There in front of you is the personal site "HAMMER" of Sergey Makarov, engineer, who has already passed a long life and he has something to share with other people.

      Personally, I do the word "hammer" inject some "pep" (remember how people bounce after hitting the thumb with a hammer).
      If you are an inquisitive person, use the links at left: it is possible, that they will be useful for you.
      The live watch-calendar in the upper left corner of the page is placed to remind the reader about the transience of our lives... Try to get done in your life everything that you planned, but have not run yet. Otto von Bismarck spoke on this subject as follows: "Learn as if you will live forever. Live as if you are going to die tomorrow. "
      That's about how I live...

      I developed this website for viewing it using the browser INTERNET EXPLORER. As it turned out, users, for example, GOOGLE CHROME or APPLE SAFARI absolutely do not see not just my clock-calendar at the top-left corner. They do not see even the very title of my site - moving right-left inscription "HAMMER", which is located above the caption "Do what you must and whether that will be!" It is a pity...

      The best wishes to you!
      Sergey Grigorjevich Makarov (shorter: "Segrim" or "Сегрим").

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