Do what you must and whether that will be!
"Because in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow". (The Old Test., Eccl., Chap. 1, Ver. 18)

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Sergey Makarov, engineer, is the only author of all the content, design, programming and translation this site to English
This is the initial page with a photograph of the author of this site
A few words about the site author and his life's journey
More precisely: it is the most important lessons, that have been in my life
This is an author developed tool for WEB-designers
Philosophical sayings of great men of humanity
Some pictures and a few words about the seven wonders of the world
Poems and songs of author, composed by him in different years
Some verses-congratulations, written by the author for different people for different reasons
It is the main universal law of the world around us
These are my suggestions for the construction in open space
My "treatise" on the most amazing spiral in nature
My thoughts on possible ways of development of science
There are my articles on space subjects
On the mysterious phenomena that have yet to be explained...
There are my articles on the topic of my fight against AIDS
There are my prose works of different years
This is all that is not covered by previous sections
Here is a list of news items based on my site
Here are the publications on the issues raised at this site
Philosophical notes on the relationship between the researcher and the world
There are the tasks which the inquiring minds can use for their "warm up"
Detailed analysis and attempt to classify an infinite series of cable-stayed structures of Makarov
Long live the Buckminster Fuller!
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