept of "tensegrity" in general, and in crossbows, in particular.
      If even the will of fate I came "at the intersection of sciences," then I must once and forever to formulate this generalized principle, more exactly: a generalized definition of tensegrity-systems. As a creative person, I reflected in the definition of tensegrity-system not only her birth but her death too. I think that Buckminster Fuller would not refuse to take me as an co-author...

Tensegrity-system is a system formed by the union of two or more than two interconnected elements (synthesis). Balance of interaction between the elements provides a system the unity and stability. If the external effects destroy the element from a stable state or remove it, the system is rebuilt and becomes the new formation. If the connections between the elements disappear, the system loses its existance (decay).
      I would like to accent reader's attention to two points:

• system may lose the element and to remain stable
• system be destroyed when the number of broken bonds reaches critical level

      I assure you: this definition will be clear to representatives of any of the areas of human activity (an architect, a builder, a physicist, biologist, politician, astronomer, historian, ...). Now we can safely continue construction of our "Babylon's Tower".
      Note: in case of violation of a stable state of the system its POTENTIAL ENERGY quickly flies out of the system. Then all may occur:

• a jib from a crossbow flies out
• a hydroelectric power plant becomes destructed (see the accident on the Sayan-Shushenskaya power plant)
• a family breaks up (divorce)
• The Soviet Union falls into separate states (see my "Marxist-Leninist Philosophy")
• a bomb explodes, the fission fragments fly away

      In all the above examples, namely POTENTIAL, latent earlier energy, burst out. Since it is the supply of POTENTIAL energy posses EACH of tensegrity system, so I reflected this fact in the title of this article.
      With regard to medicine and biology, each sex offender explains his actions by saying that him was very necessary to "release the energy", which I think is known to each of us.

picture of the first crossbow copied from the site
picture of the crossbow with stand - from the site

10/15/2011 Segrim

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      At Antoine Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince is a remarkable phrase: "We all are responsible for what is happening in our presense... " (I quote from memory). March 18 this year I somehow felt very strongly that I (yes: "namely I") am responsible for the "mess" that is happening now in Japan on the nuclear power plant after the tsunami.
      After that I found on the Internet Secretariat Cabinet of ministers of Japan e-mail address, and wrote them how to "cut the Gordian knot", namely: eliminate the danger quickly and decisively.I was clear to me: what they do is just "empty therapy for the hopelessly ill."
      When I sent my own "recipe" to the Cabinet of Japan, I placed at the Internet is another, still the best "recipe" and posted it in the comments of two Internet publications after the article about the tragedy in Japan. One edition was from Israel, but the other I can remember exactly: The Voice of America, Russian service.
      Last Saturday, then Sunday. I have already began to forget about my recipe, but the next morning 23/03/2011, I received an e-mail with such text:
"We acknowledge receipt of your message. Best regards, E-mail Team, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan."
      On this day, I got up at 4:30 to I work hard with my designs before going to the main job. And suddenly this news. At first I thought I was still asleep. I drank coffee, read the news once again and saw that it was true. Most of all I was convinced by means of the Japanese characters that stand in the beginning of the of the letter's address.
      After that I was seized by pride: "the fact is: someone is needed me in this world, and I even can help to someone else! Of course all my creative plans for this morning, went down the drain. I felt a strong emotion. When I coped with the excitement, I, as a bona fide recipient of the letter, wrote my response:
Hello!       Thanks for your reply. In order to prevent people refused altogether from nuclear power, I propose to supplement the rules of design and construction of nuclear stations with following information.
      When designing the stations have to be a system for emergency liquidation of the object. This system should consist of a large charge of TNT, which DURING THE CONSTRUCTION OF EACH STATION in a special case is mounted beneath each reactor (under its active zone).
      Remote control of the system should be placed away from the nuclear station about 2 miles. Better if the control panel will be placed on the tower (so it was visible from the nuclear station). Remote control of the alarm system should enable emergency undermine a TNT charge as under SEPARATE reactor, and the under ENTIRE GROUP of reactors SIMULTANEOUSLY. Between adjacent reactors of one station should be a thick concrete wall.
      Emergency button to undermine should not work until into the remote control does not be put together three personal keys from three people: The President, Chairman of the Commission of the country to monitor the radiation facilities and the Head of nuclear station.

      The fact that no nuclear reactor does not explode immediately (as a grenade). When you exit the reactor operating conditions, the situation worsens over several hours or several days. During this time, the above-mentioned persons always have time to develop the necessary decision and take appropriate action.
      Your tragedy has made me the second time in my life to apply the "World Harmony Law" for serious problem. The first time I used it to decrypt the scheme of the human's immune system working and for HIV working. More details about this you can read on my website:
      If these my rules are implemented, the world community will calm down and nuclear power stations will become really safe for the population.

Yours! Sergey Makarov (
      A reader, apparently, is interested: what kind of recipe I gave to the "sick Japanese nuclear station". I quote the recipe in full:
"To my opinion, you have only one way: to the mine of each reactor to lay one TNT bomb, to connect these bombs by wires and explode simultaneously. Nuclear fuel thus will be scattered two hundred meters, but he will not have a "critical mass".
"To gather all in a bunch" by bulldozing you may have later. You need a bang "for 500 meters", to avoid accidental explosion "at 30 kilometers." My recipe seems paradoxical, but it is correct. Take actions."
      Remembering English encyclopedia Experts, I give you a direct link to written by me comment 18/03/2011 (Russian text).

24/03/2011 Segrim

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