I, Sergey G. Makarov, was born February 17, 1951 in Riga, Latvia.
      At one time I was learned, married, and was baptized... (namelly, in that order!).
      After graduating in 1968 in Anapa middle school with a "gold medal", I dreamed of becoming a physicist and experimentalist...
      The fate decreed that in 1977 I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and became a civil engineer specializing in industrial and civil construction. Instead of the graduation project, I "excellently" defended my research work. After that I worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. During my career, I worked as a worker with surveyors, tube-laying worker, a graphic designer (my works for the competition for the 2014 Olympics are situated in the chapter "Miscellaneous"), an engineer at a research institute sector, a foreman at some construction buildings, building projects engineer-designer, teacher of physics (ie: civil engineer Makarov taught physics course in middle school pupils 7, 8, 9, 10 classes in the same time!), as a teacher of foundations of computer skills (at courses, created to specifically "turn me", I taught computer skills around 600 people of different ages), as a system administrator of a corporate computer network and as an engineer for technical supervision over construction (quite long).
      Realizing that in my soul I'd rather be a mathematician (or more precisely: "naturalist") than a builder, already in 1995 I was carried away computers and has since independently all the time improved myself in this area.
      In 1986 I created a one-man (ie, without sponsors and without the firm behind) the invention of cable-stayed (rather: "rope") constructions. Content of the invention was a whole series of new open-work designs that can be used for the construction of the Earth, in space, as well as on the surface of other planets.
look: Inventor's Certificate SU № 1270256 A1
      In 1989 I offered my designs to Soviet NPO Energia to implement in space. There they were taken rapturously: I was told that my design will necessarily be applied in the Soviet Mars mission, scheduled for 1996 year...
      However, subsequent events were to develop unexpectedly: beyond funding of space research in the country declined sharply. As a result, passing the staff of NPO Energia my ideas and developments, I have not received a penny for them, and then I stopped all communication with them.
      In recent years I live in Riga, in independent state "Latvia" and am working as an analyst at one fuel company.
      Before that I taught the basics of computer literacy in the computer center "Ariane" (Russia, Gatchina). Judging by the reviews of graduates and colleagues, I teach well, my pupils left me a lot of accolades.
      Then I wrote a series of lectures on computer WEB-design based on HTML, hoping to read a lecture course for advanced users. However, this topic has not received further development. I think that people are not yet ripe for such subjects demand.
      At leisure, I gradually improved my skill in the WEB-Design. On this path, I noticed that one of the challenges associated with the designer's is an exact choice of colors when you make a website. After examining the available schemes, I came to the conclusion that they are mostly primitive and do not allow to operate the color with the ease that is available conventional (not "electronic") artists. Then I developed my own theme ("palette") and called it a modest and tasteful: "Makarov's Square". This box you can see, evaluate and use in their work, if the contact link "RGB-square" on this site.
      "Square" my scheme is named because it has the same number of cells in horizontal and vertical.
      Just in case, to report that my "Makarov's Square" has long been registered by me in the W3C.

      On this site I have tried to demonstrate my abilities and my achievements in various directions. Perhaps some of these trends seem interesting to the reader, so please: I am open for cooperation with serious people, organizations, governments, civilizations... Write to me, please!
That's all.

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